A Village Gets Impressive Logo through A Logo Design Contest

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Last updated on February 11th, 2019

Online design crowdsourcing marketplace Designhill was instrumental in helping a village get a logo to represent itself amid the targeted people. The village Jindoli is in Rajasthan, a province of India with rich cultural history. The winning logo design for the village is a redesign and looks impressive due to simple circles and wise use of letters.

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Harry Kelton won the contest and was awarded $459 for village Jindoli logo design. The designer removed all clutter of colors and fonts from the previous version of the design to make the new logo look simple. One of the reasons for keeping the logo design simple was to make it symbolic of easy and uncomplicated village life.

The client Gaurav Kumar launched a redesign Jindoli logo contest on Designhill with the hope of putting some exciting elements in the logo. In the design brief, Gaurav specified pink as preferred choice for the logo. He wanted to have the logo redesigned for a website dedicated to his village Jindoli. A purpose of this website is to ‘link together people who belong to our home village Jindoli and living elsewhere.’ He also wanted a slogan ‘Heart of Heaven‘ incorporated in the logo.

The contest holder received 63 design entries from 13 designers from across the world in response to the contest. To guide the designers towards creating a customized logo, Gaurav was in touch with them constantly throughout the contest duration. He guided the designers with timely feedback. The result of this effort from the contest holder and Designhill was the satisfying redesigning of the village logo.

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