Logo Colors Are Vital To Form Opinion About Your Business

Logo Colors

If you want to ensure a positive opinion of customers about your business, then pay attention to the colors used in your company logo. A designer makes all the efforts about creating a right message of your business through logo design but it is not possible without incorporating the right logo colors. In fact, studies have shown that colors have more bearing on your targeted audience’s opinion.

Let’s have a look at the importance of logo colors for getting positive response from customers.

Neuroscientists believe that humans are hardwired for certain hues that are responsible for the neural properties of emotion. But this knowledge is still underexploited by the designers.

It is now a common knowledge that there is certainly a big implication of color’s effect on emotions. This implies that the designer should understand the customers’ connections to colors. Better understanding of color’s role in evoking of emotions can help in creating an effective brand image of your company.

Researchers now say that people take less than 90 seconds of viewing in making a subconscious judgment. They say that a majority of these viewers form their assessment of a company on color alone. Studies have shown that nearly 85% of consumers base their decision of buying a particular product on assessment of color. Majority of people believe that logo colors are responsible for enhancing a brand recognition

So, ask your logo designer to incorporate colors in a careful manner. Make sure that your designer know more about your business and the colors that can represent it. The targeted audience should be able to connect with your business emotionally and that is what is the primary aim of choosing the colors for your logo design.

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By John Kash

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