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20 Most Inspiring Healthcare Logo Ideas Of All Time

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Ideas

Healthcare Logo Ideas

Last updated on February 8th, 2023

Have you ever been into a situation where you are driving, and a five-year-old kid recognizes the passing by restaurant by just looking at the logo? You probably would have! That’s the power of a well-designed logo. The right logo helps the companies to communicate about the nature of business and their objectives. Just like a five-year old kid knows that the pass by logo is of which restaurant, you must also want your healthcare logo to be like that – well designed and easily recognizable.

When it comes to healthcare industry, everyone has their own specialty. Some may provide single service while others may have a team of experts in all the areas. To make it clear on what all services you are providing or specialize in, you need a unique logo.

A logo will not only help consumers to connect with you but also differentiate your brand from competitors as well. Coming up with a medical logo design is not as easy as it seems. So whether you are a medical business owner of a graphic designer, you should have a clear idea about how the healthcare logo should be.

That is why we have come up with the most inspiring healthcare logo ideas for you. We hope that you get some logo inspiration from these designs and create a logo that will make you stand apart from competitors. Let’s get started!

Here Are The 20 Most Inspiring Healthcare Logo Ideas Of All Time

01. ModHealth

Mod Health is a modern healthcare company backed by computer science and technology. Being a modern company, the client wanted to reflect this feature in their health logo. And this is what the designer has come up with – simple, subtle and modern design.

Modhealth Logo

The best part of the logo is the creation of a cross with the letter ‘M.’ The empty space given in the cross sets the perfect example for negative space.

The blue color used in the logo represents professionalism, power, and trust while the gray color serves as a supporting color to enhance the blue color (which is usually the main color in the healthcare industry).

02. Kelly Lane Dentistry

Simple, modern, and catchy – this is what best describes this logo. The brand is into comprehensive dental practice providing family, paediatric, and orthodontic care.

Kelly Lane Logo

The designer has used the initial of the brand name so that the dental logo looks great on marketing materials like brochures, letterheads, business cards, etc. We received 164 entries for the contest, and it was ‘Creativedesign231’ who took home the winner award.

03. Legacy Family Eyecare

From the name, you must have got an idea of what this brand is all about. Since the brand is into eye care, the designer decided to have an image of an eye in the logo, which you probably be thinking common ideation.

Family Eyecare Logo

Yes! It may be common ideation, but the best part is that the designer created an image of an eye with the caring hands. The blue and green color depicts professionalism, trust, natural, healthy, and growth.

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04. Smiles By Design Orthodontics

Orthodontics is a specialty of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of mispositioned teeth and jaws. The designer has given the image of braces teeth to represent the nature of the business.

Smiles Logo

The brand name appears just below the icon. Out of 192 designs, Jossart took home the winning award. Just like James Rahaim (the client), you can also take graphic design services from our platform and get a catchy, unique, and meaningful logo.

05. The Healthy Mouth Podcast

Though the brand is into mouth care, while posting the contest, the client clearly mentioned that they wanted to have a logo that connects mouth to whole body. It means that they wanted to communicate to the audience that healthy mouth will give you a healthy body.

Mouth Podcast Logo

The designer has fulfilled the requirement perfectly. He has given an image of a happy healthy human body inside the circle (which is the image of an open mouth).

We received 126 designs for the content and all the designs were great. But it was ‘Joy143taha’ who took home the winner award. So, we can say that a happy customer of the health services is the logo inspiration behind this design.

06. NeuroCare

NeuroCare is basically a brand that supports family and friends (“caregivers”) taking care of loved ones who have a malignant brain tumor. The project involves meetings with a psychologist or social worker to help these caregivers cope with this difficult situation.

NeuroCare Logo

Keeping this in mind, the designer created a healthcare logo featuring the image of a brain with the caring hand supporting the brain. The yellow color represents innovation, happiness while the orange color depicts vitality, encouraging.

07. Juneau Family Birth Center

Juneau Family Birth Center is a non-profit organization that is being operated by midwives who provide prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum care to pregnant women in their community. They also provide well-woman care classes on various health topics (mostly pregnancy related) and massage.

Massage therapy stimulates soft tissues to normalize them. To accomplish a successful massage therapy, Massage should be a part of your daily routine, there are many types of massage available which can make your life healthier and happy.

Birth Center Logo

You must be thinking of why a designer has used the image of a tree in a healthcare logo. Well, trees represent physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, union and fertility.

They are also a symbol of beginning, strength, relationships, love, health, and romance. There were 142 entries for the contest. And this logo turned out to be the winner.

08. Medbitz

Medbitz is basically an online platform for doctors to doctors and doctors to patient communication. The client wanted to have a logo that only looks modern but inviting, easy, and effective too. The designer came up with the logo that features the brand name along with the image of a stethoscope.


The brand slogan ‘Modernizing Healthcare Communication’ comes just below the brand name in a beautiful manner. Overall the designer has succeeded in conveying the nature of the business. What do you think?

09. Dr Ramana Raju’s Vision Tree Eye Hospital

The brand is expertise to deal with all kinds of eye problem. While posting the contest, the client mentioned that he wanted to highlight Vision Tree Eye Hospital in the logo design.

Dr Ramana Raju's Vision Tree Eye Hospital

The designer has used the image of a tree with the eye shape to give a visual representation of a brand name. Again, the blue and green color represents professionalism, trust, authority and healthy. Out of 171 entries ‘Bhavesh’ took home the winner award.

10. Muscle Delta Therapy

The brand is into providing muscular therapy with a skilled therapist and robot. The designer chose to have a monogram logotype. ‘MD’ appears in a ‘Tron’ style. An athletic image is there inside the letter ‘D.’ Overall, a bit of tech flavor accompanies the logo. And this is what a client wanted.

Muscle Delta Therapy

11. Global Pain Management

Although the designer chose a wordmark logo type, the creative touch given to the logo makes this healthcare logo stand apart from competitors. The letter ‘O’ in ‘Global’ carries the look of earth. Out of 112 designs, the client chose this design as a winner.

Global Pain Management

12. Restoration Health

Restoration Health helps people reverse disease and regain health by targeting illness from the root. To represent the nature of the business, the designer chose the combination mark logotype. The trunk of the tree comes in the form of a happy and healthy person, and the shape of an apple is there around it.

Restoration Health

The best part of the logo is its typography and the extension of a trunk in the letter ‘O’. To avoid much of the empty space, the designer drew the green line below the brand name. Overall, according to us, this business logo design looks brilliant. Out of 140 entries, this design was also chosen as a winner by the client.

13. Empowering You Therapy LLC

Empowering You Therapy is a mental health private practice that strives to help clients make a change in their lives through empowering them. The client wanted a logo that would be eye-catching, modern, and chic. The icon-based logo clearly serves the purpose and depicts what the brand is all about.

Empowering You Therapy LLC

The negative space used in the icon showcase an individual sitting calmly for a therapy. The brand name is positioned below the icon. The fonts sync perfectly with the brand personality. This healthcare logo is beautifully designed to represent power, positivity, and hope.

14. Dr. Matthew Burnett

The client is into the profession of psychology. He wanted a logo that perfectly relates to the profession. Also, he mentioned that his healthcare logo should be bold, welcoming, and eye-catching. We received 156 designs for the contest, but the client chose ‘Znuj Esilas’ as a winner.

Dr. Matthew Burnett

15. Dr. Aby

Dr. Aby (the business owner) is a psychologist focused mainly on trauma work. To give a unique look to the logo, the designer has created an avatar-like design. The design is simple and clean. It is also evoking a feeling of hope, healing, peace, and empowerment.

Dr. Aby

16. M Esthetica

Clean, classy, and modern- that’s all Michele Panetta wanted in his health logo. The creative typography makes this logo stand apart from its competitors. There were a total of 195 entries to create a logo for this brand, out of which this design turned out to be the winner.

M Esthetica

17. Peterson Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a form of alternative medicine mostly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine.

Peterson Family Chiropractic

The designer has created an image that speaks to the natural healing of the musculoskeletal system. The brand name situates just below the image. Out of 115 designs, ‘Vampire Breath’ took home the winning award.

18. Healthy & Fit After 40

The brand is a global online destination that empowers and inspires women over 40 to break down age barriers, do away with stereotypes and live a healthy and fit life. The client wanted to have a logo for its Facebook page, website, banners, and a live podcast.

Healthy & Fit After 40

He also mentioned that he wanted his logo to look more corporate than casual. The company’s logo captures the brand message perfectly and fulfils the project requirement perfectly.

19. Square In The Eye

This company makes products for the autistic community – for therapists and their patients. The main product helps train kids to give eye contact to adults. The minimalism and smart execution of the idea made this design win the contest.

Square In The Eye

20. Magna Health & Wellness

The brand is into providing health coaching. The designer has used the image of a tree to represent physical nourishment, health, and strength. You must be thinking, why the designer has used the purple color in the image.

Magna Health & Wellness

Well, the purple color reflects spiritual awareness, luxury, truthfulness, and high-quality. We received 193 designs from different professional graphic designers all around the world, and the client chose ‘Sonya’ as a winner.

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Wrapping Up…

Healthcare is one of the biggest industries that keep growing every year. Making a profession in the same industry is a profitable business. But just like every other industry, this industry is also being ruled by big sharks like Medtronic, Cardinal health, HCA healthcare, Anthem and many more. Thus, getting attention and making a mark is not an easy task. It is therefore important to have a meaningful, eye-catchy, and unique logo.

We hope that the above list has inspired you and will help you in creating a great logo for your business. If you require any services related to design, then Designhill should be the single stop for you. The platform lets its users to get connected with thousands of professional designers all around the world.

Check Out Healthcare Logo Ideas

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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