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Last updated on April 14th, 2018

Graphic design is an art of making visual communication with the targeted audience by use of text, images, symbols and artwork. To make an impact on the viewers, a design must be visually appealing. Such a design is based on the judicial selection of colors and typography. An impressive design must also have a purpose behind it. This means that the design must convey some message to the audience. So, there is a long process of designing involved in creating a logo, brochure, business card and other graphic design works, which require basic skills from the designer.

Below you’ll find some of the most essential graphic design skills that Designers will need to have:

Are you a budding graphic designer who has aspirations to do notable work in the field? Well, you must keep it in mind that graphic design is actually a complex art. It requires the designers to summon all the skills and tools that are crucial to completing a design to the satisfaction of clients. To get the appreciation of expert designers is even more difficult as they seek very high standards while analyzing a design.

Illustrator equips graphic designers with the basic skills. It covers the theory on concepts like layout, color, typography. Once you have mastered the theoretical aspects of graphic design, you are in a much better position to put the principles of design to practice. To have guidance on how to create graphics designs by using Illustrator, you can access the course to know what steps to take to complete a particular aspect of the design and ultimately the whole of the design.

So, with the help of illustrator, you can create a custom logo from scratch and practice the vector-drawing techniques you learnt. In addition to that, graphic design course also takes you into Photoshop to learn about creatively adjusting and retouching the images you want to use in design projects. By the end, you will come to know what skills needed for graphic design and what more techniques you need to learn.

A graphic design course for use of Illustrator covers many topics to provide you basic theoretical and practical knowledge by covering all aspects of design. Here are the topics covered in the course while you learn use of Illustrator.

Theories of color and putting color schemes to practice

  • Importance of sketches in generating design ideas
  • How to remove undesirable objects from images
  • How to crop photos
  • Ways to resize and save images for print
  • Drawing basic shapes
  • How to create a custom color theme with swatches
  • Creative tables
  • Typesetting
  • Packaging files for print

These are basic graphic design skills required for creating a logo, brochures, business cards, websites, leaflets and many more. At the end of the course, you can confidently handle a design project to create designs that suit your clients’ specifications and business.

To have an idea what graphic design course using Illustrator is all about, we have displayed below some snapshots from the course.

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion1

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion1

Selection of an image for making certain changes

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion2

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion2

White color inserted in the selected text

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion3

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion3

A blue rectangle selected for design work

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion4

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion4

A box is ticked for creating a polygon by the side of the rectangle

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion5

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion5

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion6

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion6

Polygon radius and sides selected

Polygon created

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion7

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion7

Another figure created with Start Tool

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion8

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion8

Yet another figure created with Ellipse

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion9

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion9

Rounded rectangle created

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion10

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion10

An image selected to work on

Graphic Design Skills - Fusion11

Graphic Design Skills – Fusion11

An improvement on the text in the design

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