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Top 25 Must-Follow YouTube Channels For Artists

by Designhill Tweet - in Artist

Must-Follow YouTube Channels For Artists

Last updated on January 31st, 2023

Artists are creative warriors. These warriors always need to gear up with new creative ideas that can help them stand out in the crowd. Along with that, they look for ways to learn the latest hacks and techniques to execute their creative plans using software and other means. Today, art creation is much more complex due to the involvement of technology and competition. So, how can they keep themselves updated? Where can they find the best resources to learn and execute their creative ideas? The answer is YouTube. Here, we present the list of 25 must-follow YouTube channels for artists that can help them to create impressive art pieces and learn how to market them.

While art is all about creativity, it is also a way for artists to earn their livelihood. They can carve out a great rewarding career out of their skills if they keep in mind to execute some basics of running a business.

Therefore, today’s artists don’t only have to acquire skills but turn it into a successful business. To sell your art, you need to have a good sense of marketing and running a business successfully.

Many platforms are active today to help artists in their endeavor to create something mesmerizing and earning from it. They can visit different community forums of artists to discuss their issues. Then, there are blogs from renowned artists to read.

But, YouTube channels are still the best resource for all artists to learn new tricks, tactics, and techniques. You can take the help of YouTube channel art templates to create eye-catching channel art for YouTube channel that will generate more clicks to your channel.

An advantage of videos accessed at YouTube channels for artists, for instance, is that they can learn it all directly from expert designers. They can see the renowned designers working and sharing their experience.

But there are hundreds of YouTube channels available to the artists, which makes picking a few of them a bit difficult. So, we decided to lighten your burden of picking a few channels.

Here Are Our Top Must-Follow YouTube Channels For Artists

01. Designhill

Designhill runs one of the most popular and must-follow YouTube channels for artists such as illustrators and sketching artists, besides graphic designers.

The marketplace is already an established and leading creative platform for business owners and designers. These two communities come together at this marketplace to create art and design works for brand promotion.

For artists, the Designhill YouTube channel has plenty of videos covering various aspects of art and its business side. You can find videos on a wide range of arts such as lettering, illustration, patterns, doodling, and sketches.

With these video tutorials and experts sharing their experience, you can polish your skills. Also, get tips on drawing, Founder X series, painting, and visual art challenges from experts in the fields.

Subscription to this channel will give you regular access to webinars, AMAs, and panel discussions on different art topics. You will also learn about the new developments happening in the art world from renowned artists.

For inspiration and motivation, you can get access to series like Creative Spirit and Pro Tips where artists from the global community share their experiences, struggles and hacks to overcome your creative block and other challenges.

Video Example:


02. Michael Pavlovich

Michael Paviovich is amongst the must-follow YouTube channels for artists to learn small tricks and tips. This channel mainly teaches you about the different aspects of sculpting and its software.

You will learn how to handle ZBrush, which is a daunting task for beginners. Even seasoned artists can find this platform useful to update their knowledge about the new tools and development in the art fields.

Video Example:


03. Art Café

If you are looking for a resource that emphasizes the art itself and not on software, then Art cafe is your must-follow YouTube channel for artists. It lets you have the vital information regarding the art, art industry, and an insight into the life of an artist.

The host Maciej Kuciara focuses on discussing various issues related to the art industry with experts who share their experience.

Video Example:


04. Sycra

Sycra is your ideal YouTube channel when searching for lessons to learn art skills and concepts. This platform also focuses on concept art and drawing. You will access a wide variety of materials, including podcasts, video lessons, paintlovers, and tutorials on specific art topics.

Video Example:


05. Proko

Proko is a popular and must-follow YouTube channel for artists as a platform to access a vast amount of information about art. Both beginners and experienced artists can depend on this source for a new painting and drawing skills.

You get an insight into the art world through interviews with experts. The channel is surely a home to learn conventional and new painting tricks and tips.

Video Example:


06. Blender Guru

Blender Guru is laden with video tutorials, information, and tips on different art skills, techniques, and topics. You will have tips from experts through interviews with them.

The host Andrew Price of the channel has this ability to explain tricks and art techniques in clear terms. Subscribe this channel for a series of interviews, which is highly recommended to digital artists.

Video Example:


07. CGMA

CG Masters Academy is the channel dedicated to teaching the skills regarding 2D and 3D design. This is surely a useful YouTube channel for designers who need to learn new skills. You will learn two and three-dimensional design techniques through a series of interviews with expert designers and video tutorials.

Video Example:


08. Fine Art Tips | Drawing Tutorials

Fine Art Tips is surely amongst the must-follow YouTube channels for artists to access plenty of useful drawing tutorials. The channel host Leonardo Pereznieto is an artist who has exhibited his work across many galleries and museums in the world.

He has delivered dozens of lectures on art and drawing. The channel is full of video tutorials on how-to-draw different objects.

Video Example:


09. The Art Assignment | Art Videos

The Art Assignment is a digital studio hosted by Sarah Green who is a curator. The channel is an ideal place to meet with the artists. The Playlist at this channel includes Paint With Art Assignments, Art Assignments for Self Quarantine, Craft Textile and Fabric Assignments, and All Visual Art Assignments. You will access one new video every week, besides hundreds of old video tutorials.

Video Example:


10. The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art has over 200,000 mesmerizing artworks that include sculptures, painting, design, drawings and prints, photography, architecture, media, and performance.

This is one of the must-follow YouTube channels for artists who look for inspiration and creative ideas. This channel is your resource in one place to find the world’s best collection of modern art. You get five new videos per month.

Video Example:


11. Google Art Project

Google Art Project is one channel where you can discover a variety of exhibitions. You access a great collection from museums and archives. In this way, this channel also becomes a reservoir of art history and masterpieces from across the world.

This site is your resource for inspiration and creative ideas. You will access 7 new videos every week besides all those collections of old art videos.

Video Example:


12. Creative Art

Creative Art is another huge source of inspirational and tutorial videos to learn basic and advanced drawing techniques. A professional artist and YouTuber Nilima Mistry runs this channel, especially to teach painting, craft, and DIYs. You will learn to make paintings, decors, and crafts in easy steps. So, get ready with bulk colored pencils to learn the art from this channel.

Video Example:

13. Stuart Davies

Stuart Davies is an oil painter who specializes in creating illusionary details in the painting. That is why his introductory video is called The Illusion of Detail. The channel teaches you the techniques to create an illusion in paintings without using the best tools.

You can create paintings using house painter’s brushes even on plywood, and you will learn how to paint brooding landscapes and dramatic clouds.

Video Example:


14. Draw Paint Repeat Channel

You should subscribe to this one of the must-follow YouTube channels for artists to learn oil and watercolor painting. The channel deals with the painting of different scenarios such as night scenes, dramatic landscapes, compositions, and portraits.

You will also learn a lot about digital drawing devices and how to prepare for a painting event and setting up a field pack when you want to go for drawing on location.

Video Example:


15. Animal Art by LAW

Animal Art by Law is amongst must-follow YouTube channels for artists interested in creating artwork based on colored pencils. Lisa runs this channel to showcase her skills in creating wildlife art and pet portraits. Her series of “Behind the Studio Doors” videos is particularly interesting as she takes you to the artists’ studios to know their art journey.

Video Example:


16. Bonny Snowdon

Bonny Snowdon teaches you how to create amazing art using colored pencils. She teaches you to make animal portraits. Her channel has plenty of demonstration videos on topics such as drawing a horse’s eye or a dog’s nose. She also does tutorial videos that are highly useful, and you can take inspirations also from these resources.

Video Example:


17. Lachri Fine Art

Lachri Fine Art is Texas-based artist Lisa Clough’s multi-media channel. She is known for her weekly live streams to art-making and chats with viewers. You will get instructions on creating artworks at this channel, besides a lot of encouragement and inspiration. Her struggle to succeed as an artist is particularly inspiring. Subscribe to this channel for tons of painting tips and techniques.

Video Example:


18. Andrew Tischler

Andrew Tischler is an oil painter who works with different techniques to create painting portraits, pastorals, animals, and mountains. His is one of the must-follow YouTube channels for artists to learn new techniques and skills to practice sketching.

The channel also features interviews with artists and lets you access a lot of videos on the use of painting mediums and varnishing oil paintings.

Video Example:


19. U.V.N. Art

Yushkevich Viktor Nikolaevich is a Russian realist painter who paints landscapes. This surely one of the must-follow YouTube channels for artists when you want to get inspiration to create real-life landscapes.

You will be amazed by the painted landscapes that look like a photograph. But you can also visit this channel for surrealist paintings. You also learn how to create effects such as light falling on water, foliage, and glistening grass.

Video Example:


20. Feng Zhu FZD

The FZD channel has plenty of video tutorials to give you useful tips on creativity. Feng works on concept art and runs a concept art school. You can have his podcasts and run them while you are working on your art pieces. He also launches Gnomon DVDs to teach the fundamentals of art.

Video Example:


21. Mary Doodles

Visit this channel if you are interested in creating doodles. You will enjoy seeing Mary Doodles draw and paint to have a get an insight into how artists create. Besides doodles, this site has a lot of video tutorials to educate you on different topics such as how-to ink and how to draw shadows.

Video Example:


22. PBS Idea Channel

PSB Idea Channel is amongst the must-follow channels for artists to understand culture and art. This channel is dedicated to knowing the visual culture considering the importance of visuals in our life. Since art is an idea, this channel becomes inevitable for artists.

Video Example:


23. Art of Wei

Wei is an artist who runs this channel to offer specific tutorials to draw portraits, cartoons, figures, facial features, and many more. The videos at this site show trained artists while they create artworks, and you learn by watching them at work.

Video Example:


24. Bobby Chiu

Bobby Chiu has generic and inspirational videos. You will also come across lengthy interviews with renowned and professional artists. This channel also features tutorials in advanced art topics.

Video Example:


25. Circle Line Art School

If you are looking for some tutorial videos on different fundamental topics, Circle Line Art School is among the must-follow YouTube channels for artists. It is your free teaching resource full of pragmatic advice.

Video Example:


Bonus YouTube Channel:

If you are looking for hacks and tools that can help you to create various designs and artworks, Madapakasana, is perfect choice to follow YouTube channels for artists. Being an artist himself, the creator shares his experience and various hacks and tools that he uses to create amazing designs through videos.

Video Example:


Use these platforms to find not just inspiration but also get basic and advanced skills and art techniques. You will access tons of tips. Besides these channels for artists, you should also visit YouTube channels for marketers as you would like to take your art to clients to sell.

If you are an artist, Designhill has got a dedicated art site called PrintShop for you. PrintShop by Designhill is a print-on-demand platform where you can not only create your art but sell it at a profitable price. Just start your online store at this site and sell your artworks such as illustrations, doodles, sketches, etc.

Wrapping Up

Artists need inspiration and skills all the time to face new challenges of creativity. The top must-follow YouTube channels for artists are handy resources when artists look for motivational artworks. But these channels are huge resources also to learn basic and advanced skills to create a variety of amazing art pieces.

Follow Designhill YouTube Channel

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