Professional Travel Logos And Its Importance In Tour Business

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Last updated on September 22nd, 2018

Travel & tour businesses have their own standards and norms that set them at par with other service industries in the world. Since, logo is an essential element of a brand, it is important to ensure that the concept and content of a travel company’s logo is purposeful and unique. In case, you are still wondering why get a logo design, here’s a little smattering on importance of a professional tour & travel logos for a brand.

Points to remember while selecting Travel Logos

Location Specifics

As a travel & tour operator, you must essentially keep in mind the place from where you operate when perceiving a logo design for your company. In case of region or location specific tours, the requirement of a unique travel logos becomes all the more essential. How effectively you can communicate your idea of a perfect beach holiday or a desert tour to your customers, lies solely on you. Therefore, you have to be very thoughtful as everything depends on how effectively you are able to portray it through your design sketch.

Your Specializations

Being a part of tourism industry, your job is to transport people from one destination to another and assist them with their travel plans like sightseeing and excursions. However, if you specialize in some specific holiday types such as wildlife safaris, beach holidays or historical city break tours, then it would be good for your travel logos design to convey your specialization and niche through its effective and idiosyncratic design. In addition, it becomes easier for your customers to pick an itinerary or plan that suits their requirements and helps them save their precious time and money.

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Credibility Of Your Company

Logo is an effective medium that helps bring credibility to a particular brand. Your timeless travel logos give your brand a backbone don’t make it part of the crowd. Most travellers prefer booking their holidays with the travel companies they trust. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your logo helps travellers easily identify your brand and exudes a sense of trustworthiness.

Travel Logos

Stand out from Your Competitors

In addition to the exciting travel plans, freebies, interesting itineraries, recreational activities and pocket-friendly budget; an effective travel logos help you stand a class apart from your competitors. It makes sense to get a logo that showcases your company’s specialities and expertise and illustrates the key points that make you better as against your competitors.

Travel & Hotel logo


All the above points hold equal importance for individual tour operators as well as travel companies who specialize in all sorts of travel destinations. If you wish to explore a more tips & tricks, read out our blog on 3 effective logo design tips for travel and tour industry.

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