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5 Must-Follow TikTok Tricks To Step Like A Pro With LDPlayer

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Social Media

must-follow TikTok Tricks

Last updated on March 23rd, 2023

TikTok is a tremendous app that has become so famous for video sharing. Undoubtedly, it has been number one on the whole internet so far. If you are one of the TikTokers or wannabe a TikToker looking to shine like a pro, then this post is a must-read for you. In this post, we have shared the must-follow TikTok tricks that you can use like a pro with the help of an LDPlayer. Have a look!

Although there is more competition towards all the video-sharing apps, TikTok has made its significant place into the highest for the modern times.

It has a unique interface of the platform that lets its users create 15 seconds videos to create multiple viewers at a glance.

On the other hand, LDPlayer is the lightest android emulator to enjoy mobile apps on PC that lets the user have a more excellent user experience with whatever you choose to enjoy or create.

Despite YouTube, TikTok is the most viral video uploading platform these days. Although many users create videos by this app, some of the users only install this app to watch other TikTok videos.

But, if you are a content creator on this fantastic platform, you might be interested in having some valuable tips and tricks to boost your user experience.

So, Let’s Find Out The Best Hacks To Use This Fantastic App And A Pro Tip To Be Followed

01. Hiding Your Personal Choices

All of the users in this TikTok app can visit your profile, and even they can see what videos you have liked so far. If you are a person who has high standards for your privacy, this visualization may be trouble for you.

You might not likely show others what you liked on the TikTok platform. Some people are okay with this issue but we expect all to be the same.

Privacy Settings

So, there is a trick on TikTok to have your all-alone privacy, and it will help you have better privacy with its settings. Go to the settings of the app and tap on the privacy and safety button you see.

You can see the app asking you to select the ones you like to show your liked videos. Set this option as only me. If you set this option for just me, it puts a lock icon on your favorite tabs.

This means that now you are the only one who can see your most liked videos, and no other can see it anymore.

02. Removing Unwanted Videos

TikTok is a large platform, and there are so many creators in it from all over the world. So, there are so many goods and poorly filled in this platform. You can never expect it to have only good ones because the world is different.

You can’t assure you have the very best content on your page and in the recommendations.

Digital WellBeing

As this might be a huge problem to all, there is a simple yet effective method to have the good ones on TikTok. There is a restricted mode to enable in this app, and it will control the bad you see on this platform.

Open your app and tap on the button where you see “Me.” Then there is a way to go to the menu by clicking the three dots, and please tap on the option “Digital Wellbeing.” It is under the general settings.

Now you can see a restricted mode to turn on, and by doing so, you will only see the filtered content on your FYP page.

And this option will filter all the inappropriate contents from your recommendations and feed by hiding them all. By doing the same steps, you can also disable this mode.

When you tap the three-dot button on a video, TikTok takes steps to avoid such content for your FYP page by tapping the not attractive option. That is because you are not interested.

Removing Unwanted Videos

03. TikTok Logins

If you ever logged into our TikTok account from someone else’s phone and forgot to log out, it may cause serious privacy issues for real. This is a troubled face by many users, and don’t worry.

Now you can manage your trusted devices to log in with your TikTok account. There you can easily select the list of devices you rely on with your account.

Go to the “Me” button. After that, select your manage my account option. And there you are going to see an option that says you as security.

You have to click it. In here, you will see a complete list of devices where your account has been logged in, and it is your time to remove unwanted devices from this list.

04. Changing Language

TikTok comes officially in the English language. Not every one of us is fluent in English, and it may be challenging for people like them to gain the best user experience with only the language of English.

So, now there is an exciting way to change the language on your recommended content for your ease. So, it makes your user experience more personalized than ever.

You can change the app’s language by tapping on the “Me” button. There are three dots of buttons in there, and you can select the option for content preferences.

There will be shown a button to add your language and tap on it to choose your most preferred language for the content.

Now, you begin to see the new recommendations of videos based on your selected language on the app. But, there are some situations where you see other language videos, so it must need some improvements for these features on TikTok.

05. Using Songs From Other Videos

One of the most common problems we face is not knowing how to insert your favorite music into your video despite duetting it from another video. Now, you can individually add your favorite music to your video without duets. You will also notice that songs and videos from other sources will increase your followers considerably.

Go to the sound you want and tap the icon, which seems like a disc on the screen. It will be seen on the right corner, and tap the button to use this sound on the next page.

After doing this, you can see the Tik Tok recording screen, and your favorite sound will be played accordingly. Use this sound for lip-syncing or to create some unique, creative videos as well.

Pro Tip: TikTok With LDPlayer

If you are searching for new ways to have the best creativity on TikTok and share your most iconic moments, the strength for using this app on pc will give an excellent user experience.

You can now download TikTok on PC rather than using a small amount of storage on your phone to enjoy it. Using it on a PC will allow you to have a more excellent user experience with great functions.

LD Player

If you use this app on LDPlayer, you can record each of your TikTok videos on your PC by saving a lot of space on your mobile device. There are no more worries about having less storage space on your mobile, and it is going to save a lot of data plans you have in advance.

Using TikTok on LDPlayer is the best way to connect with every creator around the world Tik Tok. And what’s with the editing. It is much easier than anything you see.

Another helpful tip is to get your followers increasing to eliminate competition.

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Use these brilliant hacks to improve your user experience with TikTok by LDPlayer, and there is no more way to use it on mobile devices. Have the best features by using the android emulator LDPlayer and have the best features to get a better user experience.

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