Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Profile:Present, Past and Future

Hey, Mark Zuckerberg, you are changed now! Amazing!!

Ever since, Facebook has been incepted worldwide, there have been a variety of designs. Gone are the days when the platform allowed just to “Poke” people or displayed user activity on a “Mini-Feed.”

The year 2011 really had a big change when the company introduced its very advanced feature of Timeline that users can use to post their “Life Events” and include large cover photos.

What best way to recall on all of Facebook’s updation than having a look at Zuckerberg’s own profile evolution?

All the way through it all, he has been a chameleon that tweaked and transformed his page to sport any and all of new features of Facebook.

Let’s have a walk down memory lane with several faces of Mark Zuckerberg’s profile.

Take a look here where Zuck is available at a presentation in 2011. Part of his talk is included with an image of his profile from 2005.

At that time, it was known as “The Facebook” and really it was a wild simple design.

(Check out the little peek of a custom hoodie in his profile picture.)

He was having 182 pics, and you can check the changes done to his profile. See how, on the right-hand side, the Facebook tools were being shown in lowercase letters, and there used to be a “Mini-Feed” where you were able to notice user activity.

You should also check out what had been the “Interest” of Zuckerberg: such as Lots of Facebook, exponential growth, information flow, meditation, writing, driving, and more.

December 2007

Have a look at the unkempt hair and city landscape in that profile photo. The Mark lately ’07 used to be so carefree and young.


Here in the image you can see “Poke” him, and check a listing of his family members.


In this image, you can see Zuck making presentation of his profile at an event in 2011. As soon as the Timeline was brought to selves, Facebook’s CEO enhanced his Facebook cover size with a variety of images of his Beast, dog and more. Interestingly, this page of Zuck can also be “Subscribed.” Simply go to the page and “Subscribe.”


During the year of 2012, he gave a description of his job as head of Facebook: “Making the world more open and connected.”

2012 – Life Event

While the Zuck were knotted in religious bond of marriage with his longtime girlfriend Priscilla Chan in 2012, he did an uploading of a sweet wedding photo of the pair. He also did the addition of the event to his Facebook timeline.


During this year, the profile of Zuckerberg had received more views than normal; all credit goes to a hacker, called Khalil Shreateh. He was reported to have come across a mistake in Facebook’s system and could post a status on the young billionaire’s page to keep the social site alerted about the bug.


Earlier he was your friend, then you became his fan, later you started subscribing him. Then you were able to “Follow” Zuckerberg’s profile. From 2013 to 2014, he had made an acquirement of around 10 million new followers, placed him at more than 28 million total.

There is not any more relationship status, and he just has profile pic. The fun Timeline photos of Beast are changed with a map graphic “of all of the friendships created on Facebook all around the globe,” as per one of his comments.

So this is what Mark Zuckerberg looks like today!

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By Jelly Shah

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