17 Logo Designs You Will Actually Remember

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Any memorable logo design is a valuable asset to its company. A logo draws the attention of people towards a business. But most importantly, it helps convert a business into a trustworthy brand. Logo designs when drawn correctly, evokes right emotions from their audience and conveys a message. In fact, memorable logos have become part of our lives and culture.

Unique logo designs are useful tools for small businesses. They can use a well-crafted logo to build a brand identity steadily. Elements such as colors, typefaces, etc., when used strategically, are able to create an image of a company being trustworthy. That matters a lot to businesses when it comes to enhancing the reach amongst target customers. In fact, a logo is useful to small businesses in many ways.

Chances are that you have seen thousands of different logo designs throughout your life so far. The vast majority of theses logos may seem to slip out of your memory almost immediately. However, there are quite a few logos that will actually stick.

Here Are 17 Iconic Logo Designs That You Will Actually Remember

01. Volkswagen

Franz Reimspiess created the original design of Volkswagen logo, which clever combined the VW initials with the Hitler regime swastika. The swastika was eventually removed from the design, but the VW lettering pattern has become a timeless classic for the auto manufacturer.

02. United Parcel Service (UPS)

The shield logo used by the United Parcel Service (UPS) was first created in 1916. Although the company’s logo went through a host of changes and modifications over the years, the basic concept remained the same. It was enhanced into a glossy brown version in 2003, but the shield stayed in place.

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03. Starbucks Coffee

The two-tailed siren found in the iconic Starbucks logo was first discovered by the company’s founders in 1971 when they stumbled across a Norse woodcut from the 16th century with the same mermaid.

This is a bit complex logo due to many elements incorporated in it. But it is a memorable design that goes well everywhere. Such unique designs look great and gel well with the company’s other graphic design products such as website design.

04. Adidas

Adidas founder, Adi Dassler, was the one that created the iconic logo for the company. It was his idea to use the three stripes on the footwear, which became iconic in themselves. In 1997, the striped design was changed slightly in the shape of a mountain to symbolize mountain-like challenges.

05. 7-Eleven

John Jefferson Green, the founder of 7-Eleven, continued operations after the war in 1946 and changed the name of the company to 7-Elevn. The logo consisted of the company name being written inside of a cup that is located inside of a circle.

However, the design was modernized to its current look in 1970. Such simple logos enhance the impact of a business card design and other graphic designs.

06. Microsoft

The first Microsoft logo was introduced back in 1975. One of the most popular designs was known as the “Pacman logo” in 1987 which was designed by Scott Baker. However, the basic logotype of the company name has achieved its own iconic status in recent years.

07. MTV

Manhattan Design was the company that designed the original MTV logo in 1981 With the collaboration of Patty Rogoff and Frank Olinsky. Colors, images and patterns have continuously changed over the years within the MTV logo until the early 2000s.

08. IBM

Paul Rand was the graphic designer chosen to revamp the logo twice – once in 1956 and again in 1972. The 1972 design consisted of the striped logo which was used to represent the speed and dynamism of the company and has remained in place for more than four decades.

When thinking of a letter based logo for your company’s other design items such as signage design, follow the same design pattern as of your logo.

09. Warner Brothers

The Warner Brothers shield logo was introduced in 1923 along with a picture of the studio. Even though the studio picture was eventually removed, the curved lettering of “WB” has remained even today – nearly a century later.

It has gone through numerous changes during that time, but the overall concept has remained in place. Such symbol based designs look particularly great on graphic design items such as packaging design items.

10. Google

The original Google logo was designed in 1988 by co-founder Sergey Brin. A polished design was introduced by Ruth Kedar in 1999 without the exclamation mark. The latest, updated version of the logo was released in May of 2010 and has remained in place since that time.

The Google logo is a prime example of the benefits of collaboration when it comes to creating and modifying a design, such as the collaborations that are conducted through Designhill on a daily basis.

However, it is a difficult task to create a multicolor design for a serious business. People may take such a business lightly. So, be careful. But you can safely use multiple colors in creating a infographic design to provide an information in an entertaining way.

11. McDonald’s

Stanley Meston is the man credited with the original design of the “Golden Arches” which have stood the test of time and still remain today.

12. Mercedes-Benz

The three-pointed star, which is the iconic core of the Mercedes-Benz logo, was developed and registered by Daimler in 1909. It was created as a symbolic representation of the company’s ambitions to create motorized vehicles for water, air and land transportation. Such sophisticated logo and brand identity designs help build a huge loyal customer base.

13. Pepsi

Company founder Caleb Bradham originally scribbled the design which would become the first Pepsi logo. It endured numerous changes – including five different changes between 1971 and 2005 – in order to become even more sleek and well-defined.

14. Ford

The logo was a mere embellished circle with the company name and location. It was forever changed in 1927 to the iconic blue oval that is still in place today. This is an excellent example of a simple logo design. In fact, simplicity is a value that the designers should pursue for creating the designs that we normally ignore such as envelope design.

15. Apple

Co-founder Ronald Wayne is credited with designing the first logo for Apple, which was inspired by Newton’s discovery of gravity. The iconic bite out of the apple was added to the design in 1977 to distinguish the apple from looking like a cherry. This is a simple logo based on a symbol.

16. Nike

The swoosh logo, which has become an iconic symbol for Nike over the years, was first selected as an acceptable choice by Nike co-founder Philip Knight. Even though he did not love it initially, he admittedly stated that it would grow on him.

17. Coca-Cola

The original Coca-Cola logo was designed by the bookkeeper of the company’s founder, Frank Mason Robinson. In 1890, the principal style of handwriting was replaced with a design consisting of complex swirls. That change did not last long and the Frank Mason Robinson design has remained in place. Such lettering is useful in creating designs involving illustration and graphics.

So, these are the inspirational logo designs that should motivate you to come out with unique graphic designs. Make sure that your logo stands out.

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These are inspirational logo designs due to their unique use of concepts, colors, typeface, etc. elements. Such logos help businesses increase their reach in target markets.

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