Importance Of Large, Beautiful Background Images On A Website

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Last updated on June 21st, 2018

Your website is supposed to bring customers to your business. For that to happen, you must create your website in such way that it attracts the visitors and keeps them glued so that they search the site for your products or services and details. One of the tested ways to ensure visitors’ interest in your website is to incorporate large and beautiful background images on the site page. Images serve many purposes such as quickly catching the eye of the site users and sending a business message to them.

So, what are the advantages you will be reaping from creating meaningful large background images?

Visually Appealing Website

Images are key elements for making a website visually appealing. But when incorporated on the top of your website as part of its background, the images play even more important role. A background image is always the largest on a web page and hence its quality of catching your visitors’ attention is beyond doubt. You can say that incorporating larger images in the background of your home page is a strategy to invite your customers to explore your other site pages. Do not forget that businesses compete harder to retain visitors on their websites and you can achieve this by creating a visually appealing website.

Background Images

The Picture Is The Message

You write a lot of content to convey a message but an image can communicate with your audience much more effectively without words. This is true also for the background images. Just visit one such well-designed website and its larger image on home page will let you know about the business without the need to read the content. The message comes to you through the emotions and actions of the people shown in the image. A gesture or a smiling face can easily convey the reliability of your business and quality services you provide.

2-instant-messageHowever, to deliver an effective message, it is important that quality of the image is great. Choose the background image that has the right persons at right locality with right gestures related to your business or services.

The Picture Talks About Your Business

A fleeting glance at the background image is usually enough for the visitors of the website to know about the business it deals in. So, if your website sells home appliances, pictures of these instantly tell about what you sell. If you run an electronic item business, their images tell about it to the users of your website. You do not have to write many words about what you sell or do. Later on, of course, you can elaborate on your business offerings in your about page once the image has worked well to keep the visitor’s interested.

Important Texts

Another important thing to note about the big background image on your website page is that it can be used to highlight crucial text about your business. With purposeful colors, gestures of professional or other happy people, emotions and actions already saying a lot, a few words written on the picture leaves a lasting impact.

Important Text - Background Images

Placing some text on the big image is a good technique to both catching the eye and saying something catchy to the visitors. There are many techniques of writing the text on the image. For instance, the words should be in a different color that is in contrast to the colors of image.

The Image Represents Whole Website

Your background image is capable of representing your whole website in terms of sending a message, telling about your business, products or services and much more. So, a visitor can precisely know all about your site by looking at the big picture.

The Background Image Represents Whole Website

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Attractive Navigation

Some web designers make good use of the background image by incorporating navigation buttons on it. This unique way of navigation attracts the visitors. While the image has conveyed the message of business, the same picture allows for exploring the other important pages of the site. The designers can do away with conventional ways of creating navigational buttons.


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