What are Different Meaning of Logo Design Colors?

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A professionally design logo has colors with an intention. The designer does a lot of research about the client’s business and chooses one or two colors that can express an emotion perfectly to send a message to the viewers. Such use of  best logo design colors helps in converting the viewers into buyers.

There are plenty of colors to choose from a chart that many websites provide these days. While different shades of colors are easily available through these color charts, selection of right colors and hues requires a careful approach from a logo designer.

Here we can explain different meaning of logo design colors when it comes to using them while filling colors in a custom logo design.

* Red is the color of energy, aggression, passion, heat and warmth. You should red to express these emotion through your logo. Many food product logos and restaurant logos have red as dominant color since it is also known to stimulate appetite.

* Orange is today more known as an expression of modern thinking and innovation. This is why the color has been regularly used in logos that represent products related to youth, approachability and affordability. The color is also good for use in logos for fun products.

* Yellow evokes warmth and friendliness as the color is also a symbolic representation of the sun. Due to its warmth, yellow is also known to stimulate warmth and is used in logos for restaurants. But negative connotations are also associated with this color and so it should be used cautiously.

* Green is the color of nature which in turn makes it suitable for logos related to the health products. Organic and vegetarian foods logos generally incorporate green as main color to express freshness of the foods.

* Blue is today more seen as a color of corporate logos. This is because the color expresses professionalism, integrity, calm, seriousness and sincerity. The color is also used by the designers for showing the viewers success and authority of a company. For these reasons, financial institutions and government bodies use blue in their logos and websites and other marketing products.

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