Is Your Company Logo Self-Explanatory?


Should your logo say about what your company does? Several logos can be found loudly announcing business of their companies. But there is in fact no need to design logos that way since the viewers take such a design as cheap and lacking in aesthetical values. So, if your company logo is self-explanatory and says all about what your business does, then it may not be a good logo design in the eyes of experts and customers as well.

Here are following example, why a company logo need not be self-explanatory.

There is no need for a logo to loudly say about the business of a company. For example, if you run a restaurant business, your logo design need not to incorporate food items in it. Similarly, your dentist logo does not require to show teeth. Your furniture logo also can do well without showing furniture in the design.

Just because you are showing the relevant items in your business logo does not mean that it is a better logo. You can design a far more impressive logo without telling the customers about your company’s business. After all, famous sports shoes company Nike does not have any shoe in its logo, which is a simple swoosh. Smartphones and laptops manufacturer Apple has no electronic item in its logo and has instead an apple. Mercedes logo has no car in its logo design and the Virgin Atlantic logo has no airplane.

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So, a company logo need not be self-explanatory to make its place in the targeted market. In fact, it is after many years that a logo can be called as successful in meeting its targets. Moreover, a logo takes real meaning from its association with the services or products of the organization it represents. Therefore, if a company has no big reputation in its market, the logo also will be perceived as second rate despite an excellent design. Remember that an audience has to be first properly conditioned in order to make a logo design successful.

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By John Kash

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