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Multimedia Setting New Trends In Website Design

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Website Design

Website Design

Last updated on February 14th, 2023

A Modern website design has many features to ensure better user-experience. Many such design changes are due to increasing use of multimedia such as social media, mobile phones, Artificial Intelligence, etc. Even colors and fonts are being incorporated in websites keeping multimedia in mind.

Creating a memorable website that functions well on different media is a top concern of modern website designers. There are various media and platforms available today to the users. Your website should be designed in such a way that it meets all the specific design requirements of different media.

Here Is How Multimedia Is Compelling The Designers To Design Websites In A Different Way

01. Making Responsive Websites

People are using mobile devices such as smartphones, and tablets to search for products, services and information. They are also increasingly shopping online after knowing about their choice of products.

This means that those businesses whose websites are not responsive to the small screens of mobile devices are losing huge number of customers. According to Statista “In 2016, 43.6 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 35.1 percent in the previous year.”

Responsive Websites

There is no doubt that the significance of mobile-friendly design of websites is now well established. Taking this trend further, Google is expected to roll out in the first half of 2018, its Mobile First Index, which will further compel business owners to create websites for their mobile device users. Google will soon be ranking the mobile-friendly websites in the search results.

Another website design trend triggered by mobile devices is creation of Accelerated Mobile Page [AMP]. The AMP is an open source coding standard that ensures that the websites loads instantly on mobile. Usually, websites take a lot of time to load on mobile phone but the AMP will eliminate this problem.

The AMP uses external resources and strips down code, and runs scripts in parallel for faster loading of pages. So, to load pages quickly, the AMP has become essential to website designing. After all, no business owner would like to lose potential customers just because of slow loading pages on mobile.

02. Change In Grid Layouts Usage

So far, website designers have been using grid layout to organize the design elements of different web pages. The grid was used to put all the elements together. This helps in giving a theme to each page. In turn, this makes navigating through pages much easier. Therefore, grid layouts were used in the same way by the designers for ages. But now it is changing.

Grid Layouts

The designers now have best website ideas when it comes to using grid layouts. CSS grid gives more options to the designers. Soon, the designers will be using irregular grid layouts and neutral space to create new website design styles that are ultra-modern. Irregular grid layouts are a great help in the use of negative space or whitespace to make the website design stand out.

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03. Use Of Bright Colors Big Fonts

Because of the increasing use of mobile devices, website designers are using bold fonts and bright colors to catch the users’ attention. There is more focus on content if bold font style is used in websites. Many designers find using big fonts along with whitespace element as a combination to make content reading and skimming through much easier. People usually spend couple of seconds on pages. So, use of bold fonts can help catch their attention to some content areas immediately.

Colors and Fonts

Similarly, bright colors are being used frequently to draw the attention of users toward content. In fact, the designers are replacing images with big fonts and bright colors due to mobile devices. Colors are increasingly prefered over images for the reason that images slow down pages.

On the other hand, if you scale up the size of your fonts or brighten up the colors, there is no adverse impact of it on loading of pages. This is the reason that the designers are avoiding the use of large buttons and clickable images. Instead, they are are using large typographic expressions in graphic design services.

04. Extensive Use Of Video

Though content/text is still the king, videos have replaced website content to some extent due to increasing competition to grab viewers attention. Use of videos has also increased for making the information interesting and fascinating. Multimedia has found favors with the website designers also to make websites look innovative and modern.


The focus is on the visual impact produced by videos and images. Website owners are incorporating multimedia frequently and the trend is likely to stay for a long time. If you are looking for great website design for your business website, you can rely on crowdsourcing platforms such as Designhill where thousands of registered professional designers work on design contests.

Website design

05. More Use Of Micro-Interactions

A modern website incorporates social media networks, which are using micro-interactions frequently. A purpose of these interactions is to help users give their reactions to messages, posts and other content in varied ways. So, they can ‘like’ the post as they have been doing so far. But, they can now can react in different ways such as using animated hearts when liking a private Facebook message.

website designing

Such increasing use of micro-interactions is also useful for instant interaction without any need to load the page once again. It is contrary to the traditional user experience of static websites in which the users were supposed to reload pages to take a new action.

So, if they wanted to submit a review, they were required to reload the page. This caused the users to bounce away from the page. Due to this, business owners would lose many potential customers. Considering this, now most of the modern website designs have the use of micro-interactions in the web pages. This is helping the users in communicating with the website in real-time.

06. Scrolled Animation

Websites are having scrolled animations so that users can keep on scrolling down web pages. But when scrolling, users come across with interactive elements. It is because of these elements that a better user engagement can be ensured. The designers are incorporating these triggered animation in varied ways. Most of these animations are strategically created in a minimalistic style on most websites, including a progressive web app.

website designs

A purpose here is to increase conversions. It is because of scrolled triggered animations that website designs have become much cleaner and have a great feel. Also, note that these animations have replaced many buttons and menus in web pages.

07. Scrolling From Bottom

Another change that we notice in website designs is that in mobile devices, specially smartphones, users are now able to scroll from the bottom of the screen. They can navigate a mobile app design by clicking on the bottom of their mobile phones.

website designs

Now, website developers want to create sticky menu items that can scroll from the bottom of mobile screens of mobile phone. So far, most of these scrolls were designed to function for top to bottom scrolling. This design evolution comes forth mainly due to progressive web apps that are known for user-friendly functionality.

08. Artificial Intelligence

Another thing to note when creating a memorable website is that you add some elements of Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is another key thing that is triggering new changes in website designs. Machine learning and artificial intelligence were once rare but these have now become mainstream. Some new developments in the field of AI gives us indication of the changes web design is going to take place.

Artificial Intelligence

There are AI assistance such as Siri now widely available to most of devices today. Google’s AlphaGo AI beat a trained and skillful human Go player in 2016. After that AI gained importance and was seen as useful for many functions.

Now, Abode’s Sensei is thinking of providing AI tools to web developers. It is to be noted that The Grid is already providing AI-based web designs from 2014. In the coming years, AI and machine learning will be responsible for many website design trends.

09. Vector Graphics

Scalable vector graphics are also a factor in determining the way website designs are created. The vectors have been in use but it is expected that the new graphic formats will replace the old ones such as GIF, PNG and JPG. An advantage of scalable vector graphics is that these are vector images and not pixels.

Vector Graphics

An advantage of scalable vector graphics is that they are not an impediment in page speed as they are not images. This means that websites can have many such vector graphics in animation form. Still, these vector graphic will have not slow down website loading speed. The designers will have SVGs incorporated in website to ensure better multimedia experience for users.

10. Blending Of Web And App

Website designers are using the best features of web and app, and merging them to create websites in a new way. This use of both these mediums is now called progressive web app. The designers are now upgrading websites with new elements such as push notifications, splash screens, and animated page transitions.

website design

Many websites are providing apps that the users can access just with a click. In the coming days, such use of apps in website designing will continue to rise. One of the advantages of progressive web app is that no additional installation is required in a browser tab. The app incorporate with website design is loaded quickly and it sends relevant push notifications.

These are some of the key ways multimedia is triggering new changes in website design. Are you also looking for a website design with these new features and trends? Crowdsourcing sites like Designhill can help you create your website.

Launch your web design contest with this platform and many talented designers will response with their unique design ideas. You can get unique website as per your design brief at an affordable price. With Designhill your risks are nil as the site has 100% Money Back Guarantee policy.

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Multimedia is surely determining how website designs will look like and what new useful features will be included. Mobile devices, social media, and other channels are triggering the changes in web designs. Responsive website for mobile phone is an example. Many sites now have a combination of web and app designs.

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