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Must-Know Tips: How To Create A Twitch Logo?

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Logo Design

Create A Twitch Logo

Last updated on October 17th, 2023

Are you an online game addict? Do you love thinking about animated warrior figures marching forward strategically to fight aliens and emerge victorious in the end? Well, then you are probably on the Twitch gaming platform where millions of gamers are already present. But to achieve success on this crowded platform, you need a unique and attention-grabbing Twitch logo. Learn how to come up with a mesmerizing logo that attracts viewers and subscribers to your channel.

But first, what exactly is Twitch?

Twitch is a popular video-streaming platform that lets viewers watch e-games in a fun way. On this platform, gamers, known as streamers, can run live streams of the games and give running commentary on what the action warrior characters are doing. It has proven to be the platform that gamers have been looking for.

In just a short span of 10 years after its inception in 2011, Twitch has been growing rapidly, amassing millions of viewers every day. In December 2021, 1,270,408 concurrent viewers visited the platform. They come to the platform to watch their favorite gamers fight, score goals, battle aliens, and perform heroic actions.

Indeed, it is a popular interactive platform where viewers can also comment on what is going on the screen. Their comments and messages about the funny animated images are visible to the live streamers and other fellow viewers.

With millions of viewers watching live streams and other actions daily, Twitch is amongst the favorite channels of marketers, who run their ads on different live streams to promote products or services.

Talking about the famous Twitch live game streamers, Ninja is the most popular live game streamer, with the highest number of 17.4 million followers on Twitch. Other popular gamers include Tfue with 10.7 million followers and Auronplay with 10 million followers.

But Twitch is not just about live game streaming. It is also a popular platform for users who love to perform music or teach art. You can even focus a camera on yourself to record your daily activities.

Why is creating a Twitch Logo important?

If you are a Twitch live streamer who aspires to have millions of viewers just like Ninja and others, then first pay heed to the logo design of your account on this platform.

It is crucial because there is a tough competition going on amongst the streamers to grab viewers’ and subscribers’ attention. There are over 7.5 million active users on Twitch. Many of them are your direct competitors in your gaming niche.

You can attract the attention of your potential subscribers with an eye-catching Twitch logo. Consequently, you will build authority and credibility if your logo is attractive.

But live streamers know how hard it is to get new subscribers. They understand that they can earn money through running ads on their streams based on a sizable number of subscribers.

However, visitors will subscribe your channel if your Twitch logo can help build credibility and trust and promote yourself.

With such a logo, you can hope to compete well in the live streaming world. Do not forget that your Twitch logo is your greatest asset in driving viewers’ attention to your channel.

However, when you set out to create your Twitch logo, you should keep some basics in mind.

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Tips To Create A Twitch Logo

Your logo for the Twitch channel should look unique and impressive to the audience. Here are some helpful tips for creating one such logo:

01. Know Who Will Subscribe

Gaming is a vast field with a wide range of different niches. So, are you an action-oriented streamer or interested in riot games?

Do your channel subscribers love sports as part of e-gaming? Answer these questions to determine your ideal niche.

Take your potential subscribers into account as well. Consider what content they need from you and which gaming genre they enjoy.

Also, find out what streaming personalities interest the subscribers. All such concerns will surely guide you in designing a logo that targets them well.

02. Make It Easily Noticeable

Since the Twitch platform provides only a small logo space, making the logo instantly noticeable is a design challenge. The logo will grab attention if other elements surrounding it on the page are different.

A quickly noticeable logo prompts you to click on your live stream link. Such a well thought out logo gives users a reason to watch your channel.

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03. Pick The Right Icon

An icon is a graphic symbol representing a motive, entity, or action. Since Twitch is primarily a gaming platform, most streamers’ Twitch logos have icons to depict action.

Even the Twitch channel’s logo itself is an icon in the shape of a square speech bubble. It conveys that the channel is about people chatting and watching live streams at the same time, with no need to use text for conversation.

But incorporate a logo icon that tells what your gaming niche is all about. Note that the icon will be your live stream’s brand identity.

It would be advantageous if you first compared a large number of icons to determine which types of icons will work best for your live streaming channel. You can access hundreds of such icons from an online logo generator, which is a great option to design your Twitch logo on your own.

04. Choose Colors and Fonts Strategically

Your choice of colors and font should be such that they speak to your gaming niche. Colors evoke the desired emotions. So, choose a color palette that resonates well with your target audience. They should find the logo colors visually appealing.

Think of using contrasting colors that help to catch the eye. Try putting a light color against a dark shade to build a contrasting effect. Also, avoid using multiple colors and use no more than 1-3 colors. The use of only a few colors is advisable for all types of logos, including an eCommerce logo.

When choosing the fonts, consider the small logo space on the Twitch platform. So, use a clean font that is legible within the space. Note that you will leave some margin, which reduces the space further.

Also, if typography-based monogram logos inspire you, then avoid using fancy fonts, as most of them are harder to read and inappropriate.


05. Consider Your Banner

On the Twitch platform, you create a banner that has specific images, more text, colors, and icons. For branding consistency, these very elements should find a place in your Twitch logo.

Both the logo and the banner are part of your overall brand identity, and so they should appear to be working together to promote your live stream.

If you have not yet designed your Twitch banner, do that first with the right colors, and fonts. But most importantly, consider the right Twitch banner size for the platform. There are different Twitch banner dimensions for profile photo, profile banner, video player banner, video thumbnail, cover image, and info panels.

06. It Should Stand Out From The Competitors

Many gaming competitors or streamers are vying for the subscribers’ attention on the platform. Make sure that your Twitch logo design stands out from your competitors’ logos on the channel.

If your logo looks similar to that of your competitors’, people may ignore your stream. Therefore, doubly ensure that the logo design is not a copycat and that it is your unique brand identity.

For example, the famous American video game streamer Ninja has a blue-haired and blue-themed logo. If you copy that theme, people are unlikely to respond to your stream.

So, it is better to create a logo that reflects your interest in a gaming niche on Twitch platform. To stand out, you can incorporate your own looks and favorite games in your logo.

For instance, if you find that most of the streamers’ logos in your niche have cartoon figures, use a different theme.

07. It Should Be Scalable

Once you have designed your Twitch logo, check if it is scalable or not. It implies that the design should not lose its elements or become disproportionate on different screen sizes. The design should be agile enough to look impressive even when scaled up or down to any size.

Talking about scalable logos, you would like your logo to appear as a thumbnail image to make live streaming and videos look professional. So, in some places, you should put your thumbnail image rather than the logo.

Do not worry if you do not want to hire a designer to create your Twitch logo thumbnail. An online Designhill Thumbnail Maker, a DIY tool, can do the job. The AI-driven software allows you to add custom text and other elements. You can customize the thumbnail text or create a new thumbnail from scratch using the tool.

08. Keep It Simple

Your Twitch logo should preferably be a simple design that people can spot and like instantly while scrolling through the live streams. Amongst many live streams, they should get your logo’s message at a glance. If that does not happen due to a complicated logo design, many potential subscribers will miss your stream.

09. Make It A Relevant Design

Your Twitch logo is a simple and unique design. But it should also be relevant, meaning that your audience resonates with the design. To ensure that, incorporate only those design elements that potential subscribers to your stream relate to and find appealing. So, keep a fine balance between the logo’s being an outstanding design and relevant to the audience.

10. Create A Timeless Design

Would you like to keep changing your business logo or tweaking its design very often? Well, that will erode your credibility and trust that you intend to build for your business. Therefore, create a Twitch logo design that you do not have to change every few months.

To avoid creating a temporary design, do not essentially follow the current design trends. Also, never jump on the latest bandwagon simply because it is popular amongst designers.

Instead, keep in mind that a great logo is a timeless design, as are the logos of most global companies.

These are the key points to consider when creating your Twitch logo. When you set out to design your Twitch logo, you can explore these two options.

First, think of designing it on the best Twitch Logo Maker by Designhill, which is a DIY software tool. The tool guides you through designing the logo even if you do not have any design experience.

Just enter your Twitch channel name in the tool template and choose from hundreds of pre-designed Twitch logo templates. Scan the tool’s library for colors, fonts, frames, icons, or text as per your requirements, and get your logo in a few minutes.

Alternatively, you can launch your Twitch logo design contest at Designhill. The creative marketplace has hundreds of logo designers, and many of them will respond to your design brief. They will submit unique design ideas from which you can select one winning logo that perfectly speaks for your live gaming stream.

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Wrapping Up

Twitch is a popular platform for e-gaming lovers who start their gaming live stream and invite subscribers to play. Will the subscribers join your stream? That depends a lot on how unique and impressive your Twitch logo design is in conveying your message. The logo should be a simple but memorable design that stands out from your live stream competitors’ logos. It should also be a scalable design.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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