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71 Inspiring Logos For A Restaurant Business

by Michael Crawford Tweet - in Restaurant Logos

Restaurant Logos

Last updated on February 20th, 2024

The restaurant industry is perhaps the most competitive as hundreds of eating places are available in a small vicinity. And, for a new restaurant, drawing people’s attention is not an easy task. Hence, visual identities play a big role in such scenarios. For instance, restaurant logos help in creating an impression on potential customers. While looking at the logo, people get an intended brand message of quality food from the restaurant.

The restaurant business is booming in the U.S. According to an estimate, the restaurant industry generated 745.61 billion dollars in 2015 and was expected to reach 782 billion dollars in the next year.

More than 14 million people were working in this industry. These stats show the large size of the U.S. restaurant industry and market.

Your startup restaurant business can survive only if it is visible to the customers. One of the best ways to draw potential customers’ attention to your startup is its memorable logo design.


A logo is not just a business symbol or an identity mark of your products or services. Your restaurant logo is much more than that.

First, remember that the logo of your restaurant will be on your menu card, which would be the first thing your customer would see upon visiting your restaurant.

This means that a great logo design is your chance to make a good first impression. Hence, the logo is everywhere be it your website, business cards, stationery, leaflets, etc.

So, do not take your restaurant logo design lightly. Create it with a purpose. Make sure that each element of the logo speaks for your business and brand. Do not let your logo design go to waste. Your customers should get a good first impression of your business on seeing your logo.

Also, note that these days, you can create your logo without any design experience and skills. You should make good use of a logo maker, which is a DIY software tool to guide you in designing your hotel management logo quickly.

All you need to do is to pick a design template and select colors, typefaces, images, etc. elements from the software’s vast library. Then drop them in a pre-set template and customize the design as many times as you want to your utmost satisfaction.

But make sure that first have a look at some restaurant logos for inspiration. You will find out what colors, fonts, restaurant images, etc. go into the making of a logo for a restaurant business.

Once you are familiar with many such logos, you can confidently proceed to create a logo all by yourself using an online logo maker.

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Here Are 71 Inspiring Logos For A Restaurant Business

01. Amigos Chicken Wings

Amigos Chicken Wings is perhaps the best place where you can satisfy your taste buds with some of the most flavorsome chicken wings. And the brilliant logo design of Amigos Chicken Wings aptly summarizes its message, and it puts the message across pretty loud and clear.

Amigos Chicken Wings

With its catchy yet straightforward logos for restaurant startups, Amigos clarifies why it rules the heart of true blue non-vegetarians. This is one of the restaurant logos that uses only two colors to keep the design simple. There are only two typefaces.

The handwritten style of the typeface in yellow stands for the happiness and friendliness of the services, and the bold and straight typeface indicates the professional approach of the startup.

02. Smart Cook

The Smart Cook logo, ranked amongst the world’s most famous restaurant logos, never fails to impress and inspire. What sets this restaurant a class apart is its chic logo.

Smart Cook

A chef peeping from the word ‘COOK’ is indeed an exciting and unique concept. Quite naturally, it invariably brings a smile to the faces of all its customers.

03. Luciana Pastries

Luciana Pastries has long been tickling pink the fancies of those who have a fetish for pastries that boasts of home-baked pastries and aromas that fly you off to faraway. It has an awesome hotel logo that seems to have redefined the mores of ingenuity.

Luciana Pastries

The fun image of a chef makes your heartthrob with enticing pastries. Luciana Pastries logo is sure to make you fall in love with it and make its logo stand up high among the logos for restaurants and pastry shops. So, if you carry your sweet tooth along, try a pastry or two at Luciana Pastries.

This logo designer used a handwritten typeface to express the message of the friendliness of the restaurant’s services.

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04. Cooper Burgers

This Cooper Burgers logo is in black and white, making it stand out in the crowds of restaurant logos. Lack of colors sometimes gives a logo a unique look and attraction.

Cooper Burgers

The restaurant symbols are there in the logo so that people can immediately identify an eating place. There is a formal table as the background of the logo design.

This is for giving the customers an impression of the friendly and informal environment of the restaurant. Such a logo enhances the visibility of a brand.

05. The Fat Duck Logo

The Fat Duck Logo reveals the level of the logo designer’s imagination and creativity. This is one of the restaurant logos that has beautiful images of fork, spoon, and knife given a twist to appear as duck’s tail, fin, and claws of duck. The Fat Duck Logo is surely unique, one of the prime rules to create memorable restaurant logos.

The Fat Duck Logo

06. Express Kabob

The red color in the logo immediately catches the viewer’s attention and evokes the feeling of hunger among them. The image of Kabob, too, is represented artistically by attaching it to the letter ‘b’. The four-line and the letter ‘E’ in express can be thought the restaurant delivers kabob very fast.

Express Kabob

07. La Rosa

La Rosa is a family-owned restaurant providing Italian food for regular consumption and catering needs. The year of the founding of the marketplace in the logo establishes brand authority. Also, the designer used bold letters along with shadows to evoke a sense of trust in the restaurant.

La Rosa

08. Buttermilk Café

Buttermilk Cafe is a casual restaurant with millennials as target customers. So, its logo has a clean, simple, and rustic/modern look to it. The logo is in classic handwritten font because the restaurant serves traditional breakfast, brunch, lunch, and some fusion items.

Buttermilk Café

09. JETT’s BBQ

JETT’S BBQ serves smoked meats such as pork, sausage, turkey, and brisket to local Texan people. The restaurant sources fresh meat from authentic meat production companies. Its circular logo displays the barbeque’s name in white at the top, while the traditional wreath of leaves covers the circle on both sides.


The typical Texas hard-working man’s figure in the middle with barbeque flames in the background makes this logo stand out.

Restaurant logo

10. MASH

Mash is a hookah, tea, and coffee lounge. It boasts a cool and classy text-based logo with the lounge’s name in bold sans serif letters to evoke trust and authority.

logo design

11. Cavura Pizza

Cavura Pizza logo has all the elements to show that it is a pizza restaurant. Its design depicts a pizza slice and a flame representing the freshness of the food item.

Cavura Pizza logo

12. Umami

Umami is an Asian fusion restaurant specializing in sushi and Asian / American fusion dishes. The red circle, chopsticks, and the restaurant’s name in handwritten style help make this dining logo stand out from its competitors in the niche market.

dining logo

13. Tikka Bar

Tikka Bar is an Indian restaurant serving tikkas as its specialty food item. Since tikka is Indian food, the logo is a mandala design, which looks good against black and white backgrounds.

Tikka Bar

14. Mountain Mornings Cafe

Mountain Mornings Cafe is situated in a small mountain town where traditions rule supreme. Therefore, this logo has some retro effect with mountains, some classical line elements, and double lined circles, indicating a trusted and established cafe in the town.

Cafe logo

15. A’mano

A’mano is a casual style Italian handmade pasta restaurant. Its logo design has the restaurant’s name in a classic handwritten style that evokes trust.

Italian restaurant logo design

16. Jack’s Bar & Grill

Jack’s Bar & Grill logo is in the Western ranch cattle brand style with fire. It displays rustic ranch elements that match the robust personality of a bar. The contrast of red and grey gives the logo a unique look.

Jack's Bar & Grill

17. Egg & Joe

Egg & Joe logo is a clean and sleek design that evokes sophistication and high-end quality of the food served at the restaurant. The logo has an egg shape and two lady arms stretched across.

Food logo

18. Apex Pizza

Apex Pizza is a pizza delivery restaurant. Its typography-based logo with the letter A of the restaurant’s name in a triangular shape makes this a memorable design. Dark blue and gray colors give the logo a high-end look and signal dependable food quality.

Apex Pizza

19. Manny’s Barzzeria

Manny’s Barzzeria targets commuters that pass the restaurant as its customers. Its logo is in red, which makes it stand out from many other restaurant logos.

restaurant logos

20. Malibu Cove Seafood

Malibu Cove Seafood logo is a circular logo with the restaurant’s name around it. The sea, crab, and beach hint at the restaurant’s business.

Malibu Cove Seafood logo

21. Yasumi

Yasumi serves ramen, which is a famous Japanese noodle soup. The logo designer, therefore, incorporated two chopsticks and a noodle string shaped as a half-circle.


Note that the letters of the restaurant name have the impression of Japanese alphabets to represent the restaurant ambiance.

22. Fat Chef

Fat Chef logo has a big hamburger image and the restaurant name. The logo looks like a stamp which is a symbol of authority and trust.

Fat Chef logo

23. Dominion Eats

Dominion Eats logo design looks old school due to its font choice. The designer also picked a handwritten font to create a contrast between the two fonts. This text-based design has a dominating presence.

Dominion Eats

24. Pleasure Eating

Shi serves pleasure eating Asian cuisines, and its logo uses red and large letters to make an impression on the target customers. There are two chopsticks, and a bowl to hint at the food served in the restaurant.

Pleasure Eating

25. Skipjacks Oyster Bar

Skipjacks Oyster Bar is an Oyster Bar situated in Southern Maryland. The blue color of the logo represents the sea and seafood that the bar serves. It is a circular logo design with the bar name put in the middle in a bold handwritten style.

Skipjacks Oyster Bar

26. Boulevard Barbeque

Boulevard Barbeque targets a wide range of audiences with a barbeque as its main feature of the menu, though it serves craft beer and craft cocktails as well. So, the word Barbeque stands out in the logo that has a wine jug as well.

Boulevard Barbeque

27. Vivienne’s Bistro

Vivienne’s Bistro serves casual and modern Chinese fusion food. Its circular logo has a cartoonish proud chef that looks unique. The restaurant name appears in bold yellow letters to convey a bright restaurant ambiance.

Vivienne's Bistro

28. The Old Glass Shop

The Old Glass Shop is situated on a popular fishing lake, and it serves burgers, beer, and soft drinks with a fun atmosphere.

The Old Glass Shop

Therefore, the fish figure with a burger dominates the logo design. This multicolor logo looks unique also due to the big handwritten letters of the shop name.

29. Dilly Dally

Dilly Dally is a champagne bar that serves juice, wine, cocktails, and beer as well with the target audience being between 30-50 years of age. Its logo has a wine glass shaped like a rose to illustrate the fun environment of the bar.

Dilly Dally

30. Martha’s Kitchen

The Marcha’s Kitchen logo is a simple circular design with two spoons and the kitchen’s name. Still, the logo looks impressive due to its lettering art and use of green and black colors.

Marcha’s Kitchen logo

31. Street Burgers

Street Burgers is a fast-casual restaurant that serves Craft Angus Burgers, Craft Beers, and specialty fries. Since the restaurant sells burgers, but since the restaurant is in Montana, a hill area, its logo displays a huge burger with the hills inside the burger shape. As you can see, this versatile logo looks excellent against the three backgrounds.

fast-food logo

32. Ramen Racine

Ramen Racine intends to be a ghost kitchen with delivery, and its target audience is young people between 18-35 years of age.

Ramen Racine

The designer used the ramen noodles to form the restaurant’s R letter, which looks unique and attractive with two chopsticks.

33. The Shisha Experience

The Shisha Experience is a restaurant that allows its high-end customers to have sessions of shisha smoking. The restaurant targets young enthusiastic people who are usually on Instagram.

The Shisha Experience

Since the client wanted the logo for a 5-star establishment, the design has a sophisticated and royal look with the hookah image.

34. Capulín Eats & Provisions

Capulin is a small wild cherry of Mexico and is considered auspicious. So, the designer used Capulin and the Mexican hat to create a unique logo for Capulin Eats & Provision restaurant that serves the country’s traditional foods to customers.

Capulín Eats & Provisions

35. Dope

Dope is a sweet and dessert cafe that mainly serves mocha Japanese sweet. Its logo features a chef’s hat and two kitchen tools. The green color and the big D letter overwhelming the design of the logo make it stand out.

design of the logo

36. Thai 76

Thai 76 is a fast-casual restaurant serving people in person or online with everyone its target customer.

restaurant logo

Since Thailand is famous for its elephants, the logo has the animal at the top with the restaurant name beneath it in bold letters.

37. 2Day’s Special

2Day’s Special logo displays the restaurant name presented on a plate with a chef approving the dishes. It is a unique black and white logo.

2Day’s Special logo

38. Texas Fryer Parts

Texas Fryer Parts is not a restaurant, but its target audience is restaurant owners and foodservice equipment, suppliers. So, the logo has equipment images and a basket.

restaurant business logo

39. Mr.Crab

Mr. Crab restaurant serves crabs as its specialty. So, its logo also has been designed as a gentleman crab to make it look unique and impressive.

Mr.Crab logo

40. Fairly Local Bistro and Bar

Fairly Local serves dinner with a blend of cultures from across the world. Its logo is shaped like a moon with the restaurant’s name in handwritten white letters, creating a night environment and mood for dinner.

Dining logo

41. PEPPER + PEACH Hot Chicken

This restaurant serves hot chicken in Nashville Tn. Therefore, you can notice the graphic designer created the logo in orange, black, and white to make it look modern, clean, and urban.

Innovate restaurant logo

42. Major Wood BBQ

This restaurant serves smoked meats whose logo is circular with the brand name spread in the middle. The elements of water, fire, ax, and knife contribute to conveying the message to the target audience.

Major Wood BBQ

43. Galston Grill

Galston Grill is in the business of serving chicken, salads, sandwiches, and burgers. Its logo is casually written in letters and a big circle with the brand’s acronym.

Galston Grill

44. Po’Ditty’s BBQ

The restaurant makes Texas-style brisket and ribs. It has a circle-shaped logo with the brand name in bold handwritten letters in white and yellow, making it unique and outstanding.

Po'Ditty's BBQ

45. Sweeta’s Steakhouse

This steak serving restaurant has a shiny silver horseshoe with red and black as base colors. The logo is undoubtedly a unique design and conveys its message.

Sweeta’s Steakhouse

46. Kanackies

This fast-casual restaurant has a clean logo with the brand name in the bold green letters and kitchen restaurant element of a spoon and fork.


47. San Pablo Corporation

San Pablo Corporation is an upscale Mexican restaurant management team. Therefore, its logo conveys a formal ambiance.

San Pablo Corporation

48. Jack’s Sandbar & Grill

Jack’s Sandbar & Grill is a beach restaurant serving burgers, chickens, pizza, fries, and other beach foods. Therefore, its logo has beach elements of a boat, trees, birds, and ocean. This indicates the beach foods business of the restaurant.

food business logo


The target customers of this restaurant include families, professionals, and socialites. Its logo design is a simple but beautiful peacock design in liner art, and it immediately draws viewers’ attention.


50. Utah Pizza Co

Utah Pizza Co is a family-friendly restaurant. Its text-based logo is in bold black letters, with U and A being much more significant than others, making it visually appealing.

Utah Pizza Co

51. Taylor Meyer Barbeque

Taylor Meyer Barbeque is a Texas-style barbeque. Its logo is in dark blue and black colors, which is a unique color scheme for logos. Based on the clever use of typography, this design evokes trust and authenticity.

restaurant business logo

52. Slick Willie’s

Slick Willie’s runs a food truck in rural Texas. Its logo features a three-legged chef dog cooking on a griddle grill. The restaurant name is in bold red color with the white dog makes the logo look impressive.

food truck logo

53. Canyon Pizza Co

Canyon Pizza targets young people and families. The restaurant’s logo displays some hills in the background inside a triangle. Also, the red color of the brand name is attractive and unique.

restaurant’s logo

54. BAO ‘N’ BUN

This hip restaurant serves fried chicken sandwiches and wagyu cheeseburgers as part of a meal, fries, and drink.


It serves elite homemade food at a low price. So, its logo in a triangular shape reflects the business due to everything placed in the basket.

55. Seminole Wind’s Country Kitchen

This is a Southern Buffet restaurant serving farm-fresh food such as crispy fried chicken. The logo displays a chicken prominently to highlight the restaurant’s business and then writes the restaurant name in bold sans serif font.

restaurant’s business

56. Il Fornaio

This restaurant offers authentic Italian dining with a relaxed family dining experience. Its logo is in a classic style of lettering that establishes the restaurant as a trustworthy eating place.

Italian dining restaurant

57. Life Pancake Company

Life Pancake Company


In Japanese, Kuma means bear, and Poke is fish served in a bowl. Therefore, the Kuma Poke logo has a bear having a fish in its claws, and this conveys the message of the restaurant’s specialty of serving fish dishes.

Kuma Poke logo

59. Yumm Twister Cake Factory

This restaurant sells chimney cakes. Its logo catches the attention by shaping the name Yumm as a noodle wrapping around a stick, and this concept makes the logo stand out and conveys the message instantly.

Yumm Twister Cake Factory

60. Twisted Fin

This logo is for a restaurant that serves seafood on a counter service basis. So, its logo depicts a fish in green, a message that the eating place delivers healthier and sustainable seafood.

Twisted Fin

61. Bone’s

Bone’s logo has the elements of a fast-food restaurant like a burger, hotdog, frozen custard to let viewers know the business.

Bone’s logo

62. Gelatology

Gelatology restaurant targets college students serving them alcoholic drinks with ice cream. The designer beautifully creates an ice cream holding glass at the end of the restaurant name.


63. Sinceretea

Sinceretea is a tea cafe, and so its target audience is coffee lovers of all ages. The logo has a brewing cup of coffee in a liner art, and it looks impressive against all backgrounds.

Cafe logo

64. Coastal

This is not a restaurant, but it rents restaurant equipment such as ovens, grills, ranges, sheet pans, freezers, slicers, prep tables, etc.

restaurant rental logo

Its business logo conveys that message by featuring a spoon, fork, and knife in the restaurant name’s ‘O’ shape. The tagline further clears what the business is all about.

65. Express Kabob

Express Kabob serves fresh Mediterranean kabobs and targets young and older people alike. The restaurant’s logo features a kebab stick in red and drives attention due to its red and black color combination.

Express Kabob


Seafood Shack is a family-oriented restaurant and serves a variety of seafood. Therefore, its company’s logo has a ship’s navigational handle.


67. Hi-Way Burger & Fry

The restaurant sells Joint-Hamburgers and Chicken cooked on Flat Top Grill-where customers can see the preparation. Its logo is circular, with the letter mark impressively incorporated in it.

lettermark logo

68. HutPot

HutPot serves African-themed food, and so its logo has an African pot in black. To emphasis the pot, the designer created it more prominent than the word hot in the logo.

HutPot logo

69. Roadrunner Coffee Co.

Roadrunner Coffee is a Tucson Arizona based coffee shop with a drive-through. So, its logo features the roadrunner running bird as the visual identity of the restaurant.

coffee shop logo

70. Roots Cafe

Roots Cafe is a breakfast, brunch, and lunch cafe. Its logo has a retro look and gives the impression that the restaurant serves coffee in an excellent ambiance for maximum enjoyment and interaction.

Roots Cafe

71. DASH Poke Co

Dash Poke Co is a fast-casual poke restaurant that serves hot food. Its logo conveys this message by designing a fish as a hot bowl. The unique combination of orange and green makes this food logo stand out.

restaurant logo design

Restaurant Logo Design Basics

After going through these inspirational logos, you would like to start now designing your restaurant logo. But, you should first know the basics of a good logo design so that your logo can serve the purpose of targeting your customers with a message. Such a logo will also help build the identity of your restaurant.

Here Are Some Basics Of Restaurant Logo Design

01. Know Your Target Audience

Make sure that you have chalked out your target customers of restaurant food. They may be young people or middle-aged and older people. You will then incorporate the design elements accordingly to convey the message.

02. Check Your Competition

You should also look at the logos of your competitor restaurants in your niche market. Then, come out with a design that looks different so that people can see your business as something unique.

03. Pick The Right Colors and Fonts

The right colors and logo fonts will help deliver your restaurant’s commitment to serving quality food to your target customers. Pick the colors that will evoke a passion for quality food. Similarly, choose the fonts that can give a personality to your restaurant logo.

04. Make It A Simple Design

Your restaurant logo should be a simple design with no more than two colors and fonts. A cluttered design will confuse the viewers and so remove all the undesirable elements from the design.

05. Make It Scalable and Versatile

Since you will use the logo on business cards, signages, websites, billboards, etc., the logo should look good with details when enlarged or reduced to a minute scale. It should also look impressive in black and white.

How to design your restaurant logo?

You can design your restaurant logo on your own or launch a design contest, depending on your budget and time. If yours is a newly opened restaurant with a small budget, you can create a logo on your own using logo generator software.

Designhill logo maker is among the best DIY tools with a vast library of colors, fonts, restaurant images, and other icons. It comes with an entire range of editing tools that you can use to customize your restaurant logos as per your design requirements.

Alternatively, if you can spend some money, launch your logo design contest on Designhill marketplace, where dozens of logo designers will create your logo as per your brief.

In a few days, you will have a flood of new design ideas from across the globe. You can then pick the one winning idea that you think is just perfect for your restaurant business.

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Wrapping Up

Your new restaurant business can flourish if you can target your customers with a strategy. So, first, make sure that your logo must be a unique visual to convey the message that it serves quality food. These inspirational restaurant logos should give you an idea of how your logo should look. Then, try to come up with one such logo for your business.

Get Your Restaurant Logo Design

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