Should Logo Design Software Be Your Choice?

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Should Logo Design Software Be Your Choice

Last updated on February 16th, 2018

There are many logo design software doing rounds online. Purpose of these software is to equip the business owners with some tools to create logo without taking help from the professional designers. But are these software worth spending money on them or should you try them even if available free?

Should Logo Design Software Be Your Choice

Software for logo design does equip a designer with some tools. Some people use Desktop Publishing program to create logo for a company. Some of these software are available free. You need to download the software on your computer. Then, you can select a template from the library of the software. You can add new objects to your logo with the help of the template. You will have thousands of logo objects, customized colors and effects to choose from.

The software gives you a collection of pre-build templates. You can edit the logo elements and add your business slogan and name. Then, you can apply some styling before you send the logo for printing. Although helpful to some extent, whole of this process sounds mechanical which is against creativity.

A drawback of software is that it does not help much in creative aspect of logo. The software offers you some templates and choice of colors with past experience. But using the routine templates and other tools go against principles of creativity, which is that a concept used for logo design must be new and unique.


While the software has its own usefulness, it cannot be a replacement of a professional designer’s experience. An experienced designer will summon all his knowledge to create a unique logo that suits your business.

If you are using the software because you cannot hire an expensive logo designer, then know that there are ways to ensure a custom made logo for your company in a creative way. You can search for the online design platform such as Designhill to crowd source your logo design contest to dozens of designers.

FireShot Screen Capture #266 - 'Launch a New Contest I Designhill' - www_designhill_com_launch

You should be writing a clever design brief for the logo designers on a crowd sourcing platform. The brief must contain all details about your business and company backdrop and details about your targeted audience. A professional and creative logo designer will select the design elements that match with your business and its audience.

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So, we believe that software has a limited role to play in logo design and it cannot replace value of creativity from an experienced logo designer.

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