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Johnson & Johnson Replaces Its Iconic Script Logo: Know the Real Reason

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Hi, fellow creative and curious minds! Have you noticed that the Johnson & Johnson logo — a genuinely iconic emblem, has recently undergone a makeover? 

Yes, the household name for personal products has bid adieu to its century-old script logo, creating a buzz. The Johnson and Johnson logo appeared in a fresh new look a few days back. That was no less than a surprise since the logo had remained unchanged for over a century. Like most global brands, the company aims to comply with the changing times. The Johnson & Johnson logo change turns the emblem into a simple and clean design that the modern audience prefers. 

People identified Johnson & Johnson brands with the company’s cursive signature logo for several decades, and it was amongst the most recognizable logos in the world. 

Now, the global brand has taken the risk of doing away with its conventional logo, which has been its brand identity. However, the company has its own concrete reasons behind recreating the logo. 

Why Did Johnson & Johnson Redesign Its Logo?

So far, in Johnson & Johnson’s history, the company has not changed its signature logo for 135 years. The logo has been popular with consumers. Still, the global brand had its reasons to recreate its logo. Here is why the changes were made: 

Keeping with the changing times -The old logo was in cursive letters, but most children today are not taught to write in cursive script. So, the lettering is now old-fashioned and needs to speak better for the brand. 

The conventional cursive letters are not legible in this era. People are no longer able to read such lettering styles easily. They do not recognize it quickly, and many might not scan it. 

Business purpose changed – The company’s business purpose has also changed recently. The company now wants to focus on pharmaceuticals and medical devices. So, the new logo was the need of the hour to convey this newly set purpose.  

Johnson & Johnson recently started a new consumer company, Kenvue, to deal with its consumer health business. That shows the company now wishes to build a new consumer company identity in its target market. The new logo is an effort to create a new brand identity.  

The new logo will appear on the company’s pharmaceutical and medical equipment products. 

Following the minimalist trend – Another reason for the logo redesign is that most brands have recreated their logos into a simple design. Most contemporary logos follow a minimalistic design approach requiring cleanly conveying a brand message. The new logo draws attention immediately due to its simplicity. 

Changes Made in the Johnson & Johnson logo 

The company recreated the logo with two significant changes regarding its font and color. Here are the noticeable changes that the company made to its logo: 

Cursive letters replaced with a modern font

One instantly visible change in the Johnson and Johnson logo design is its lettering. The conventional cursive letters of the brand name were the brand identity for over a century. 

Now, the handwritten signature of the co-founder James Wood Johnson is no longer the identity. Instead, the founder’s name appears as the logo in a modernized font. It is now a cleaner sans-serif Johnson & Johnson logo font. 

However, the new logo design still has an ampersand that people can instantly recognize to maintain continuity. The company has said that the redesigned logo “delivers both a sense of unexpectedness and humanity,” adding that the ampersand stands for “a caring, human nature.” 

There are also no spaces between the letters as was in the original logo. These two unchanged features help viewers quickly remind them of the old logo and recognize the brand. 

The iconic red color brightens  

The red has been a key color that people identify with the brand quickly. Previously, the cursive letter logo had a light red color that looked pinkish. But now the letters will appear in bright red to instantly draw attention. The company didn’t change the color much while redesigning the logo because it best represents its health and care sector. 

According to the company, red continued to be the color for the logo since it is a “contemporary color that speaks to the ability to respond to health challenges urgently, evolve with the times, and set the pace.”

But in a wise move, the company will not replace the old logo with the new one altogether. The old cursive logo will still be on the company’s Band-Aid, Tylenol, and other consumer products. 

So, these are the major changes the Johnson & Johnson logo underwent recently. The changes were made to be one with the modern consumers and their aesthetic tastes. 

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Wrapping Up

The Johnson & Johnson logo will now appear in its new redesigned look. It will shed its century-old cursive signature look and now be in a modern sans-serif font. This Johnson and Johnson logo change makes it a simple and clean design. The company also made the logo changes due to new business purposes.   

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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