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10 Must-Follow Creative Typography Trends Of 2023

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Typography

Typography Trends

Graphic designers always look forward to creating different, fresh, and exciting design work. But the most used fonts and previous typography trends become too obvious and do not help to catch viewers’ attention anymore. So, designers break away from the conventional use of elements. This is the reason that creative designers keep a tab on what new use of fonts and styles are emerging up. In this post, you’ll read must-follow creative typography trends of 2023

There is hardly a piece of commercial design work that can be accomplished without using typography. Right from logos to brochures, signboards, billboards, websites, and everything you see around mostly comprises of text. But, there is strategic thinking behind the use of typography that you see around physically or digitally. The designers use fonts strategically to reflect a brand’s personality. They pick suitable fonts to convey a message to the target audience of businesses.

What is Typography?

Typography is the art of arranging text in a particular way that the designer thinks is best suited to convey a brand message and personality. The main aim of using typography is to make a chunk of text legible and visually appealing to the readers.

However, due to the creative use of typefaces and fonts, there are many styles of typography prevailing in the design world. The designers use typography to not just to experiment with various design ideas but also to bring the text to life.

With the extensive use of typography from decades ago to modern times, there are many typography terms used by designers today. These terms include font/typeface, serif, sans serif, baseline, cap line, leading, kerning, X-height, stroke, foot, descend, ascend, and dozens of more.

Modern-day designers can access a wide range of typefaces. They can get free fonts with the help of typography generators for free. With plenty of font choices to make, a designer can pick the most suitable font to create unique visual identities for brands.

Why is Typography important?

Modern designers use typography in various ways. This has even given rise to different new trends emerging in the use of typefaces and fonts. But why the designers rely so much on typography?

Here Are Some Of The Key Reasons:

i. Convey A Brand Message And Personality

The designers understand that creative use of fonts can bring a typography design to life. But they pick a particular font to reflect a brand’s personality. For instance, a rock music band’s logo is usually in big and bold letters to represent their loud music and bold personality of the band.

Similarly, a web page to sell toys will have comic fonts. A company that boasts of being a very old brand is likely to use classical typography, and so on.

ii. Stand Out From The Crowd

Typography also helps brands stand out from their competitors. Just use a different typeface or font in a unique way in your logo, website, etc, and your brand will look different from your competitors.

iii. Build A Solid Brand Recognition

Typography is an ideal tool in the hands of graphic designers to build brand recognition. People start associating the use of a particular font with a brand in advertisements, logos, websites, etc. This association helps in recognizing a brand immediately amid the crowd of visual identities.

iv. Influence Buying Decisions

A creative use of typography can even compel potential customers to make buying decisions. This is because of the strategic use of typefaces on a web page, typography logo, and other marketing materials. When the design perfectly conveys a brand message and personality, it wins the customers’ trust and confidence in a brand. That ultimately leads to the customer making up the mind to buy products or services from the company.

However, merely using a typeface in graphic design will not yield the desired results. To convey a brand message, you must first be aware of the new trends developing in typography. The new trends indicate the changing preferences and mood of people at present. Therefore, designers take into account the emerging typography trends while creating a range of designs for a brand.

So, Here Are The Key Typography Trends That You Should Follow In 2023

01. Hand-drawn Fonts

Hand-drawn fonts are increasingly being used by graphic designers in order to stand out. For the last many years, the use of the handwritten style of fonts was restricted only to brands of a few businesses and industries. But now it has made a comeback with a vengeance. Many hand-drawn fonts are available online today than ever before.

Hand-drawn Fonts

Amongst hand-drawn fonts, the ones with grungy edges and bold lines are more in demand. These fonts can be easily used with watercolor textures and foil. Another reason for the popularity of such fonts is that these are irreplaceable to create feminine designs.

02. Serifs Make A Comeback

Serifs are the fonts that have an extra little stroke on the characters. So far, these fonts were mostly used only to express the formal environment of a business or government offices. But the designers are now using these fonts as typographic design ideas frequently and practically everywhere.

Serifs Make A Comeback

Many web projects are using serifs. But these fonts are appearing in many lettering styles with thicker strokes. To make words readable, the designers are leaving enough space between the two serif letters. You can see the designers experimenting with serifs by outlining them and using space to make them unique.

03. Outlining Of Fonts

Many webpages have used fonts with an outline to make it look outstanding. This is the trend fast picking up with the designers. Mostly, the outlined fonts are sans serif typefaces and in all caps text. These fonts are often paired with filled lettering. You will also find that the text elements are oversized. Such use of the outlined fonts is mostly in the hero area of webpages.

Outlining Of Fonts

While outlining your fonts, make sure that the letters do not lose their impact due to background images used in the webpages. Therefore, consider placement, color, and contrast when outlining fonts.

04. Left-aligned Typography

Graphic designers are now left-aligning text in order to make it readable and elegant. They take the left-aligned text as a single element. Many web pages have such an alignment of more lines and words. This gives a feeling of the bigger text.

Left-aligned Typography

But besides text, the designers are aligning other elements such as brand name to the left. You can also notice that even call to action buttons also appear as left-aligned on the same page.

05. Rounded And Simple Sans Serif

In 2023, graphic designers are using rounded sans serif typefaces that are visible when you take a closer look at the fonts. Rounded sans serif as new typography ideas is gaining popularity this year as these are simple and readable fonts. Moreover, these fonts are versatile and flexible when it comes to using them with other design elements across different projects.

Rounded And Simple Sans Serif

06. Glitchy Text Effects

Many projects have used fonts that look glitchy. This is mainly to add an element of fun to the overall typography art. The designers are adopting such fonts under the influence of Tik Tok.

Glitchy Text Effects

However, such use of font makes it almost unreadable. But the main aim is to use the glitchy effect as an art element to stand out. You can find many websites using the glitchy text in the hero header.

07. Animation Of Fonts

Kinetic typography is steadily picking up as a trend as an element to look different and catch viewers’ attention. Many design projects have used letters that are shown up with movements. The main purpose of the use of animated typography is to make the design more interactive. The designer wants to give users a rich experience while viewing the design.

Animation Of Fonts

But consider the speed carefully in creating the animation. If the movement of the letters is too fast, the viewers can miss the message. In case the letters’ movement is too slow, viewers are likely to click away without getting the message.

08. Color Fonts Are Back

The designers have brought back color fonts to the fore in different projects. Most websites and other projects have already used color fonts for the past few months. This may be a reaction to the overused black and white text previously in the minimalist style of designs. You can also come across with many projects that have color typography to ensure the extra visual effect.

Color Fonts Are Back

Bright options, such as the red in the example, help draw the eye and serve as a great springboard for messaging, building brand identity, and drawing users into the design.

09. Highlighted Style Of Lettering

The highlighting of lettering is a comparatively new trend that is steadily picking up in 2023. The designers’ intent in adopting this style is to lay emphasis on an element and its message. There are many variants of this style currently prevailing. You can see simple highlights that the designers use for separating letters from the background.

Highlighted Style Of Lettering

Animated highlights are also amongst the most used style. By highlighting some words, the designers want to draw viewers’ attention to the message at first glance. However, this trend should preferably be used for a short block of text.

10. Image Over Text

One of the most visible creative typography trends of 2023 is images appearing over text. It also has caught the designers’ attention fast. Most website designs now have the text that has colorful images over it. This is a new technique from the designer to showcase an image right in the text while the viewer is glancing at the bold letters on the top side of a web page. Also, it helps create a visual effect.

Image Over Text

So, these are the main typography design trends that the designers are preferring while creating a wide range of designs. But you should pick these trends carefully depending on the brand message you wish to convey.

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Wrapping Up

In 2023, many website design and other projects have come up with new trends in the use of typography. The designers are experimenting with the new typography ideas to make a design stand out and drive viewers’ attention. These trends include left-alignment of text, use of hand-written fonts, serif fonts, rounded sans serif, color fonts, and highlighting of letters.

Get Your Typography Design Ideas

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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