Do Not Let Clients Dictate Logo Design

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Last updated on October 9th, 2018

If you are a professional logo designer, an advice from experts to consider is that you should listen to your clients but do not let them dictate when it comes to designing a logo. Your clients usually do not have expertise over different aspects of logos and so their advice may be useful only to some extent.

The clients provide design brief to the logo designers. The brief contains mostly the information regarding the business and its offerings of products or services. Some wiser details about the company’s history and its aspirations are also included. But a designer usually also does own research to find out more in order to get some inspiration.

During logo design process, clients want to interfere to know about the creative process. They wish to get more insight about the design. Many of them are interested in getting their approval on every design element. Though there is nothing harmful in this approach but it should be restricted by the designer.

A logo designer is a creative person who does well by implementing own ideas. Creativity is all about unique ideas or concepts. But if the client interferes too much, the uniqueness of the logo may be spoiled and the design may end-up being a mediocre piece.

A creative logo design is not only unique but it is also imaginative and aesthetically pleasing. This can be ensured only when the designer is allowed to perform freely without any intervention. But it is also up to the designer to let the client know about the reason behind selection of the elements.

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While the designer is at will to choose a design, he or she should be ready to explain its basis. Professional designers always are ready to explain the colors, fonts, white space, lines shapes etc used in the logo. Usually, just on seeing a design for the first time, the clients are dismissive about it as they cannot understand its implications and meaning for the company. So, while the designer should be free to create, the client must also be convinced over the usefulness of the design for the company.

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