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Most Quirky College T-Shirt Slogans & Designs

by eshley jackson Tweet - in Printshop Basics

College T-Shirt

Last updated on February 18th, 2022

College life is the epitome of creating new fashion styles and statements. And no doubt, casual wear evolves on college campuses. Today, students like experimenting with their style and love to wear t-shirts, streetwear, and athleisure. Every fashion freak knows that the fashion circle is a re-ordering of trend popularity and provides a new fashion platform to surge.

If you are a student, you must be cautious when dressing for college. But it is also a fun place, right! Your best memories often happen from college time.

Today fashion is not limited to looking appealing; it is beyond that. Fashion is a mirror of one’s thoughts, views, and inner qualities. Gen Y and Gen Z don’t believe in hiding and doing nothing for their feelings.

Instead, they flaunt attire the way they love. They speak out their minds through their fashion. That’s why youths are always rule-breakers and new rule-makers.

Below, I’ll list down some quirky, funny t-shirts that I feel are popular campus trends. Though they may seem “new” to you, they are rooted in much more history that you may not even realize.

Here Are The Most Quirky College T-Shirt Slogans & Designs

01. Funny Saying Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

‘Let’s Ruin Some Friendships’ is surely a quirky slogan as no one would like to sour good relations with friends. But here the slogan is about having something unique and unusual in life that your friends may not like. Since the designer used a mobile device figure, it may also mean that these devices are keeping us busy and ruining our relationships.

Let's Ruin Some Friendships Men's T-Shirt

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02. Breath Through It Elephant Unisex Premium Jersey T-Shirt

The t-shirt design has a big elephant figure surrounded by some leaves and text. And, the word beath is in big capital letters to emphasize on it. The designer created the text in thin letters to make the elephant even bigger and also to convey the message boldly.

Breath Through It Elephant Unisex Premium Jersey T-Shirt

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03. Grab A Straw You Suck Women’s Fashion Fit T-Shirt

This t-shirt design has a picture of a tumbler with a straw in red at the center. The text ‘Grab a straw because you suck’ is in small and big size capital letters in black to emphasise on the quirky message. Here, the slogan is taunting someone who is not liked by people for some reason and is asked to chill.

Grab A Straw You Suck Women's Fashion Fit T-Shirt

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04. Introvert Club Admit One Ticket Funny Women’s Fashion Fit T-Shirt

Introverts are habitually lonely people, so having a club is contradictory and quirky. The designers used typography cleverly with the word Club created in bold letters. Then, Admit One is fixed in a box, conveying that I am not sure if any such club can exist and I will not be its member.

Introvert Club Admit One Ticket Funny Women's Fashion Fit T-Shirt

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05. Chemistry Girl A Total Babe Men’s Premium Fitted Cotton T-Shirt

Barium and Beryllium are chemical elements with symbols Ba and Be. This t-shirt design comments on a chemistry girl who looks like she is always lost in her studies. So, she is a babe. The designer created two boxes and some text at the top in green while the rest of the letters are black.

Chemistry Girl A Total Babe Men's Premium Fitted Cotton T-Shirt

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06. Drunk Sleeping Raccoon Men’s Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

This illustration is about a drunk raccoon sleeping, which looks funny and entertaining. The words underneath say ‘Trashed’, which completes the picture. The colors used in the illustration are dim and grey to reflect the state of drunkenness.

Drunk Sleeping Raccoon Men's Ultra Cotton T-Shirt

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07. Stay Weird Sack Monkey Women’s Scoopneck T-Shirt

Sometimes we all want to do some quirky and weird things to break the monotony of life. This t-shirt illustration coneys that excellently with a monkey wearing a paper carry bag. The text also is in uneven thick letters.

Stay Weird Sack Monkey Women's Scoopneck T-Shirt

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08. Friends Not Food Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

The message of this t-shirt illustration is that of vegetarianism and kindness to the animals. NOT FOOD is in huge letters to emphasize the message. The illustrator used light colors of brown and yellow to depict the soft feelings towards the animals.

Friends Not Food Men’s T-Shirt

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09. I’m Better Than The Movie Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

A book is undoubtedly a great source of knowledge and inspiration, and this illustration conveys that message impressively. It is not merely for entertainment like movies. The artist created a large book in red, which dominates the picture. The white and red color scheme makes this illustration attractive.

I'm Better Than The Movie Men’s T-Shirt

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10. No Farmers No Food Women’s T-Shirt

In this illustration, the artist uses a simple way to highlight the importance of farmers in our lives. They grow food that we eat and get nourishment from to be in good health. The three strips in red and green drive our attention toward the message.

No Farmers No Food Women's T-Shirt

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11. Teacher Is A Work Of Heart Men’s Premium T-Shirt

The slogan ‘Teacher is A Work Of Heart’ may not sound quirky, but it wants us to respect teachers who love providing education. They are not merely doing the job for earning but because they like to educate. The designer used a handwritten lettering style to highlight the sophistication of the job.

Teacher Is A Work Of Heart Men's Premium T-Shirt

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12. Too Legit to Quit Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

The t-shirt designer used typography to highlight the message- Too Legit to Quit, meaning that I am on the right side and will not, therefore, quit. There is a touch of red also to drive viewers’ attention toward the slogan.

Too Legit to Quit Men’s T-Shirt

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13. Mount Cleverest Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

There is some wordplay in this t-shirt illustration with Mount Everest twisted as Mount Cleverest, depicting a mountain reading a book. The artist created a goggle-wearing studious mountain-shaped figure, which looks cute and drives our attention to the message of the clever reading.

Mount Cleverest Men’s T-Shirt

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14. Do-not-sleep Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt

The owl figure is a symbol of keeping yourself awake even when others are sleeping. This is an attractive illustration with an excellent combination of typography and an image in the middle.

Unisex Long Sleeve Shirt

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15. COFFEE MY BLOOD TYPE Unisex Organic T-Shirt

Many people are addicted to coffee drinking. This custom t-shirt targets them with a quirky message of ‘My Blood Type Is Coffee’. There is just a brimming cup of coffee, and all the text is in black and bold letters to announce the addiction loudly.

Custom T-shirt

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16. Lady With Robotic Eye Women’s T-Shirt

This t-shirt illustrates a lady with a robotic eye, which implies that women too are now engaged with machine learning and such technical things. The artist used green, purple, and brown colors to create an element of mystery.

Lady With Robotic Eye Women's T-Shirt

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17. Trick-or-Drink-Design Women’s Relaxed Short Sleeve T-Shirt

Instead of the conventional Holloween practice of Trick or Treat, this t-shirt design twisted the phrase to ‘Trick or Drink’, highlighting the addiction to alcohol. The designer used sleek elements in creating the letters and the drinking glass, all in black. It is a neat and clean design.

Trick or Drink Design

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18. Sure..I’m Studying Men’s Baseball 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

The puppy sleeps while parenting to study, a habit that children mostly have when forced to read books. It is undoubtedly an adorable illustration. The use of brown, white, and black colors makes the illustration look unique.

Men's Baseball 3/4 Sleeve T-Shirt

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19. Birthday Keep Calm Quote T-Shirt Design Unisex V-Neck T-Shirt Jersey

It is a fun t-shirt design featuring the quote – I can’t keep calm, it’s my birthday.’ The designer used colorful balloons to depict the festive mood. Bright white colors of bold letters further help make an impression of celebration.

Birthday Keep Calm Quote T-Shirt Design

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20. Weekend Is Loading T-Shirt Design Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt

Most of us wait for the weekend, and this t-shirt design expresses that desire. The lettering is all in the capital, and ‘Loading’ is highlighted in bold to communicate expectations and wait. Dark brown colors are to drive viewers’ attention.

Weekend Is Loading T-Shirt Design

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21. I’m Cool, You’re Not. Artwork For A Funny Cool Cat Men’s Premium T-Shirt

Everyone wishes to look calm and cool, and those who do are proud of their appearance. The artist depicted it by illustrating a fashionable google wearing cat. Yellow and dark brown colors evoke coolness.

Funny Cool Cat Men's Premium T-Shirt

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So, these are some of the most quirky college t-shirt slogans and designs from our collection. But that is not the end of the list.

You can browse for more funny t-shirt designs and illustrations at PrintShop by Designhill. This print-on-demand site has hundreds of fashionwear clothes with trendy and unique illustrations by talented artists worldwide.

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Have you refreshed your memories by seeing these quirky custom t-shirts? You can feel your rebellious inner by trying these weird t-shirts again because if you are a rebel for the right things, then there are no age boundaries. And if your inner rebel also speaks, then you can write those words on your t shirt by a DIY t-shirt maker, such as Designhill. Be young and feel young always. Live life to the fullest!

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