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10 Most Beautiful Book Cover Ideas For Your Inspiration

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Book Cover Design

Beautiful Book Cover Ideas

Last updated on January 30th, 2023

How do you select a book from a sea of options? What is the first thing you notice about a book? There are thousands of books in the bookstore or e-commerce store at any given point or time, and it would be a Herculean task to select a book randomly. Sans the few best sellers, the front cover has a significant influence in boosting the sales of the book. We tend to pick the book with the most intriguing cover and title. Our mind decides for us as it reflects that the book is worth considering. In most cases, we buy the book to satisfy our curiosity. Most creative experts and leading companies have understood the importance of beautiful book cover ideas.

The theme of the design also applies to flyer design, social media page promotions and other brand collaterals. There are various guidelines when it comes to designing the book cover.

Here Are 10 Most Beautiful Book Cover Ideas For Your Inspiration

01. Bitter Sweet

The book Bittersweet by Sarah Ockler is a fiction novel about the struggles and dreams of a young girl, Hudson. The book cover design is simple and effective.

It provides a sneak preview of the plot and incorporates the value of the title. The Bittersweet is associated with the reality that life is an almost equal mixture of happiness and joy.

Bitter Sweet

The professional graphic designer team has depicted the heart shaped cookie as the setting of the novel happens at a diner. The background of the book gives a sky blue and white gradient to create a warm tone.

The cover comes with careful crafting to break the cookie into a puzzle which depicts the uncertainty. The book name appears in the script font to add a more personalized touch.

02. Moral Relativism

Relativism is an exceptional field which believes that there is no absolute truth. Every culture or religion functions on a robust belief system that advocates on the importance of their traditions.

Moral Relativism by Steven Lukes highlights some of these debates from a neutral perspective. The book cover maker has created a plain background which depicts its neutrality stand.

Moral Relativism

The glasses in the center of the cover represent the way people see things. We perceive most things around us on the basis of our belief system. The difference is shown by the variation in the images in the lens.

The font is more solemn to emphasize the importance of the subject. The creative team has added more realistic approach to it by adding the shadow of the glass.

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03. The Mayor’s Tongue

The cover page of this novel depicts that clutter could still communicate the right message. The success of the graphic design lies in creating amidst the chaos.

The novel revolves around the lives of individual characters and their way of coping up with their lives. The background is a little golden color which also makes it the ideal shade for branding collaterals.

Mayor Tongue

The letters are given in different fonts to show the difference in the various characters. The color scheme is pretty consistent, and the designers have brilliantly handled the space utilization. The cover still has the right amount of white space despite the ample amount of words and codes.

04. Your Own Worst Enemy

Politics is as messy and complicated also in high school. Your Own Worst Enemy by Gordon Jack takes the reader through the journey of three candidates in their fight for power.

The book cover template is in plain blue background to provide more emphasis to the design. The novel is a strong example that fonts with a few essential icons can weave the magic.

Worst Enemy

The team has embedded these icons as the part of the words to create the visual balance and also highlights specific characters and elements of the novel. These icons are placed carefully to provide the ideal balance and to complement the words.

Two different colors are used in the fonts to create attention to them. While developing online social media page design as well graphic designers worldwide use this technique to add uniqueness in their designing.

05. The Lesser Bohemians

The novel ‘The Lesser Bohemians’ by Eimear McBride talks about the struggle of every individual who strives to establish a place for themselves in the society while holding the innocence and principles which defines them.

The book cover is exquisitely designers to convey this message as the person is forced to let go of some things to fit in the world.

Lesser Bohemians

The creative experts have portrayed a young girl filled with hopes and dreams. The background is simple, and it adds more value to the image.

The title of the book, author name and the description are placed within the design to avoid additional clutter. The design is created with infinite creativity to retain the originality of the image and to maintain the mystery element.

06. Little Disasters

As the title suggests, Little Disasters by Randall Klein talks about the imperfections in every day’s life, and the individuals attempt to rise above all. This beautiful book cover idea is all about depicting the concept where the design team has paid considerable attention to details.

Little Disasters

The background is given the crumbled effect, and it is given the red color. Another advantage of the tone is to provide more contrast effect to the image and the font.

The image is a simply broken plate which depicts the small imperfections in life. The title of the novel is written in a casual font to give the added natural look.

07. Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine

This book cover is an example of minimalistic graphic design with a more significant profound meaning. The word fine has a much more broad sense in real life.

Every individual battle their demons and yet manage to hold on to a smile. However, this does not stop them from helping others.

Beautiful Book Cover Ideas

The novel talks about the protagonist who lacks social skills who plays a vital role in making a change in the lives of her colleagues who are their issues. The background of the design is neutral.

The house is built of burned matchsticks indicating that people do get hurt and still manage to light others’ lives. The theme makes it an ideal solution for branding collaterals.

The minimalist design principles should also be followed to create other marketing materials including flyers. When using flyer templates, make sure that there is minimum use of colors, fonts etc elements. Such flyers are excellent advertisements for books.

08. Heating And Cooling

The first impression that the novel provides its readers is the inspiring colour scheme. The creative team has elegantly applied contrasting colours and has managed to create a visual delight to the audience.

The novel talks about the life of an individual who views the beauty of the life and relishes it in all its extremes.

Heating And Cooling

The book cover has been creatively created to depict the concept of ‘Heating and Cooling’. The design includes a Popsicle to represent the cold, and the melting part symbolizes the heat.

The name of the novel and the author are placed on the stick to establish more significance to the image. The white space has added more stimuli to the front cover.

09.The Summer Of Broken Things

Summer plays a vital role in the lives of teenagers. The novel ‘The summer of broken things’ by Margaret Peterson Haddix talks about the experiences of two teenage girls and the summer which changed their lives. The designer has artistically displayed a sunflower which is closely associated with summer.

Summer Of Broken Things

The flower is soft, vibrant and it proudly presents its elegance. The cover includes the head of the flower in the middle with the ray flowers are scattered across the page.

The designers have placed the petals / ray flowers in a random order which a mixture of bright yellow and yellowish white. The shadow of the petals reflects the professionalism followed only by the expert designers who servers great graphic design services and top companies.

10. Me

What is my purpose in life? Am I doing justice to myself? Should I be more responsible? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves throughout our lives. The novel ‘Me’ by Mel Thompson, speaks about the art of living neurologically and emotionally and helps the readers come closer to their quest.


The designing team has followed the minimalistic technique where a simple background and a unique image have conveyed the essence of the book. The inverted image of the mirror shows the creativity and ingenuity of the team. The similar theme could be implemented in branding collaterals.

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Like a logo design, book cover is a product which plays a vital role in the sales of the book. The ideal design has the power to convert a novel into a best seller. Usually, lots of thought process is implied by the creative team while creating a design for the novel or book. This helps the dream of the author come true. Leading design companies has mentored and guided budding graphic designers to create the ideal book cover. This is an extensive market with massive scope for creativity and perpetual possibilities.

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