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Design Brief

Last updated on November 16th, 2017

Designers look for contests that can test their skills and encourage them to come out with creative works of logo design, brochure design, business card designs, website designs etc as is the requirement of the client.Creation of a design to the satisfaction of the client depends a lot on how minutely a designer has read the design brief provided by the clients.

In fact, studying the design brief is the first step to creating a design piece. But there are some steps the designers should follow to read the brief well.

Clients may or may not be offering a clear design brief that says it all about the required logo design or any other design. While some of them provide every minute detail, others just do not care about the information. They will write some lines and want you to design a logo. In both the cases, the designers must acquire more details before starting work on the design contest.

Even when the design brief has provided the details, the designer may need to know more. Hence, prepare a list of queries not just about the design elements that the clients need in the design, but also about the company, its business, products or services and expectations of the clients from the design.


Do not worry if the list of question is lengthy. Client will appreciate your interest in the project. So, what should you ask the client? Well, you can enquire about the client’s business, history, goals, and the targeted market. Do not forget to ask about the text and pictures that the client may want to include in the design.

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Make it certain that you know about the specifications such as size of the design and where is the design going to be printed. Ask the client if is he/she can provide some examples of relevant design that should be kept in mind while working on design.

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