How To Get Best Clients And Avoid Bad Ones?

How To Get Best Clients and Avoid Bad Ones

If you are a graphic designer and dreaming of building a successful career, then you must do well to get clients regularly. Most importantly, you should aspire to win high profile clients who are willing to give you high-paying jobs. After all, as you climb up your career ladder, your earnings too must rise with time.

Here are a few tips to win over your clients when you work on one-to-one or other projects.

1. Have A Website

Before you approach a client, make sure that you have a website dedicated to your freelance illustration and graphics business. The website must provide all the information that your potential clients might be seeking for giving away the projects. Your website should send out the right message explaining what you do, what your business is, what values the business represents and the X factor that sets you apart from others.

Also, include contracts, policies and other freelancing terms and conditions at a prominent spot on your professional website. It will be great if you learn the tricks on how to be paid as a freelancer.

When a client contacts, you should be able to handle queries and ask right questions so that you can avoid bad clients.

2. Move Out From Your Office

While advertising on social media, website and other job sites may get you some work, it is no alternative to meeting your clients face to face and securing graphic design jobs for yourself. By meeting your clients personally, you get an opportunity to show the positive side of your personality and create a good, long-lasting impression on them. This helps in winning clients and getting work from them regularly.

Ensure that you make a proper list of all clients you will be going to meet in the coming months. Prefer meeting business owners whom you have not met on the web. If the person refuses to meet you in person or is unavailable, you can always leave your business card at the reception.

3. Create Your Portfolio Of Work

One of the most important tips for winning high value clients is to showcase your work in the best way you can. A designer portfolio will be a window for your potential clients to peek in the professionalism and passion you have towards your work.

As a graphic designer, you should create and upload your designer portfolio on reliable crowdsourcing platforms such as Designhill and display your best artwork prominently.

One of the advantages of creating a portfolio is that clients get to take a quick view of your design skills. They instantly know about your design style by taking a glance at your portfolio and are able to make a decision quickly for hiring you.

4. Say No Firmly, Yet Politely

To avoid clients that you do not want to work with, you must learn the art of saying ‘NO’. This is important if you want to save yourself from exploitation. You may not agree to the terms and conditions imposed by clients or you may not agree to the amount they are offering as the fees.

Agreeing to work with clients you actually don’t want to can lead you into trouble. You don’t have to say yes to everyone. You must know that working all the time will not help you grow your freelance business.

We’re sure these easy tips will help you grow your graphic design business and you’ll be able to win more and more high-profile clients.

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By Rituraj Gill

Raj is working with Designhill as a Strategic Alliances, Affiliates & Marketing Communications Manager. Part time Dreamer, Full-time Realist. Technology Monger & Pen Revolutionary. Likes turning simple things complex. A firm believer in going out, grinding & making it happen.