Your Logo Design Need Not To Portray The Company’s Business

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Last updated on September 8th, 2017

A logo design is not about telling what the company does and instead puts the emphasis on creating a memorable symbol that the audience later associates with the company’s business. The designer can safely avoid incorporating an image or symbol taken from the company’s products or services. In fact, if you study the successful global brands’ logos, majority of them do not directly tell us about the business of the companies.

Plenty of examples of business logos not portraying what a company does can be cited. MacDonald’s Golden Arches is a glaring example. The arches logo does not project any image of hamburgers to convey the company’s fast food business. Just simple arches and use of yellow color with red background makes this logo one of the most effective and famous. FedEx logo is another example. The company is in courier business but its logo has no planes or trucks. Instead, the logo exhibits the company name with a hidden arrow

Nike’s swoosh is everywhere on its sports products. The logo has not sport shoe, sport shirt etc. to convey the business message. Take also example of the Apple logo. The company delivers computer products but has no computer in its logo. Instead, a fruit delivers the company’s business message.

These examples show that a company’s business products or services do not have to find direct mention in the logo. A logo works for a business by being simple, attractive and memorable. When the customers repeatedly see a logo with the company’s products or services, they automatically associate the logo with the company’s business. So, the designers do not have to incorporate any symbol taken from the company’s business to build brand identity.

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