Top 21 Must-Have Funny T-Shirts

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T-shirts, one of the most comfortable and popular wardrobe staples, are worn on every occasion and by everyone. They’re a perfect outfit for every gender and age group. However, this evergreen outfit has been changing with the wave of fashion. They have become more colorful, funny, and vibrant. Whether it’s a quote or graphic, without having funny t-shirts, your wardrobe is incomplete.

Those were the days when people loved to wear plain and simple tees. But today, they are obsolete, and boring. Graphic design has taken the t-shirt industry by storm. A funny t-shirt works as a great icebreaker on so many occasions.

It can give people around you a laughter ride because everyone loves humor, isn’t it? Thanks to online stores and custom marketplaces that enable everyone to create their funny t-shirts with the help of just a few clicks.

Whether you are a skilled designer or non-designer, the online custom t-shirt design marketplace helps everyone design their funny t-shirt.

How to pick a funny t-shirt – the best fit?

A t-shirt is not just casual wear but also your style statement. So, even when choosing a t-shirt with a funny message, make sure that it suits best to your personality.

You Can Also Consider These Tips:

  • Choose The Right Size – When buying funny t-shirts, they should fit your body well, neither too tight nor too loose or baggy. So, as a general rule, those who have an athletic body should opt for a tight-fitting tee as it hugs the body and reveals its muscular shape. Those with extra weight can look for loose tees that are not oversized.
  • Consider Shoulder Seams and Sleeves – Pay attention to the shoulder seam. It should align well with your should ends. The sleeves should be either up to halfway or further down.
  • Check The Length – The length of the tee should ideally be a bit below your waistband and should not go down the hips.
  • Think Of Collar and Neckline – Choose V-neckline or crew neckline carefully as it suits your personality. The crew neckline looks great on a slender neck, while the v-neckline is suitable for a less formal look and adds visual interest to the tee.

To Tickle Everyone’s Funny Bone, Here Are Top 21 Handpicked Funny T-Shirts That Make You Say, “We Need Them All!”

01. Flamingo Social Distancing Men’s Premium T-Shirt 

In these pandemic times, social distancing is the norm of the day, and it has become part of our sense of humor. This t-shirt depicts the funny side of social distancing with a crane asking the other one to keep distance.

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02. I Love My Job Only When I’m On Vacation Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt 

This t-shirt is about our typical tendency to not enjoy work or vacation fully. So, when on vacation, we think of our office job, while when working, we think of taking a few days off from the routine. This typography-based design conveys its message nicely in a funny way.

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03. Grab Straw You Suck Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

Another funny t-shirt preaches avoiding people who are not helpful to others and talking unnecessarily. It is better to grab something to drink rather than spend time with such people.

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04. Single And Disease Free! Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

This t-shirt says something about married life in a lighter way. People enjoy life the most when unmarried as they are usually free of the responsibility of a family sarcastically.

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05. Quarantine Gains Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt 

Everybody was staying at home during the pandemic, and lack of outdoor activities has resulted in many people gaining weight. This t-shirt shows a fat cat sitting on a couch.

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06. Chicken Nugs and Mama Hugs Women’s Fashion Fit T-Shirt 

Chicken Nugs and Mama Hugs t-shirt depict that only two things are what we like chicken nug, which we eat when hungry, and the other is an affectionate hug from mother. So, the t-shirt depicts our emotions more lightly.

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07. Pizza Fixes Everythin’ (black) Kids Premium T-Shirt 

Many people are food lovers, and if they get something to eat of their liking, such as pizza, they find a way to resolve their issues, if any. This t-shirt design is a combination of typography and a pizza illustration.

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08. Boo-Bees Men’s Premium T-Shirt 

This t-shirt shows two bees in sad and happy moods. It is a simple t-shirt design and funnily sends its message.

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09. I Am Single! Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt 

The t-shirt design says, ‘I am single’ but says it sarcastically that the reason for it is that he has a boyfriend. The wearer is fed up with explaining why he is single and deflects the queries he says he has a boyfriend. That is a typical answer to such questions.

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10. Funny Artwork Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt 

This is another funny t-shirt about a noodle lover who always seeks more noodles. A big bowl of noodles designed nicely in blue and yellow makes this t-shirt attractive.

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11. Animal & Pet Women’s Relaxed Short Sleeve T-shirt 

What do cats think when they see us people? As per the artist, they perhaps hate us, and this t-shirt depicts that funnily. This is 100% combed and ring-spun cotton.

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12. Back To School Women’s T-Shirt 

Most of us want to get involved in entertainment activities more often and less with formal things like going to school daily. This t-shirt with the slogan ‘Born to play video games forced to go to school’ expresses that desire to play games and enjoy life.

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13. Funny Saying 9 Unisex Organic T-Shirt 

This t-shirt illustrates broccoli, the vegetable, as Bruce Lee, the martial art icon. It sends a message of going natural in your selection of food. The t-shirt also is made of all-natural organic cotton.

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14. If All Else Fails, Then Ctrl Alt Del Unisex Premium Jersey T-shirt 

This t-shirt design conveys its message of restarting the things in life by using computer keyboard buttons Ctrl+Alt+Del. When these buttons are pressed combinedly, it takes you back to the options to resolve any computer-related issues while using it to do your work. So, the message is that when nothing is working in life, reboot it.

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15. FRIDAY Men’s Long Sleeve T-shirt 

People who are busy working throughout the week enjoy the most at the weekend and want to re-energize themselves. So, often, Friday evening is most welcome by the drinkers. This custom long sleeve t-shirt expresses why they wait for Friday.

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16. Quote T-shirt Design Men’s Premium T-Shirt 

Some people find excuses for their failure or fewer efforts they put into the job at hand. This t-shirt design has ‘I was born genius, but education ruined me’ written on it and is poking fun at such people.

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17. SOCIAL DISTANCING! Unisex Eco T-shirt 

Social distancing is primarily the subject of fun and jokes during these days of the pandemic crisis. This t-shirt says, ‘if you can read this, you are too close.’ The t-shirt is made of recycled material and organic cotton.

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18. COFFEE MY BLOOD TYPE Unisex Organic T-Shirt 

Are you a coffee addict? If so, you can choose to wear this t-shirt design with a slogan – My blood type is coffee. The design is simple, with only bold typography and a cup of brewing coffee.

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19. Gamer not a player funny, cute gift for Games lover Youth Short Sleeve T-Shirt 

This tee is designed especially for gamers who stand out from field games players. The t-shirt proudly displays -gamer, not a player, meaning that the gamer should not be mistaken for an ordinary player and be respected for being different. It is a 100% combed and ring-spun cotton t-shirt.

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20. Antisocial earth retro cartoon t-shirt Unisex Organic T-Shirt 

Environmental concerns move all of us, and this is the fitting t-shirt to wear to show solidarity with such issues. The t-shirt impersonates earth, complaining that it is an excellent globe, but humans have polluted it badly.

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21. In The Cookie Of Life Friends Are Like Chocolate Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt 

Wear this t-shirt to highlight the importance of close friends in life as they support you in happiness and distress. The slogan ‘In the cookie of life friends are like chocolate’ is a nice slogan to wear when emphasizing the role of friends in shaping up your life.

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So, these are the funny t-shirts you can buy and wear to spread your message in your typical way. People will enjoy seeing these funny t-shirts with such slogans.

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