The Importance Of Hotel Logo Design

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Hotel industry is extremely competitive when it comes to attracting customers to quality food and services. Since every city has many professionally run hotels with lots of services, they have to engage in promotional activities leading to marketing of their hotels and the services. Logo of the hotels is one of the most effective marketing tools. A perfect hotel logo design can do wonders for business of a hotel since the emblem can attract the customers by conveying them the intended business message.

Here Are Some Elements To Keep In Mind While Creating A Hotel Logo Design

Hotel Logo Design

As is the case with other businesses, logo design is an integral part of hotel industry also. This implies that branding is extremely important exercise for hotel business to promote its food and services. An image protected by use of logo design encourages the customers to use the hotel’s services and that helps in staying strong in the competitive market.

But to ensure success of your logo design, make it certain that the logo is based on original concept and is unique in its design. Original, eye catching, memorable and relevant logos make a great impression on the customers and they recall your business easily and visit it again and again.

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Common Images

Hotel logos need not necessarily incorporate an image and many of them are in fact text based logos. So, find out if your logo can do well by being a text logo. Your hotel’s name will go into making the logo and that usually works well since the customers can know which hotel they are heading for.

If you wish to use an image then avoid having an obvious image that is too familiar with hotel industry. Instead use more symbolic or abstract image. Hotels in the business of bed and breakfast usually use imagery related to their location or landmarks of the city.

Color Selection

Color and font style are crucial elements when it comes to designing of logo for hotels. Color is used as a tool to set mood of the customers so that they are prepared to enjoy the hotel services and food. Successful hotel logo designs incorporate two to three colors only to keep the design simple.

Choosing A Font

The font or lettering style also is a key element in deciding a hotel logo design. The font selection in the modern logo design profession has become a science as each font has been now associated with certain emotions and personality. Your hotel logo design should make use of fonts to convey personality and ambition of your hotel business.

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