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10 Must-Have Free Online Business Tools

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Business Branding

Online Business Tools

Last updated on April 19th, 2023

Today, businesses are not running the way they were years back. With the ever advancement of technology, everything from inception to operating has drastically changed. Most business processes are controlled and managed by software and tools. The technology has transformed the entire business eco-system. They not only make businesses more efficient and productive but also lower the production/operation costs.

The market is flooded with several online business tools for each process. Picking them wisely can go a long way in the overall success of your business. An intelligent tool takes your burden off by streaming things and improving services. So software or tools selection for your business is one of the most crucial business decisions you take.

It’s all about how you choose, skillfully you utilize the tool, and how it supports to improve your day to day process. Multiple free and affordable online business tools can meet your requirements and make your life easy.

Whether you are starting a new venture or just revamping your existing brand, having many online business tools can always pop up as a game-changing resource and are worth your while. But is finding those time-saving, life-changing business tools a challenging task? Naah! We have made your job easy.

Here, We’ve Compiled Some Of The Best Tools That Can Save Your Time

01. Trello

Project management tools are helpful when all employees are in the office, but they’re essential when employees/team members are working remotely or working cross-functionally. Trello is an easy-to-use online pin-board with practically zero learning curve.

It’s an impeccable tool for planning major launches and marketing activities. It’s a perfect project management tool that allows teams to assign, track, & collaborate on complex projects. No more white/blackboards required.

02. Designhill Logo Maker

A logo is the face of the brand, and all businesses must have an entity. Getting a logo design from a professional designer or agency will cost you too high. Thanks to Designhill logo maker —an artificially intelligent online tool—that helps you create a logo in just five minutes. All you have to do is enter your company name and preference, and the tool will do the rest.

Based on your inputs, it will generate an array of designs. Choose one that best narrates your business, and if required, personalize it with the help of the user-friendly interface.

Anyone can design professional looking logos on their own, irrespective of their graphic design skills. Using this tool is free. You only need to pay once you’re satisfied with the logo and wish to download it.

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03. Email Signature Generator

An email signature is a digital business card. A perfectly designed email signature with all the information, and an effective hierarchy helps maintain clear brand communication. Designhill Email Signature Generator is one such tool to create your own professional looking email signature quickly and for free.

04. Google Drive

Google Drive is an online file storage and synchronization platform that enables you to store all of your business’s documents and files in the Cloud, which can be accessed by anyone having the access right.

This improves collaboration; several or all team members can work simultaneously on a single file no matter which location they’re residing. If Gmail powers your company’s email, then no tool can beat Google drive.

Google Drives let you store your files on their servers, create new documents and presentations, maintain spreadsheets, and synchronize files across devices up to 15 GB for free.

05. Troop Messenger

It is a complete team collaboration tool whose ambit doesn’t just limit to chatting, audio/video calling in a group or one on one, files exchange, etc. it is beyond a chat app. Cattle Call (video conferencing), Remote Access & screen sharing, Jointly code, Live Location Tracking, and other features make this budget-friendly tool a one-stop solution for all of your office needs.

Troop Messenger and its team conduct frequent market research, as a result, it embarked on a position where it envisaged the future requirements and has added proactive features that assist its users in investing their time and money in their business rather than finding an alternative.

06. Slack

You can’t attend calls all day during work. You must have a simple and easy-to-use platform where you can chat and share files. Slack is one such platform that is leading the market when it comes to internal communication tools.

It allows employees to have one-on-one chats, group chats, share projects, upload files, create channels about specific departments or tasks. Also, the tool is easily accessible on a mobile device through the App.

07. PayPal

Still, writing a paper cheque? Why when you can get your payment done in lightning speed, in just a few clicks, and with full-proof security. PayPal is one such amazing online payment gateway that helps you in digital financial transactions across the globe and round the clock.

PayPal is a faster, safer method to send and receive money and make online payments, etc. It’s one of the must-have tools for businesses.

08. Designhill Studio

Creatives are entities that are required by every department of an organization. And if you are a start-up, you might not afford to hire a professional designer or agency to fill your creative requirements. Designhill Studio is one such free-to-use online platform where one can create designs on their own for free.

This online tool brings all under one umbrella, whether it is a business card, letterhead, poster, presentation or brochure designs. The tool should be bookmarked in every employee’s browser.

09. Mailchimp

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing strategy that small businesses can use to endorse their brand. Startups can access a plan for free. If you have email subscribers who are prospective clients, you can keep them updated about your new services and products with emails.

Mailchimp gives you the access to send up to 2000 subscribers for free and comes with small subscription fees after that. This tool gives you access to design your own template, get analysis, and generate your email campaign reports. All these features make this tool a must-have business tool.

10. Lumeer

Lumeer allows startups to plan, track, and analyze anything. Tasks, clients, projects, features, bugs, invoices, inventory, budgets, expenses, etc. you can easily connect everything at a single place. It offers startups a plan that is free forever with all the features available. Most importantly, with automations that can save you a whole ton of your time.

Bonus Free Online Business Tool


This is a social media collaboration tool that helps teams plan, create, schedule and collaborate on social media content. Sporting a simple and intuitive design that mimics social media’s feel, flow, and look, Planable is an excellent choice for teams to create and distribute content across multiple platforms, each with their own format requirements.

Scheduling content can be done in multiple ways, chief among them being the Calendar view, where scheduling posts is a simple as dragging a piece of content to its relevant time slot. Apart from the calendar view, Planable offers Feed view, which shows posts as they would appear in feeds, List view, and Grid view, for planning beautiful Instagram grids.

The social media collaboration features are Planable’s main attractions. In that respect, Planable offers an intuitive feedback system, which teams can use to leave feedback right next to the posts in the form of comments and replies.

To ensure that no piece of content sees the light of day before it’s ready, there’s Planable’s multi-layered approval system. Add a media library and other tiny features meant to facilitate collaboration on social media content, and you could say Planable is an essential tool that all social media teams should have in their arsenal.”


So what are you waiting for? Bookmark this list and grab all listed tools to make your day to day life sorted and streamlining the business operations. Irrespective of your business niche, these are some of the tools that can help you take your online business to a new level without spending much from your pocket. Don’t forget to share this list of incredible tools with your loved ones. Gung Ho!

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Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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