Should Logo Design Be Loaded With Visual Signs And Symbols Of A Business?

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Last updated on February 23rd, 2018

Often, clients expect logo designers to pack a logo with visual signs and symbols that represent their businesses. They take such logos as successful designs to convey their business message.

However, to visually or symbolically represent a business will not be serving the cause of a business for a long time to come. It is the deeper meanings of a logo design that people feel when they look at a design. Such meanings are not visible to the viewers immediately but they are very much a part of a design and convey inner workings of a company, brand and business.

Keep this fact in mind that a logo designer or brand identity designer does not look for creating a symbol or icon with lots of visual meanings and clues. After all, logo design is not a road sign or parking sign. Many successful logo design make more sense when viewed along with the business and brand of a company and does not convey much meaning when looked in isolation.

However, logo designers must make efforts to incorporate colors, typography etc. design elements that bring a company’s soul and personality into the design.

So, designers should not lead by the belief of clients that logo should tell everything about a business just by looking at its design. Instead, a designer should hold on to the right things needed to be done in creating a logo design, which is that it must convey deeper meanings.

You should be seeing a complete big picture of a business, company and brand and what hidden or deeper meanings a logo design should be conveying.

Even when you have to opt for literal meaning in creating a logo design, the decision should be yours only after considering that such a design is in the right direction for the client and business.

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