[Infographic] 7 Website Mistakes Small-Business Owners Make

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Last updated on April 5th, 2018

Since the Internet bursts at its seams with websites that constantly rank high on the usability scale, it has become all the more important for start ups and small businesses to invest in a high-quality and professional website design to catch the attention of the netizens.

Remember, catching the attention of your target audience and holding it long enough is the name of the game. And how do you hold the attention of your target audience? It’s simple you ensure that your website speaks to your target market and resonates with them in the best way. Remember, you’re just one click away from oblivion. And a careless approach may irk your customers and cost you a lot of fortune. So, it makes sense to avoid committing common mistakes when designing your website. This infographic reveals a list of 7 website mistakes that small businesses make.

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