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Top 11 Logo Trends & Forecasts Every Business Should Think About In 2024

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Logo Trends & Forecasts

Last updated on December 18th, 2023

Designers have already started their hunt for logo design trends that are predicted to rule 2024. And to lend them a hand, we asked our global community of logo designers. Their ideas/forecasts gave us an overview of the changing landscape in logos. Unlike this year’s custom logo design that showcases a combination of innovation and restriction, the logos in 2024 will be minimalistic.

But it doesn’t mean that you’re going to encounter only fresh logo trends. Previous trends may make a comeback too. Indeed, a trend doesn’t last long, but designers must consider them in their design projects.

Before you become aware of the logo trends, know what an impressive logo looks like and its key features. Well, such a logo is a simple design that has only a few design elements so that viewers can get the brand message quickly at a glance. Such a logo must also jell well with promotional campaigns involving a tshirt design for distribution.

To Help You Out, We Have Created A List of 11 Logo Trends And Forecasts For 2024 That You Should Think About

01. Logo Adaptability

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses have seen a hard time getting the audiences’ attention. As a business, you have to be present everywhere to get noticed. People, in the pandemic, avoid visiting physical stores.

It means your brand is left with no option, but to be present online to get noticed by your target audience using compelling advertisements.

This necessitates you to build a user-friendly website, striking logo using a logo maker tool or by a professional graphic designer and let your audience felt your strong presence on different social media platforms.

Because you need to be present on several platforms, your logo must be shape-shifting to adapt to the requirements by changing size, color, or complexity. For example, you can have a master logo for your website and its icon-version for the brand’s social media profiles. You can also use a one-tone logo design to be used as a watermark on photos.


By creating different variations of your logo design, you can ensure your branding is consistent no matter what medium you place your logo on. It simply means your logo will work on every platform and layout. It will also let your audience identify your brand, increasing brand recall.

One of the best examples of logo adaptability is McDonald’s golden arches. The brand showed these arches pulling away from each other to highlight social distancing.

02. Handmade Logo

In this day and age, more and more businesses have adapted to digitization and modernization. Therefore, many others think that creating a vintage logo will make their brand more visible. This had led to the use of hand-drawn or handwritten logo designs.

Handmade logos give authentic vibes, and such designs have gained popularity over the years. In 2024, this trend seems to be used widely.

Handmade Logo

Now consumers have become more conscious about the value a brand provides. Hence, a handmade brandmark somehow gives a peep into its products/services and seriousness. This also reflects a brand’s personality that customers will surely notice.

Moreover, hand-drawn brandmarks also don’t include generic design elements that use logo templates for inspiration. For example, a logo for rendering water-based services doesn’t need to include water droplets or a real estate or home repair business doesn’t need to feature roofing images, and so on.

It simply means that the hand-drawn logo will be different and unique.

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03. Minimalist Logo

“Less is more” is a famous saying in the design world. This applies to logo design as well. The minimalist trend began many years back, and it’s still effective. Today’s fashion and tech businesses prefer a simple, clean, and hassle-free business logo over a complex one.

But that doesn’t mean it’s a result of lazy work. On the contrary, minimalism takes away unwanted elements and lets a brand message shine through its simplest form. What makes a minimalist logo most popular is that it leaves room for the designer’s imagination.

Minimalist Logo Trend

You can create a minimalist custom logo design in many ways. One is depicting your brand identity through the use of text as a brandmark.

The most popular examples of such logos are Google, Amazon, CocaCola, etc. Another method is using just a symbol such as Apple, McDonald’s, and more.

In the current design environment, this logo design trend is quite famous. And, many reasons add to its popularity. First, minimalist logos are appealing.

The pixel elements are few; hence, it has a faster load time. Another reason is that a minimal logo looks great in both small and large sizes.

Brands like Apple, Starbucks, and McDonald’s are examples of minimal logos.

04. Detailed Logo

A logo design is nothing short of an artwork that you create on a canvas. Its main aim is to represent your brand. But the only difference is that a logo is created on a relatively small canvas. As a result, you can use it across various platforms, such as custom t-shirts, mobile apps, websites, brochures, and more.

Detailed Logo Trends

We already have seen a minimalist logo’s effect, but businesses that dare to be different don’t mind going with a detailed logo design. The foods & beverages sector usually features such logos. It typically consists of hand-drawn images/texts that display the beauty of details.

Unlike minimalism, this logo trend is just the opposite. Therefore, you wouldn’t be surprised if you see this trend throwing away minimalist philosophies. The detailed logo design includes the creative usage of negative spaces, shading, and other minor details.


05. Animated Logo

As far as the custom logo design trends go, animated logos remain eye-catching. Experts leave no stone unturned to make it useful and relevant to the brands. Logos with a combination of 2D and 3D animations will stay in the game.

Logo designers can play with details and create an image of various complexity levels. This not only helps you tell your brand story differently but also attracts attention.

Animated Design

Implementing 2D and 3D in logos can retain the viewers’ attention longer than a simple logo. This logo trend is great as every time you see the animation; you find something new!

Designers love going beyond their comfort levels and adding a bit of fun and interest to their logo designs. It depends on their creativity whether they want to make transitions simple or complex.

The story-telling proportion, that’s animation, has made this trend stay longer.

06. Letter-Play Logo

One of the logo design trends that we can see in 2024 is letters overlapping some of their parts. Besides, we will also witness letters in their incomplete form, bleached details, and empty lines. But in logo design, don’t overdo it, or it will ruin the purpose of your brand mark.

Letter Design

The letters need to remain unique. Your logo shouldn’t leave the audience guessing what business they are interacting with. The business logo should be memorable so that it would become easier for them to recall.

A letter-play logo is also a versatile design that looks impressive when printed on different clothing products such as funny t shirts. With the logo printed on the shirts, you can give away the fashion wear to people for free to promote your brand.

07. Responsive Logo

With mobile users increasing more than ever, logo designs will adapt to its screen size as well. Therefore, responsive logos in this regard will remain in trend.

A few decades ago, a prevalent mindset followed — “don’t change the logo.” But this mindset has a less practical approach today.

There is one reason for that — a logo is used in many places, from big screens to phones, signage, business cards, and everything in between! That’s why responsive logos are a must.

Responsive Design

Responsive logos aren’t just about size but other functionalities as well. This means your brandmark will look and work differently in a different environment.

You can find many brands that use different versions of a logo depending on screen sizes. Take Disney’s logo for an example.

It includes its entire form — “Walt Disney” with a castle on top when seen on full size. But with smaller screens, it only shows “Walt Disney” and no castle top. And, on a smaller screen, it only includes “Disney.” That’s what responsiveness does.

08. Geometric Shape Logo

Geometric shapes, whenever we hear this term, we start visualizing math. Nowadays, designers are giving this number-based field an exciting look.

The trend of using geometric shapes in the logo is going to dominate the design world. We have seen colors invoking emotions. Now, it’s time for shapes to do the same.

Geometric Shape Logo

Shapes have many uses in the world of design, and expressing meaning is one of many cases. Logos that are meant to be symbolic shapes are perfect to use.

While the square represents strength, curvy edges give a feeling of ease, and the triangle shows stability. These are positive characteristics that businesses want to reflect.

Geometric shapes also give logos a modern feel plus a sleek appearance. A well-made geometric logo can capture the brand essence elegantly. With a slight change in color, line thickness, or layering logo designers can create exciting logos.

09. Ink-Style Logo

In 2024, a new logo design trend will catch up — the ink-style logo. Ink-style drawings featuring amazing intricacies and more styled signatures, complex hatching lines, and closer graphic images let you step back and realize how beautiful a logo is. Further, the ink style focuses on quality, personality, and attention to detail.

Ink-Style Logo

10. 3D Gradient

At present, the 3D gradient is in use, and it is gradually gaining momentum. In a society where imagining life without a smartphone is impossible, this logo trend gives a respite.

3D Gradient

For graphic designers, the gradient is like a tool, using which designers can make any group of colors dynamic and unique. 3D effects in logos put emphasis on the contrast that colors create, especially in the conical logos. The conical gradient isn’t going anywhere, and it’s obvious to see it in 2024.

11. Combination of Trademark & Font

A logo design doesn’t mean to have a separate symbol. Even a symbol with an inscription can help a brand convey the message to its audience. It doesn’t matter which family a font belongs to. If it’s combined well with a symbol, it can create a memorable logo.

Combination of Trademark & Font

2024 is going to put forward a combination of trademark and font. This will help designers make their logos adaptive, unique, and attractive.

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In 2024, custom logo designs will be minimalist, colorful, and created of shapes. Animation, 3D gradient, and letter overlapping will also be there.

Following trends is one thing, and implementing what is in trend is another. So keep your logo design clutter-free, authentic, and memorable to stay longer in people’s minds. Don’t hesitate to share any design trend that’ll rule the 2024 logo design landscape.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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