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History Of Evolution of the Kodak logo

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Kodak Logo

Last updated on February 27th, 2018

Eastman Kodak Company, well known simply as Kodak is an American imaging products manufacturer of global repute. The company dominated the world photography camera business after its establishment in 1880. The Kodak logo has witnessed many changes throughout its history as the logo designers experimented with different elements.

Despite frequent changes in the Kodak logo design, the viewers always recognized the logo instantly and it continued to be one of the most popular one in the photography industry.

Here is a brief history of evolution of the Kodak Logo

1907  Simple design

The Kodak Logo started its journey in 1907 with a simple looking design. In those days, the logo designers inserted the letters EKC depicting the company name in a circle. But it was not a great logotype design as the letters were assembled without much thought going into the designing. Purpose of the logo seemed to show the brand name rather than making any impression on the viewers.

1907 Simple design

1935  Landscape shape with colors

In 1935, the logo underwent first major designing changes. The new logo had colors introduced for the first time. The logo designers opted for a yellow background, while the letters Kodak were in red. Landscape shape of the logo gave it an impressive modern look as against a somewhat outdated classy look of the old design.

1960 Triangular shape

The Kodak company logo was transformed to a triangular shape from earlier landscape shape. Purpose of the new shape was to give a new and unique look to the emblem. The log retained red for the letters and yellow for the background.

1971 – Stylish changes

To keep pace with the new generation of the 70s, the logo designers redesigned the logo once again. This time, Kodak logo was in a square shape also called Box Shape. The logo was designed in the shape of a small red square with broad yellow boundaries. Inside the red square, the designers carved out a yellow arrow to make the logo stylish. The letters Kodak were in serif fonts.

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1987 Fonts changed

While earlier Kodak logo continued in the 80s in its Box shape and red and yellow colors, the company made some changes in the fonts. Instead of earlier serif font, the new logo had letters Kodak designed in sans serif fonts to express the company well established business worldwide.

2006 Modern elegant look


The current Kodak logo got its look in 2006, when the company redesigned the Box logo. The new logo had no rectangular or square box. The existing logo features the company name in custom-made typeface. The letters Kodak are in red to express possession, love and life. The logo designers positioned the letters in yellow bars to give the logo a fresh simple look.

To conclude, Kodak logo has a long history with lots of changes made in its shape. Due to global reputation of the company, the logo is easily recognized as the symbol of quality and global business.

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