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New Pizza Hut Logo – How It Matches New Branding Strategy

by Michael Crawford Tweet - in Food & Beverage - 5 min read

Last updated on February 16th, 2018

Businesses are always re-branding their products or services. They do so to keep pace with the changed preferences of the consumers and also to meet the ever-increasing demands of the new market circumstances. In doing so, they usually alter their fast food logo design. They understand that logo is the first thing that the target customers see and therefore make changes in the logo to communicate a new message. Pizza Hut, one of the biggest chains of restaurants in the world, did just that when it redesigned its famous logo recently in November 2014. The New Pizza Hut Logo is a lesson for the students of designing about how to retouch a logo when its company has adopted a new marketing strategy.

An iconic brand, Pizza Hut has long used specific colors as a means of branding. Its traditional logo had red, black and yellow as three major colors. These colors have already created a brand identity for the restaurant chain. People could recognize the logo and the business by the three colors and the unique shape of the logo. So, the old logo with the colors and the shape was undeniably recognizable for the consumers. But, all that has been altered now in the new pizza hut logo. The company not only revisited the colors, but the shape of the logo too has been altered to a greater extent.

What Are The New Changes In The Pizza Hut Logo?

First, take a look at the new Pizza Hut logo.

New Pizza Hut Logo


And here’s the older version of the Pizza Hut logo.

Pizza Hut Logos

Now, as we compare the new Pizza Hut logo with older one, we notice that the logo has witnessed a lot of changes. In fact, the entire shape and look of the logo has gone a sea-change. The older design had red, black, and yellow as the main colors and had a dash of green. While red was for energy, yellow was for making an intelligent decision to buy the company’s pizza and black represented an element of surprise that consumers constantly look for in a food. Green symbolized the freshness and the healthy food served by the company. That was all changed in the new logo of the company.

 In the new logo, as you can see, there is just one pinkish color and the design is entirely new. After the company stripped back the design, the new Pizza Hut logo now portrays a pizza-like circle. The circular shape reminds the consumers of a red-hot pizza served on the table. It is a spinning pizza crust which has a lot of sauce spread over it. This is the image that crops up from the new logo. The red color comes in the new logo in a muted form. But the company has kept with its iconic ‘hut’ illustration. Here also, the color of the hut has been entirely changed from previous red to the existing white.


So, What Was The Strategy Behind The Logo Redesign?

The older Pizza Hut logo was excellent and easily recognizable. Still the company did not hesitate in redesigning the logo and made the changes mercilessly. In fact, many people and experts did not like the new logo and preferred the older one. The company was unmoved and kept the new design in place. Why? Here are the reasons.

The Company Changed Brand Promotion Strategy

A major reason for the company redesigning its logo almost entirely was that it had launched a new brand promotion campaign. The company wanted the logo to convey this new branding message to the consumers. Major changes in the company’s menus had been made around the time when the logo was redesigned in November 2014. Also, many changes in the looks of its restaurants were being made. All such branding efforts from the company address to the new taste of the consumers and the new Pizza Hut logo truly reflects them and become popular among various fast food logos.

The company was addressing the new generation of Pizza buyers through its new logo. The smear of sauce on a spinning pizza crust in the logo design comes with a reason. The company wants to attract the young customers with its newly launched five new toppings, six sauces and 10 crust flavors and it is aptly represented in its new fast food logo design. You can notice that the new logo looks like a thin pizza. This ‘Skinny Slice’’ pizza is in the design because the young people are now much more health-conscious. The company has launched flavored pizza as part of its new menu. Therefore, the new pizza hut logo also indicates the flavors which are represented by the sauce swirl designed.

Meanwhile, here are some of the changes in the logo that the company made since its inception in 1955. Since then, the logo was redesigned, whenever the company wanted to address the new market conditions. These changes show that the company and many other global brands make frequent changes in their logo designs to suit the new preferences of the targeted customers.

Pizza Hut Logos

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Also, with the changes made in the Pizza Hut logos, the company launched an advertisement campaign entitled ‘’ The Flavor of Now’’. This campaign educates the people about why the changes in the logo took place so that they can relate to the logo as before.

We can conclude that the new Pizza Hut logo is a lesson that the logo designers can learn how to redesign a logo for a new message. The lesson for the business is that they should not lag behind, if the logo needs a professional redesign.


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