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Logo Design Tips For Effective Communication

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Design

Last updated on January 19th, 2023

A successful logo design is the one that communicates with its target audience effortlessly. This implies that the logo needs to be capable of engaging and interacting the viewers with them in many ways. Such a logo is important to turn people into potential customers and then to loyal customers. But for this, the designer has to consider many aspects of creating a logo that communicates effectively to its audience.

There are thousands of business logos that people see on daily basis, be it on products or services and in markets. In fact, every business has its own logo. But is every logo a successful design? The answer is that not all of them are capable of making a rapport with an audience.

Many of them are not even noticed due to bad design. There are, in fact, very few logo designs that are truly impressive. Most of the global company logos we see around make an impact on our hearts and minds. This is because these logos are the designs that engage people emotionally.

All the global companies have memorable logos. Take for example the Coca-Cola logo. This logo communicates with people in a variety of ways. Its color is shining red which evokes the feelings of passion, love, and aggression.

Then, the logo has the use of classic letters that gives the impression of the brand being the oldest in the soft drink business. Similarly, McDonald’s logo speaks to us with its unique use of yellow arches. Nike’s logo communicates by its swoosh symbol that its shoe products are just right and perfect.

Smaller or big corporate houses depend on customers and effective logo design for business. If the customers continue to show faith in the company, its business flourishes. In case the customers no longer have the same faith, your business is bound to suffer and may soon be out of market. This all boils down to business logo’s capability to communicate with the customers, failing which they will migrate to your competitors.

So, what type of effective logo design will communicate your business message to the customers. The design must take into account several aspects of a business. The designers must get sound knowledge about the business and the type of target audience it has.

This is the reason that a logo design for a food and beverage business will be entirely different from the logo for a steel manufacturing company. A Custom logo design service for a company selling women’s clothing will be different from logo for a sports company.

When planning a logo or redesigning a logo, you should make it a point that the logo design effectively communicates with the targeted customers. But what does communication with the customer mean? This means that the customers are able to understand the business that is represented by a logo.

When viewers take a look at the logo, they should get some message of the company behind the logo due to specially created design of the emblem. A poorly conceived and designed logo is almost blank and does not communicate anything to the customers since such a logo does not touch them culturally or globally and fails to establish any kind of relationship.

Here Are Some Key Points To Consider When Creating A Logo Design For Effective Communication

01. Know The Client’s Business

Before starting the design work, first and foremost step is to have as much knowledge and insight of your client’s business as possible. The intention here is to find out those elements that can speak for the business that the logo is representing. Without such details, you will be directionless and your efforts will go in vain.

Logo Design

To communicate with the audience through a logo, know who are the ideal target customer of the business? To whom logo is actually addressing? Read the client’s design brief. But if it is not available, ask some vital questions to the client about who are the customers and how they want their logo to be perceived by them.

Know the competitors of the business as well. Once the details are with you, you can summon the right design elements to create a logo.

02. Know What To Communicate

What should your logo communicate? Ask that crucial question and answer it carefully. Write down your answer precisely in a few sentences. Keep that answer in your mind when designing your logo and brand identity.

In other words, knowing the brand message of your client’s company and business is essential for the success of your logo design efforts. Every brand has a personality. The logo should reflect that personality from its overall shape and design.

brand identity

So, your client’s business may be projecting a robust image if it is dealing with the property or manufacturing of some heavy machines. Or, a toy maker company would be branding itself as an entertaining and caring business.

Similarly, a fast food serving company may be projecting itself as an energetic and aggressive food brand, and so on. Make sure that you know what brand image should your logo project should have and communicate it through your design.

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03. Use Colors To Evoke Feelings

In order to make a logo design communicate, make sure that you make a wise choice in selection of colors. One of the qualities of colors is that they all compel us to respond emotionally. For example, red is the color that evokes the feelings of love, passion, and aggression.

If your logo has this color, it will communicate with these emotions. Color can communicate your idea of business to the customers very clearly. For instance, green is usually used in logos for food business for its freshness and nature. So, the feelings we get from a color is its way to communicate with us.

Logo Colors

This means that not all the colors will be suitable when your company’s logo intends to establish a rapport with potential customers. What if McDonald’s logo had only green color? Green would have been a wrong choice because the fast food company targets young people who have a lot of energy. So, red evokes energy, aggression, and passion. This logo speaks to the people with the help of the use of red and yellow.

But use the colors based on your research of the business. Use those colors that express the business ambitions of your client. Another tip to pick the right and relevant colors is to visit the client’s website. Note the dominant colors used in the website design. You can then have some of those colors in your logo to maintain the consistency in the brand marketing.

04. Speak Through The Use Of Typeface

Another useful element that helps graphic designers communicate with people through a logo is typeface. These days, many high quality typefaces are available free online. Such quality of typeface was once expensive for small businesses and graphic designers to buy.

A typeface can contribute immensely in communicating with your audience. A typeface helps build some personality of the logo. For example, a big typeface in a logo can express the robust personality of a business.

graphic designers

A handwritten typeface will indicate that the company delivers products or services to children. Find out what exactly is the personality of the client’s business and then use the typeface accordingly.


05. Use Negative Space

Negative space is one of the effective elements that graphic designers use to convey a message in an aesthetic manner. The designer creates a shape which is invisible at first glance. But when viewers take a good look at the logo, the figure emerges up.

A professional designer understands the importance of this space to communicate with the audience. For example, take the FedEx logo. There is an arrow hidden in the space between the letters E and X. The arrow stands for the speedy delivery of the couriers from the company.

graphic designers

Similarly, the Yoga Australia logo has the map of Australia in the space between the hands of the girl in a yoga pose. With beautifully created negative space for a figure in it, the logo design establishes an effective communication with target customers. However, make sure that the negative space creates a figure that is relevant to your business.

So, these are the key points you must keep in mind when designing a logo for effective communication. Your small business can rest on crowdsourcing site Designhill to create your logo design that conveys a brand message to the audience.

You get dozens of new logo concepts from many designers in response to your logo design contest. What is more, if you do not like the submitted designs, you can get back your money as Designhill has 100% Money Back Guarantee policy.

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Logo design is a way to communicate a brand message to the audience. But a professional designer has to first research the client’s business to have some insight into the target customers and markets. The designer should use color and fonts strategically to evoke right set of emotions and to reflect brand’s personality through the logo.

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