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Importance Of Logo Design Elements For Your Business

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on September 1st, 2022

Design elements such as shape, lines, colors, and typeface in the hands of an experienced graphic designer can turn a logo into a spectacular marketing tool. A logo design having a strategic use of these and other elements is an asset for a business. Such a logo can even help turn a small business into a trustworthy brand.

A logo is not an easy thing to design especially when a company’s brand image is at stake. In the modern times, business is concerned about their brand image in a competitive market. They want to make a dominating presence to counter their rivals’ marketing strategies. Visuals like business logos are the most effective tools for engaging a target audience with a company’s business.

A professional logo designer will always consider the perfect selection of design elements to create the business symbol. The designers understand the importance of a logo in building a convincing and trustworthy brand identity of a company.

Logo of your company plays an important part in getting the customers’ attention to what you offer in the market. In creating a logo, therefore, a professionally trained designer knows how crucial the design elements are to your business.

If you wish to develop your brand in the market, make sure that the logo is a recognizable icon of your business. For this to happen, you need to ensure careful selection of an image or a graphic element that is capable of demonstrating your brand values and attributes appropriately.

Make sure that the graphical part or the image of your logo design is not too trendy or old. Instead, choose a timeless image so that you do not have to redesign the logo very often. Inspiration is not enough to create an impressive and outstanding logo or any other graphic design.

You get a new concept when you are inspired. But to convert that unique concept into an amazing design requires the skills. This implies that you need to have a special understanding of how design elements work. You must have an insight of the role these elements play in making a logo look special and memorable.

There is a long list of graphic design elements. But you should start with some basic elements that you incorporate in a logo every time. Any graphic designer who wishes to earn a decent living working from own studio should first master the basic elements. There are rules of using these elements. Once you are aware of those rules, you can then break them to create your own unique work of logo design.

Here Are Some Key Importance Of Logo Design Elements For Your Business

01. Line

The line element is the foremost and basic to creating any graphic design including a logo. A line is a stroke that a pen or pencil makes to connect two points. Graphic designers use lines to divide space. For example, a designer uses lines in magazine design to keep body content from side panels and headlines.

Line design

When designing a logo, lines matter a lot to a graphic designer. There is a wide range of lines such as soft, thick, hard, bold, thin, zigzag and other types. A suitable line is the one that can express the personality of the brand, a logo intends to represent.

02. Colors

The importance of colors in a logo design is manifold. First, colors are now known for their immense power over people. Colors can evoke feelings and emotions from the viewers. For example, when you see red in a graphic design, you are filled with emotions such as love, passion, and aggressiveness. Similarly, yellow evokes the feelings of brightness, hope, sunshine, positiveness, intelligence, etc. Yellow stands for intelligence and socialization.

The designer can use colors as a stand-alone element in a background or it can be applied along with the other elements in a logo. An experienced graphic designer can use colors to tell a story about the business or brand.

Color is another important design element that plays a crucial role in your logo design. While the palette has so many colors, not all of them are suitable to represent your business. The viewers see the colors first to have an impression of your business. So, use the colors to convey a message.

Logo Colors

Some research about the purpose of colors and their meaning in logo design is useful to know before you start filling the design with them. Each color is today known for evoking a set of specific emotions.

For instance, red is associated with energy and aggressiveness and blue with love, friendliness, and intelligence. So, red is used for logos of fast food restaurants that cater to young customers and blue on social networking sites that require participation from the people.

But before picking the colors for a logo design, visit your client’s website design as well. You should consider taking the website colors in your logo for consistency of the brand.

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03. Shape

Logos come in a wide range of shapes. You will find company logos in shapes like circle, triangle, oval, square, trapezium, diamond, rectangle, pentagon, and many others. Shapes define boundaries of a logo. But the shape is not just about the overall shape of a logo.

In fact, the designers should think how different elements of a logo can create an intended shape and how the shape will interact with the audience. Remember that the element of shape is basic to designing.


For example, you simply cannot move forward without first conceiving a unique shape when creating a packaging design. So, physical and virtual shapes are equally important in graphic designing.

Pay attention to the shape of your logo. The shape must correlate with the graphic image you have selected. Also, the shape should be relevant to your company’s business. Keep the shape as simple as you can so that the customers can easily know the traits of your business.

04. Space

Another important element is negative space, which the designers do not use more often. But when used, this element contributes a lot to convey a brand message in an aesthetic way. You can create shapes using negative space. So, check out the message of your client and create a shape or figure that conveys the message.


One of the reasons why logo is important is that it makes a lasting impression on viewers. Logos created with negative space are usually unique and they stand out from competitors’ logos.


05. Typography

Typography is perhaps the single most significant part of graphic design. Selection of a particular typeface is important to give a touch of personality to a logo. This, in turn, creates a personality of your business and brand. People can visualize your brand in a certain way as is its projection from the logo design.


However, make sure that there is not a mismatch in the use of typeface in your logo and other marketing materials such as your business card design. For brand consistency, use the typeface that your client’s many other graphic design products are already using.

06. Scale

One of the elements that will add interest in your logo and brand identity is the scale. Make sure that your business logo is scalable to different sizes. The logo should look impressive when blown to the biggest possible size on billboards.


But it should also be showing its minute details clearly when printed on small surfaces of promotional products such as a pen. In other words, an impressive scalable logo design will contribute to your efforts for building a good image of your business.

So, these are the key design elements that will add value to your logo design. However, the success of your logo in making your business a brand will depend on how you use these elements.

Make sure that the logo design is simple. Remember that a complicated logo usually fails to draw people’s attention. A simple design such as the logos of Apple, Samsung, Nike, Pepsi is desirable to make your logo memorable.

So, avoid using multiple colors, fonts, and many elements. Instead, convey your brand message through the use of few lines, colors, and fonts. A logo design based on a symbol is memorable due to its simplicity. Also, choice of the elements should be based on the client’s business and industry type.

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Graphic design elements such as colors, typeface, line, shape, negative space, etc. are crucial in creating a logo design. A strategic use of these elements can even help build your brand identity of business in the market. Each of these elements plays a crucial role in defining your company. You can engage your target audience through colors and fonts easily if incorporated wisely.

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