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New Year Resolutions of Leading Graphic Designers

by Campbell Jof Tweet - in Graphic Design

Matt (H) Booth

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021

Happy New Year to you all and especially to the graphic designers since this blog is dedicated to them. So, what professional resolutions have you made for the New Year in order to move your career to the next stage as a designer? Surely, you have learnt lessons both from the mistakes you made and from the success you tasted last year. Resolutions are usually based on the past year’s success or failures. After all, it is all about learning the lessons and moving on in life with new vigor for a successful career.

In case, you have not decided on what resolutions to make, we list here the resolutions made by leading graphic designers to help you make a firm decision and unleash your success mantra in the New Year.

Matt (H) Booth —- I Wish To Do More Projects

Matt (H) Booth Matt [H] Booth is a little disappointed by his performance as a graphic designer in the year 2014. This 40-year-old designer wanted to do some new kind of work and wished to divert from the routine design assignments he was getting. He was also planning to have his own studio. But he could not realize this dream last year and now in the New Year, his resolution is to do: “More personal, self-initiated projects, and turn these projects into real products, whatever form that takes. More collaborations with people that interest me, that can add another dimension to my work or take me to new places.”

He is determined to: “Basically, do more stuff. The more I do, the more fulfilled I’ll be as a designer and the happier I’ll be in life. The great thing about our wonderful creative industry is that we can make these changes, we don’t have the constraints and one dimensional work path other experience in other industries.”

Nick Abadzis — I Would Like To Do More Graphic Drawing

Nick AbadzisNick Abadzis was busy writing last year then drawing. He is both a writer and a graphic designer. He wrote a 200 page YA graphic novel.

This year, however, he intends to spend more time drawing than writing. He would like to do more doodles and life drawing. He says that drawing is as vital to him as breathing.

Fred Deakin — Look Forward To Working With People I Like

Fred DeakinFred Deakin had a bitter experience of working for the projects that ended up being a total waste of creative energy. He also was not adequately compensated despite the promises made by the clients.

So, learning the lessons, Fred has already planned his moves for 2015. He intends to work only with the people he likes. He says, “I’ve learned a lot and had a great time working with clients from many diverse backgrounds that I had no obvious connection with …This year I’m trusting my instincts more: saying yes to projects if I feel that spark, no matter what their profile or budget is, and saying no when it doesn’t feel right, regardless of the state of my bank balance.

Jeffrey Bowman – I Want To Be More Selective In Picking The Work

Jeffrey BowmanJeffrey Bowman was in the habit of working on every project that came his way. He hardly turned down any work. As a result, he was burdened with too much work and work stress. He was doing too many things at the same time and this had an adverse impact on his capabilities as a graphic designer .For 2015, however, he has decided to be selective in choosing the projects and will say no to many of them, which he will not find so interesting. ‘”For the New Year I want to be more confident in saying no, as I think this will allow me to produce much better work!”– He says.

Holly Sims – I Want To Go Back To The Basics

Holly SimsHolly Sims has been working with her Photoshop and Illustrator skills so far. But now she is determined to use traditional printing techniques again as many designers have advised her to go off the computer.
Going back to that way of working and mixing it with the things I’ve learnt over the past few years should help build upon my style in the coming year. I’ve even bought a screen printing set, something I haven’t done since A level, I can’t wait to get stuck in!“—says Holly Sims about her plans for 2015

James Hollingworth – I Will Learn Programming Language For Agile Workflow

James Hollingworth James Hollingworth is a web designer. He now feels that learning a programming language like JavaScript will help him a lot in designing the websites and it will also ensure agile workflow. He says that he is interested more in refining web typography.”Working in code suits an agile workflow and my passion for refining web typography. But I lack experience and knowledge in JavaScript, so I really want to push the boat out next year and get stuck into learning it and stop bugging my developer friends when am stuck“- he says

Joao Oliveira – I Want To Work For An Agency And Leave My Freelance Career

Joao OliveiraPortuguese designer and illustrator Joao Oliveira does not want to carry on with his freelance graphic design career any more. This is mainly because he has moved from his home city to London and need to work for an agency or studio.He says that, “With all the experience I’ve amassed during the past years working as a freelancer this desire to work more with teams and create bigger projects started to appear, so I can’t wait to make this shift and start working as an art director.”

Priya Mistry –I Want To Challenge Myself Creatively

Priya Mistry Priya Mistry is a character designer, illustrator and animator. But she has been spending time more on small works of lesser significance, while always nurturing a dream of working on some big personal graphic design projects.Her resolution for 2015 is to realize her dream of accomplishing some big creative projects.Her comment is something that every budding designer should note. She says, “I’ll fool myself into thinking I’ll work on something in my ‘spare time’, but spare time rarely comes by. As a result, I often find myself trying out small things here and there but never really commit myself to starting and finishing a substantial piece of work. So this year, I’m planning to schedule time each week to work on these projects, in the hope of challenging myself creatively, developing a strong visual style and ultimately build a richer portfolio.”

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