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Top 21 iOS Apps To Make Logos

by Designhill Tweet - in Mobile Apps Design

logo design app

Last updated on February 23rd, 2023

Logo designing is a tedious task that involves a lot of time and creative ideas. However, using a logo design app can make the whole design process easier and simpler. With the plenty of templates, color palettes, drawing, images, and editing tools provided by a design app, designers can instantly create logo designs in a lot of different ways. Interesting, right? Here, we’ve listed 21 logo design apps, especially for the iOS platform.

A logo is a central and crucial identity of a brand. Big companies spend millions of dollars in creating and redesigning their logos. After all, these symbols should be no less than perfect to send out clear messages. Target audiences must get the message from such visuals loud and clear.

However, small businesses, especially startups do not have the resources to hire experienced graphic designers. But that does not mean that such entrepreneurs can’t have a unique logo within their budget.

For them, a logo design app turns out to be a great help to access many design ideas and turn them into a logo as per a brief.

While designing a logo for your business, here are few questions that you need to answer:

  • Do you want to create a logo design that shares your passion, drive, and vision?
  • Are you looking for a logo that complements and supports your strategies while also promoting your brand?
  • Are you looking for a logo design that is relevant, memorable and long-lasting?

Well, it is easier to talk of these qualities than to integrate them into your logo design.

But thanks to online logo creator tools and iOS apps that you can design logos on your own. These apps have made life easier for many people in different ways and graphic designing is one of them.

IOS apps are perhaps the most popular applications due to the amazing features they provide to users.

iOS apps are downloaded by people from across the world. According to, more than 25 billion iOS apps were downloaded in 2016. This shows the importance of these apps for a wide range of works.

You can choose a logo design app from many of them for iOS-powered iPhones and iPads. These apps make the designing of business logos easy and cost-effective.

All you need to do is, install one of these 21 best iOS apps and start creating a custom logo that reflects your business values, beliefs and ideas.

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Here Are The Top 21 iOS Apps To Make Logos – Just For You

01. LogoScopic Studio – Logo Maker

LogoScopic Studio is a popular logo design app that designers use not just to create unique logos but also business cards and other designs. The app allows you to print your logo on paper.

This app is amongst the softwares to design apps when you are looking for hundreds of unique logo templates to make designing easier. The app has hundreds of logo templates. You access advanced artwork recoloring tools with this app. There are plenty of editing tools.

LogoScopic is one of the best logo making apps. The app features 850 fully editable & custom made Logo templates. It is easy to do advanced artwork and editing with the tools available in the app.

Logo Maker


It has 100+ hand-picked fonts supported by revolutionary typographic features. You can easily create logos with such brilliant typefaces. You can also use the app to send your newly created logo to digital and print users.

When using LogoScopic Studio, you should first choose an icon for your logo design. You can pick the icon from the categories such as Iconic, Pro, Art, Lifestyle, Fashion, and People. Then, add your company name and set it in the font size of your choice.

There are plenty of choices in colors that you can choose for your logo icon. After you have completed the design, the app lets you email it to you from the site. However, most of the icons in the app are old-fashioned, which may be a drawback.

02. Makr

This is another popular logo creator app to design logos, Makr tops all popularity charts when it comes to iOS apps for iPad and iPhone. This app only helps you create great logos, but awesome T-shirt designs and even temporary tattoos also.

The logo design app has many customization features that allow for designing a logo as per your specific design needs. The app has a plethora of templates that make logo designing easier for non-designers. The app also allows you to share your designs with your friends on social media to take their opinion.



To create a logo using Makr, you should first choose a template or simply use a blank canvas and upload your images and shapes. Then, you can customize the template by picking your choice of text, icons, style, colors, etc. you can also upload your art. Finally, you should download your PNG file.

As far as the quality of design goes, this App is modern to give you a sleek logo design that is well-balanced in the use of shapes and fonts. For a retail business, this is a perfect App to create Wordmark logos.

03. DesignMantic

DesignMantic is another important logo design app that can generate a wide variety of logos as per your design needs. You come across many different combinations of elements to choose from to make logos.

You can also get more specific results by selecting your industry to find a template design that matches your brand personality. Then, you can adjust the elements of fonts, colors, etc to have a unique logo.

This App gives you access to thousands of icons. Therefore, there are plenty of icons available for your specific industry. But some designers may find the icons a little out of trend and less modern.

logo design app


There are many logo maker apps for iOS powered phones and devices for free, but none beats the popularity of DesignMantic. This amazing iOS app offers a variety of creative and beautiful logo designs to choose from.

All you need to do is choose a logo design for the digital era, customize it according to your needs and download it instantly.

The app allows you to download your logo in .jpg, .png and .pdf formats, and use it according to your need. The app is free to use for design purposes and you only pay when buying the logo for commercial purposes.

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04. Logos by Tweak

If you’re looking to design like a professional logo designer, this is the best logo maker app. It is super easy to use.

This logo generator app makes it possible for you to access tens of many dozens of great logo designs. You can simply pick one of the styles and colors that you believe suits your brand the most and create your logo or use it for printing t-shirts.

Logos by Tweak


After creating a DIY logo for your business, you can easily download a free web version of the logo design app. You can upgrade it to an Adobe Illustrator EPS vector format also within the app. Not only that, but you can also share the logo with your friends on social media and get their opinion.

05. Designapp

Designapp is yet another brilliant iOS app to create business logos and other design items in a few minutes. The app features more than 600 font styles and dozens of shapes, badges, icons and logos to make it easy for you to create visual identities for your business.

make logos


You can try all the free logos available in the app. There are premium ready-made logo designs also that you can buy from the app. This is one of the best logo making softwares that allows you to directly download designs to your device and send the design to your email to download it.

06. Sketch

The sketch is one of the best logos creating softwares for iOS powered devices. This brilliant app allows you to put your creative logo ideas to paper.

make logos online


Its simple interface and easy-to-use functionality make it easy to use for even novice designers and those with not-so-keen eyes for design.

07. Sketch’em

Sketch’em is a logo design app that particularly caters to the design needs of amateurs. With this app, such freshers can practice their newly acquired mobile app design skills.

The app guides them through video tutorials on how to use it effectively. The iPhone app maker becomes even more useful for the learners as it is free for both iOS and Android platforms.


Using the tutorials, you can learn a lot of skills including sketching and drawing. It also has a creator mode that helps you create something unique.

Also, the app allows you to share your learning experience with your followers on Facebook, Twitter and other social channels.

08. Adobe Illustrator Draw

The Adobe Illustrator Draw app comes from the reputed house of Adobe Inc. You can create vector illustrations using this free application. The users are also allowed access to high-resolution royalty-free images. They can share layered and flat artwork.

adobe illustrator draw

So, when you think about how to make a logo on an iPhone, think of Adobe Illustrator Draw. It features a host of drawing tools such as Apple Pencil, Adobe Ink, and Adonit Jot Touch.

You can also access built-in vector brushes and intuitive tools. To give your images depth, within your sketch, you can add up to 10 layers.

09. Adobe Photoshop Mix

Adobe Photoshop Mix is another great logo design app from Adobe. The app is useful for Android and iOS to edit, crop, and combine photos.

It comes with live-sync features so that you can connect the mobile app with your desktop version. In other words, the app allows you to first customize your photos and then you can also access them using the PC.

Adobe Photoshop Mix

If you are creating a large project, think of this app. You should take this as an ideal app to make a logo app.

The designers can save lots of time in editing images, combining them and blending the image layers. You can perform many other tasks such as resizing images.

You also have a variety of font styles and color schemes to choose from when creating typography-based designs.

10. AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 is a logo design app that both designers and architects find useful. Professional designers with a lot of experience particularly are fond of this app for its high-end functions.

Most features for drawing and grafting are accessible to the users. They can view, create, edit, and share their drawings created using this app.

logo design app

However, being a high-end app, many new designers may find it difficult to handle. So, if you have very little experience then using the app may be challenging.

11. Behance

Behance is considered by many as a logo design app worth your time and efforts. It is a great assistance in creating a logo that builds your brand personality.

You should use this app to create a logo as per the design requirements of your brand. Its features include separate profiles, view stats on designs, and collection folders.

You can also access your entire portfolio. The app lets you share your logo designs, illustrations, web design, and other creativities.

Logo creator App

Plus, the app gives you the latest design apps so that you have those new developments while designing your logo.

12. Bazaart

Bazaart is one logo design app you should use for advanced photoshop tools. You have the option to sync them with Adobe Creative Cloud.

There are many features or programs to create logos with Bazaart. It comes with an interface that is extremely intuitive and has many layers and can process fast.


You can work as you go and export or import PSD files with this application. It also has sync features to facilitate working from a laptop, smartphone or desktop.

Also, you can save images with a transparent background. If required, you can also combine images to turn them into a collage.

13. Vectornator

Vectornator is a new design logo app for iOS and macOS. But it is a popular app used by designers at big companies such as the BBC, Marvel, and Disney.

Its seamless macOS workflow is ideal for editing vector graphics on iPhone and iPad. The logo design app has extensive gestures on touchscreens. You can dramatically increase your working speed with these gestures. It also allows you to import and export PDF, SVG, and AI.


The designers also can use the app to trace images into vectors. It also has search tools to look for free vector icons and graphics.

14. Coolors

Coolors is a nice app to create logos when it comes to choosing your color palette. Colors are crucial elements that make or break a logo design. The right color scheme is therefore essential to pick while creating a logo.

With this logo design app, you can experiment with shades. You will also set themes as you wish. Also, you can pick the right hues from the real world to create your art and design works.


The app lets you customize color palettes with uncountable combinations. So, the app is especially preferable to those whose designs have colors as the main element. You can sync the patterns with your iPhone.

15. Assembly

Assembly is one of the best apps to make logos. You do not have to be a master of the art to create something unique using this platform.

Designers can opt for this app to make drawing a much easier experience. They can replace traditional paper sketches and create sketches and vector images on this platform.

best apps to make logos

iPhone users can also opt for this logo design app for its extensive library of a thousand basic shapes. These shapes are a great help in designing vector graphics.

For beginners, the app is a way to create and showcase art while professional designers can create complicated and detailed designs.

16. Sketchbook Pro

Sketchbook Pro is amongst the best softwares to create logos. But it is a paid app and has exclusive features. The app is more or less like its desktop version but the mobile app allows you to use brushes and pencils to create your logo etc designs.

best softwares to create logos

You can customize 100 types of brushes to make your drawings stand out. The other tools include pens and markers. You get a full-screen view of the drawing with the landscape.

17. Adobe Comp CC

Adobe Comp CC is the best logo design app for iOS when you need to turn your rough sketches into unique graphics that look crisp and sharp. You can use a smartphone or iPad to create diagrams.

The logo design app is also a great choice for designing layouts via natural gestures. There are plenty of unique features and you also have access to an Adobe Cloud account.

You have the choice to sync the app to the Adobe Cloud. In that way, you can easily import vectors, images, and illustrations.

Adobe Comp CC

Also, using this app, you can send your logo and other designs to Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc Adobe platforms.

18. Canva

Canva is the best logo creator app for designers who need to create logos and other designs as they want with complete freedom.

The app has a plethora of unique templates for different social channels, logos, banners, invitations, posters, etc. These templates make your logo designing work a lot easier.

The logo design app also is helpful to the designers in creating custom works if they do not want to use the premade layouts.


You do not have to be an expert or professional designer to use this app. The navigational features are such that they take you to the next right step to design your logo.

Just spend some time with the app and you can potentially create logos and other images of great quality. You can share those images on multiple platforms for feedback.

19. Pantone Studio

Pantone Studio is a logo design app that you should especially use when color is central to your logo’s brand messaging.

The app has thousands of hues to pick from. You can mix these hues to create a color palette of your own. You can also use Adobe Color tool to choose the right color palette which helps in designing unique logo colors for your brand.

Pantone Studio

From the color point of view, we can say that Pantone Studio is the best program to make logos. But for both iOS and Android platforms, you need to pay to access this app.

The app can also generate personalized color palettes, which is a big help in picking a unique color scheme for logos to give a personality to brands. You can also have color schemes that match with pictures that you may be using.

20. Graphic for iPad

Graphic for iPad is a software to make logos and other design products. It is particularly developed for iPad. You should draw logos and vectors with the help of this app on a smartphone or desktop screen.

The logo design app is so powerful that you can design logos that look similar to those created on a desktop.

Graphic for iPad

You access features such as Photoshop. PSD, .PDF and .SVG import/export, multi-color linear and angle gradients, and shape libraries. Other features include Dropbox integration, autosave, dimension labels with accurate settings.

21. iDesign 2D

iDesign 2D is a logo editor app that you can opt to create unique logos and vector drawings for iPhone and iPad. You have access to pre-loaded drawings and text tools with this app. There are plenty of design tools that you can use to create logos as per your brief.

iDesign 2D

The logo design app comes with great features such as XDesign for Mac compatibility, preview thumbnails, icon-based visuals, and a context-driven user interface. You can also use a multitouch zoom that gives you sharp images.

So, pick your logo design app for iOS powered devices from our list.

Now it’s time for you to check each one of these iOS apps that are dedicated to design logos and take your best pick! It is not too difficult to create a stunning logo for your business with this app.

However, besides iOS apps, there are other tools also to make logos. One such effective tool is the logo maker from Designhill. With the help of this iPhone app maker tool, you can create your logo easily.

You have many colors, typefaces, icons, images, symbols, and other elements to choose from and create an attractive logo for your business on your own.

When looking for unique logo design ideas, Designhill, the leading creative marketplace can help. This site is home to thousands of professional and amateur graphic designers. They look for logo creation opportunities. Just launch your logo design contest with your brief on this platform.

In a short period of a week or so, you get dozens of unique logo ideas from as many designs from the world over. So, get started to have those unique logo ideas and pick a winning logo for your business.

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Wrapping Up

A logo design app makes designing an easy task even for amateurs. Such apps come with plenty of drawing and editing tools that help you create unique logos. iOS apps are helpful tools for creating great business logo designs. Graphic designers use these apps to meet many of their design requirements. These logo maker apps give a unique design experience to designers and consumers as well.

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