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5 Mistakes To Avoid When Getting Started On PrintShop

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Start On PrintShop

Last updated on December 18th, 2019

Many artists and designers have considered PrintShop as an effective platform to promote and sell their artworks. Because of its growth hacking strategies, they are making lucrative earnings from their online shops. But, most of the new artists who have started on PrintShop struggle to increase their profits. They have got no clue – How to increase their online sales? Some of them even don’t have a plan. If they would have put some basic strategies in place, definitely their sales have picked up.

Graphic designers, artists, and hand letterers opt PrintShop to sell their artworks. They have not only set up an online shop but also followed some crucial basics to promote and sell art. Mostly, such artists are ones who have learned from their mistakes and used experiences to chalk out a plan to turn their online shops into a profitable art businesses.

But, new PrintShop owners usually don’t pay heed to the basics of increasing sales. Very few of them are even aware of mistakes they are making. By putting some efforts, they can transform the shop into a source of a steady stream of income if they don’t repeat the blunders that others have made.

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5 Mistakes To Avoid When You Start On PrintShop

01. Not Doing Proper Audience Research

A majority of new shop owners at PrintShop wish to sell artworks without first knowing more about their potential buyers. The approach that the shop is open and now whoever wants art will buy is completely wrong.

If that is your approach then people may not find the art they are looking for on your online shop and they would migrate to your competitor’s shop. This is where the importance of market and audience research lies.

So, before you start on PrintShop, keep in mind that not everybody looking for the art will buy it from your shop. This is because they search for different artworks that might be missing in your shop. So, with the help of well-researched data about market and target customers, you can create your art especially for them- for your audience.

Started on PrintShop

Or, if you already have a good collection of art pieces, then the research helps in categorizing those art pieces for the target audience. You know which type of customers are likely to buy that particular piece and categorize and describe it accordingly.

The first thing to keep in mind is that you can’t sell your art to everyone. For instance, most people are art lovers but it is almost impossible to create an artwork that all of them will love to buy from you.

This is because many of them want to buy something useful as well and not just a decoration piece. Often, business owners look for graphic design, hand lettering or illustration that suits their brand identity. Therefore, specify which bunch of customers you want to sell that particular art piece.

Use Social Media

One of the easiest ways to find out a specific set of potential buyers of your art is through Facebook Audience Insights. If you have your Facebook artist page, then click on Insights from the page. Then, go to the ‘People’ tab to find out more about people who ‘like’ your page.

Use Social Media

You can know about their different social, educational, financial, and other backgrounds. Also, you will know which type of art the people are liking more these days. Then, create more art to increase sales. You can leverage social media as a designer and know about your buying audience.

Similarly, use the power of Twitter to reach out to the audience and find out which are the set of artists whom you can target. Social media is also helpful to know who are the business owners interested in your graphic design services.

02. Ignoring The Importance Of Quality Images And Descriptions

Do not ignore the high quality of your art images in your online shop. A customer makes a buying decision by looking at the visual as the product is not physically available for them for the closer observation. Therefore, make sure that your product page of the shop has art pieces that look like great visuals.

Remember that most customers consider images as crucial in making buying decisions. Your art images represent the values and quality your artwork has for customers.

Started On PrintShop

Another thing to ensure when you consider how to start selling art on PrintShop is top quality images of your artworks. These images are also your way to an effective way of branding. So, when you start on PrintShop include only high-quality images as they are a key element of branding.

Only high quality images can help grab the attention of your art buyers and inbuild trust in them. As a professional graphic designer, the importance of quality images should be very clear to you.

While you ensured great quality of artwork images, don’t forget to put the description. The customers want to know something about the product they are looking at. This helps them in making a buying decision. The descriptions should precisely tell the key features of your art piece. Make sure that they get their key questions answered from the description.

03. Not Building A Larger Mailing List

Another mistake that most artists make when they start on PrintShop is ignoring the importance of email marketing. It is perhaps the cheapest way for reaching out to your target audience to get the desired traffic to your site.

The top marketers say that ‘the money is in the list’, which is the list of email addresses you have. People give their email addresses only when they have an interest in your product.

But first, gather as many email addresses. To do that, you can start your newsletter and then ask people to subscribe. They will give their email addresses to subscribe.

Building A Larger Mailing List

You can also offer discounts on your artworks to those who give you the addresses. Another way is to put a signup form prominently on your website and request the visitors to give their email addresses to get your new art products.

Once you have a sizable email addresses list, it becomes your potent tool to drive customers to your shop. Whenever you offer price deductions offered at your Printshop or include a new illustration or graphic design in your collection, inform people about it by sending them emails.

You can collect email addresses also by using the ‘Help us Improve’ and ‘Suggest Feature’ boxes that are set up in your shop at PrintShop. Ask the visitors of the shop to offer their suggestions, so that they give your email addresses as well. The list is also a great way to let people know that you design a logo or any other specific artwork to attract the interested audience.

04. Setting Rigid And Impractical Prices

How many artworks are you going to sell depends a lot on the prices you set. If the prices are too high, you will discourage many buyers. But, if you sell art pieces at low prices to attract buyers, your profit margin will also go down. So, the right pricing is somewhere in between.

When setting your prices, first know that you are not a beginner in the art world. High prices are usually reserved only for big artists who are recognized names. Therefore, setting prices very high will be impracticable for you.

When you start on PrintShop, compare prices of similar artworks on other competitors artist online shops. But do not forget to compare prices based on materials, medium, dimensions, etc. Make sure that you compare prices of art that have been sold on the other sites and not of unsold ones.

Setting Rigid And Impractical Prices

Another tip to set prices right is to think like a retailer. This implies that you should put a price tag that is two times the cost of creating the art. In this way, you get an attractive profit as your reward for doing the design or illustration, etc.

Therefore, first set your base price, then add the cost you incurred in creating the art to arrive at the right price you are a new artist in the shop. You can also consider a reasonable hourly wage as the basis. Then, multiply it by the number of hours you spent to create and add to it the cost of materials you used. Note that PrintShop helps you to set your prices and commission for each product.

In case you intend to sell your art from multiple online platforms, make sure that you keep the prices consistent to build trust. Think of offering promotional discounts to the returning buyers as an incentive.

05. Showing No Interest In Prospective Buyers

When you promote your art and yourself as an artist across multiple platforms, many art lovers show their interest in various ways. But an experienced marketer sees them as potential buyers. If someone showed interest in your work online or personally, then do everything to remind that they can complete the purchasing.

Trace who they are and then send them emails of reminding that they should finish buying the art from your shop. There is a Live Chat feature on the PrintShop. Invite the prospective buyer to chat live with you to set any issue right. To engage them with your artwork, ask them for suggestions using the PrintShop’s Suggest a Feature and Help Us Improve box.

Start on PrintShop

Also, when you show your interest in the customers’ activities on your shop site, they take it as a value that you care for them. Many of them will come back to your site to complete the purchasing.

So, these tips can help you in selling more artworks when you start on PrintShop. Focus on each of these measures to explore them fully to drive more sales.

Also, continue to create great artworks and add them to this Designhill platform to sell and earn. The more you create, the more are your chances of selling the art pieces to the target audience.

Wrapping Up

When you start on PrintShop and set up your shop to sell artworks, first, get an idea- who is your target customer. Do some research by using social media and other platforms to find which set of people are likely to buy. Quality images of art pieces will make enticing visuals.

Set your prices after calculating your base price and costs but avoid high prices if you are a new artist. For effective marketing, build a larger mailing list and send emails of your discounts, new works, etc to the prospective buyers.

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I’m a graphic designer by profession. I love writing on various topics, including graphic designing, social media marketing, SEO practices, Startup strategies, and e-commerce marketing. My love for storytelling about brands inspires me to write more. When I’m not writing, I design and read about design.



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