New Feature: Social Sharing – Every Designer’s Growth Hack For 2020

Social Sharing

Last updated on January 31st, 2020

Everything you share on social media has its impact. Whether you are starting afresh in your designing career, changing jobs, stepping into a new role or planning to create a new brand; the social media can play a big role in your success. There has been a significant increase in the number of users on social media platforms over the years; benefiting at both personal as well as professional terms. With 3.48 billion social media users, these platforms can help in drawing the necessary attention to boost your career. Therefore, designers need to understand the importance of social sharing and how it can help them to gain potential clients.

Since its inception, Designhill has been encouraging the creative talents all around the World, to get hired for various design projects and work with influential clients as well as become a part of the global design community. Therefore, we are introducing the #1 hack that can help designers to get noticed by top clients and earn huge on the platform.

With our new sizzling feature – Social Sharing, the designers can get the ultimate chance to get acknowledged and hired by renowned clients, just in 30 sec. It’s an effort to help our creative community to create and maintain relationships within the social network.

So, wondering what Social Sharing is all about? Have questions on how to get started with Social Sharing? Here, we have listed answers to your questions which help you to understand the process.

What Is Social Sharing?

It is the practice of sharing content from a website to social media sites which helps you to get noticed by more than 3.48 billion people across the world.

Why You Should Do Social Sharing?

Social Sharing feature helps you to get noticed by top clients, exposure to millions of business owners, recognition in the international design community and get endorsed by Designhill on all official social channels.

How You Can Share It?

There are three ways to find the social sharing widget on Designhill:

Where To Share?

You can share it on your social channels (Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn) and reach out to more than 70% population of active social media users from the USA and other countries.

When To Share?

Throughout your journey on Designhill, you’ll get numerous opportunities to share your success & accomplishments to grab clients’ attention through various ways like Verification, Client Testimonials, Star Ratings on your designs, Level-up, on becoming a Pro-Designer, on successful contest handover and many more.

Still, Wondering How?

So, here’s the step-by-step list of golden opportunities to showcase your achievements to the world. So, get ready to feel like a Rockstar.

Here Are The Step-By-Step Guide For Social Sharing

01. Verification

Once your profile gets verified, the first step you should do is let the world know that “You’re A Verified Designer At Designhill”. With this, you can establish trust and credibility among prospective clients and the design community.

Also, you’ll be promoted by Designhill on our social media platforms which will help you to reach out to the global audience. Simply Click > Copy > Share and avail a key to get noticed by various brands.

02. Contest Handover

Once you complete a project, let everyone know that you have worked so hard on it. Share the feeling of working with an amazing client and let others know that you’re available for more work. Simply Click > Copy > Share and let the world know – you’re ready for your next assignment.

03. Star Ratings

Whether you’ll get 5, 4 or 3-star rating, share your achievements with the world and let them know how amazing you’ve worked, so far. The rating shows your work efficiency and builds trust.

And, big brands hunt for designers who are professional and get satisfactory ratings from numerous clients. Therefore, Click > Copy > Share and get ready for the recognition of your work, you deserve.

04. Testimonial

Testimonials are unbiased words that establish trust among your network. It shows your success. Sharing testimonials on social media helps to grow bigger and better. So, why not share it on your social platforms and get collaborated with top brands. Simply Click > Copy > Share and get recognized by top clients, in just seconds.

05. Pro Designer

Whether you’re existing or a new pro-designer, check out your notification dashboard and let the world know about your expertise. It’ll help to increase your chance to get noticed and hired by top clients. Let the big brands know about you by simply Click > Copy > Share and get hired by them instantly.

06. Winner

You’ve participated in Designhill contest and won it. Voila! It’s showtime! It’s your ultimate chance to gain the best clients’ attention and start your career journey. Share your success with your network on every win and your multiple wins and let everyone know by Click > Copy > Share. You’ve worked so hard for it. Let the world know it!

07. Level Up

Once you cross each level of being a pro designer or top-rated designer, check our your notification dashboard and let everyone know about your accomplishment. It’ll help you to gain the attention of small to big brands and get hired by them quickly. Whenever you level up, share your success with your network by simply Click > Copy > Share.

08. New Year

Cherish the year full of opportunities and achievements with your social network. It’s been a wonderful year. By doing Click > Copy > Share, you can share your Designhill journey stating with the number of clients you’ve worked, projects completed and overall ratings you’ve achieved. Share your journey and get recognized by the top clients by using this feature.

09. Anniversary

Shout out your Designhill journey and cherish the year full of opportunities. Let the world know about your work success. Share the number of projects you’ve completed and clients you’ve worked with. Get noticed by prospective clients by simply Click > Copy > Share.

Designers Are Already Sharing It. Don’t Miss Out!

30 sec! All you need is 30 sec to share your achievement that can help you to reach out to millions of prospects around the world. Social Sharing is an important hack that can help you to gain global attention as well as earn huge throughout 365 days by spending your 30 seconds.

What are you waiting for?

Click > Copy > Share.

Social Sharing Webinar

Designhill conducted a social sharing webinar dated 27th January 2020 on the topic “#1 growth hack to build trust, get noticed and hired by businesses” for our community of designers & artists across the world.

The webinar was a great success. People who attended it live got a ton of value out of it and pledged to make social sharing a regular habit. For those who couldn’t watch it live; they can click the video below.

Watch. Learn. Share With Your Friends.

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