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Online Workshop By Jenn Arregocés: 3D Lettering Styles With Procreate

by Designhill Tweet - in Webinar

3D Lettering Styles With Procreate

Last updated on November 16th, 2020

Lettering is an art that gives letters their unique personality. But, 3D lettering is the most attractive of them all due to the factor of depth created. Due to its uniqueness, businesses also use this lettering in a varied way for brand promotion. In this webinar transcript, 3D lettering expert Jenn Arregoces shows how to do this lettering type professionally.

Three-dimensional lettering is an art of creating depth in letters. It is this dimension of depth that letters appear unique and impressive. These letters give the impression of the light shining on them. Therefore, a slight shadow is always present around the letters. That makes these types of letters a bit tricky to master.

To address some artists’ issues in creating 3D letters, Designhill, the leading marketplace, organized a workshop with 3D lettering expert Jenn Arregoces. The workshop was dedicated to creating the letters on Procreate.

About Jenn Arregoces

Jenn Arregoces is a self-taught graphic design expert who loves to create lettering, calligraphy, and digital lettering. She is an art director and carries 8+ years of experience and has worked with renowned brands such as Toshiba, Lenovo, and Tetra pack. She has also been part of creative teams and provided workshops for over 3000 students in different countries.

During the workshop, Jenn taught the attendees about how to use Procreate to do the lettering properly. She also gave valuable tips on how to add perspective and volumes to the letters. Additionally, you will also learn to illuminate and correctly make shadows.

Here Is the Video Of The Workshop With Jenn Arregoces

Jenn Arregoces: Today we’re going to see how to create different letters or different effects of letter A. We are using procreate to do so.

Creating Transparency Effect

We are going to start with some fusion models. So, we can increase this transparency or capacity effect on the letters. I am going to start with the color palette of blue T, three different types of blue.

We are going to select one light color than a little bit darker and one that is even darker. I like to have the palette already created here and close so I can take the color easily when I am doing the process.

So, I create another layer and then I block it. I’m going to give the first color the intermediate color I selected and I have it here. I take it from the upside and then I drag it to the letter.

We have the first letters colored in blue duplicate color. Then, what I am going to do is duplicate the letter. The process is that I move to the left of the letter, just as you saw, and then I duplicate it.

I select the darker color or the blue that is a little bit darker. And then I select the other letter and I extract that color to that letter. So, you see we have two different layers with two different A letter spaces and with a little bit more or darker blue in the other one.

The darker letter A that has a darker color on the backside. What I am going to do is to move it a little bit like I am doing right now.

So, we will now match the borders with the two letters. But, we are going to do that on the layer of the darker colored A letter. I’m going to work with a paintbrush, so the lines are a little bit cleaner. We joined the corners of the axis of the letter

Now, we will take the not so dark or the clear letter, the brighter letter and we’re going to give you transparency. We click on the little m that you see here next to the check button. And then we have some different effects.

We’re going to select these diffusion modes to give our letter transparency. Then, we select the one that suits better to create this effect of 3d in the letter and it’s because we go ahead and multiply this case selected multiply that’s the name of the effect by the military party okay keyword a lawyer

So, I am going to select this deficient mode that is called Multiply from both of the letters. Once I selected the effect here and then I lowered the opacity on the letters more or less up to 40 percent. You can have these factors seen on the screen. Now we are going to start working with the edges of our letter and the D is to polish these lines that are a little bit out of the frame.

Designhill: In its execution mode, does it apply to the darker letter?

Jenn Arregoces: We apply them on both because it wasn’t premeditated coming into the superposition, the letter becomes transparent.

Okay, you see the two letters getting overlapped one another. So, this is the first stage of the defect. Imagine that we have a crystal glass. You would see the lines of both letters for the 100 back on the front. So far, we don’t see the ones on the front. That is what we are getting into right now.

Now, we will take the intermediate color. We create a new layer, and we are going to create these new borders joining the corners together. We have the first border

Next, we join this corner with a darker color. We play with the different colors so we can have a creative for any effects of shadows on this on the letters. This one will have the brighter color The idea here is that you can get creative if you’ve done a city to do it seen a different color go-ahead for

In this new letter that we created, we are going to give them the same execution mode multiply and then we lower the opacity. To be able to do it, here I’m trying to polish a little bit of the disorder, we are going to give it a border to a letter with a brighter color and a brighter blue.

Use dry ink paintbrush

I’m selecting this dry ink paint brush that I like very much because it gives them texture to the letter. But, you can select the one that you want of course. We are skipping the overlaps and, for example, here we need to join to get this corner. We can join the corners together right now with this paintbrush.

I am just coloring the pieces that I was missing the last time. If you want to, you need to create a little bit of darker effects. What we can do is select this layer that we were previously working on. We can give it the same effect that I am doing right now with this layer.

Designhill: Can you get those letters to get the job done or to create the letters to start with a job?

Jenn Arregoces: I just want this letter I already created before using my iPad. There is not a different app or anything I use but Procreate gives you the possibility to create text.

Designhill: Can you give any other app?

Jenn Arregoces: I suppose. I mean, I adopt the Photoshop idea. Are you looking at a quid pro quo under liquidation?

Okay, I just finished but I don’t know if you want to give it a little bit of a brighter effect. What you can do is create a new layer. You can give good effects only to the front side. So, we can create this last layer, which is a wider effect. That’s up to you

You can see the group that I have created with the layers, it is called the Colosseum

If you miss these effects, you can paint or you can edit only on the layer that we have upon the button of the option.

I like texture so I am going to select this paintbrush that is called a noise paintbrush. And then this effect of volume.

We have another option. What we can do is to select the area or the layer that we are working on. And we can create here any layer and give it the texture on that new layer. Then, I give it a transparency effect.

In this case, you do not want to use the same color of the letter, you can create an effect of different colors.

Unify All The Layers

I am going to use this option called Flutter, which gives me the possibility to unify all of my layers and put them together into what they’re meant to do. To choose, pick this option of the arrow, and then, I click on the letter. And then I see little tools that are on the border of the page. Then on the bottom, I select color selection clip vertical,

You need to use 3d effects that are a little bit more solid, no transparencies, but a little bit more solid.

So, to prepare the process, what I do is create a new layer and then I select my color palette. I always do this first so I can get prepared to color during the whole process.

I am going to select pink now. From this pink, I will select a little bit darker pink. The whole power of color is a little bit brighter as well. But it’s good to have a prior color palette to start the process. Well, go ahead in coloring pyramid intermediates.

And I’m gonna color the letter A with that and I’m going to duplicate the letter in a little bit darker color. This darker layer goes on the back. So, we are doing the same as we did in the previous letters.

So, what we’re going to do now is select my one line Paintbrush and do the same. Then join the corners together.

Now I like to do scratching because I have a layer here on the iPad that gives me the texture like a real drawing. Now, we are going to select the darker A. And then we’re going to select a new layer and we’re going to select the option flipping mask.

I am going to use a darker color. You will be related to that in a texture painting. I will paint the parts of the bottom of my letter. This one’s by the shadow it will be the parts that are I need to be darker.

I’m going to delete this extra material here and join curtness corners for access to that. We are going to select this color. I cannot deal with this when I need a darker color so I’m going to select that sorry I just need to get there. We are going to create another in the ad that I have before but this space between the border and the liner I’m trying right now. We can create the volume on the top illustrator and then the texture we can do it in Photoshop.

Or, we can give this texture in an illustrator in a livable Salah fix student math granular or we also give it to this distinction in the same Adobe Illustrator because of the effects.

I don’t have a good tablet or pan. I wonder if I can do this with the perspective of guidance and tools and Janus. If you have a good app or or or program on your tablet you can do. Now, what I’m going to do is duplicate what I just did on the upper side of my letter. I can click the delay factor. The clipping mask with this is the layer that I duplicated. I’m gonna give it the effects of the flipping mask.

I painted this lighter and darker section. You can know when it’s a birthday attack. On the effect you wouldn’t see much light, this would mean that we already have that part.

Now, what I need to do is join this corner of the letter and by that I mean I need to delete this or take out this darker section.

I’m going to apply a mask. I go to this option called mask but an MIT Carmelita is an LLC and they tell me to modify the letter just to have this layer and the case I want to edit later. I have an in an oil layer IE one Borya eat random baking ice cream

Now with an eraser, I delete from side to side accordingly to the corner. The trick here is from corner to corner if you do it like that everything should go smoothly.

Add Shadows

Next, we are going to add shadows. So, we can have a more realistic key here. I’m creating a new layer. And I’m going to click all its Clipping Masks and select the mask. We select the paintbrush that is called the Texture Paintbrush. As you probably noticed, that’s my favorite. And we give it a little bit of light here and the parts I am drawing. So we can give it a little bit more realistic effect.

This section here, the section on the bottom, We need to give it a different color to help them say that those two are different sections. We get this color, I am going to select this color. You can see this area goes a little bit lighter or brighter than the one on the back of the bottom.

We can then open it up and of course paint this section. We could have played in the back bar. I will add a shadow bar so we can use it. I need a bit of volume. I’m going to create a new layer like it was our little rockets to the first part you see here. Now, go for the texture paint brush that I love so much.

I will give it a little bit of texture here to create a shadowed effect. I think you need to get acquainted with it. If you like it, I touch it in different parts than I do or any other thing.

Okay, this is the more I get close to the borders. I get a little bit of the darker color you see here. So it gives me the effects of a shadow.

We can spend a lot of time here given its shadow and lights and everything in as much detail as you are. You’re gonna take a lot of time on this part depending on the study.

Now we will give it another effect to the shadow. So it’s a little bit not so thick. That’s the idea. If I click on the layer that has my shadow, and then I go up here it says effects and then I select when it makes that motion blur, and I click on motion blur and I click on the layer.

I click and then move it to the right and then you can see how it blurred the image. And then I go back to effects and then he selects while you go Motion Blur. So, I’d recommend a bookmark. With this effect, you get a little bit more blur effects on this one. I like to apply both effects so it gives them a realistic shadow effect on the letter.

Third Letter Style

Number three in number third letter A, which we are going to redraw in a different layer. I will go for a 40% thickness on this one. I will give it a border with this paintbrush and I’m gonna line it up from the border.

Let’s take a little bit of care with this part of the section. So, we don’t give it a different effect on the borders. We duplicate the layer skip here selecting the color palette, I know it’s hard but that gives you to select the color palette before you start okay in color info Mark and I don’t how to get tomato scudo I’m going to select a different color in a bit more orange, orange ci a color will be a darker yellow. So, I hope you only have to look at the color and the letter that is on the back. I’m going to give color to the letter

I see the previous letter so we have and I move it a little bit to the right and the bottom. You can notice that there is very little difference between the color on the front and the back. It’s a very subtle difference. When we join the corner so access it together we don’t see that. I mean there is so much difference between the two colors, so we can give it a different shadow.

Okay to join them, I’m going to select the color of the letter A that is on the back part and with that same color and then I joined them together. This way, we did the previous letter A.

This one is a little bit easier because what we are going to give is the 3D effect is the light and the shadow. So, we’re going to focus on that. We are going to first have lights that are in front of there.

Create A New Layer

I create a new layer to get these same effects. I’m going to click on Clipping Mask. There is the corner From this color that you have in the under the letter that is front I’m going to select a little bit lighter yellow. My favorite is a texture paint brush. You can select any you want, and it’s your preference. I just like to to be Texture texture like

I take the size for four sides and I take these lines from up to down. I like this painter because the edges are not so sharp so when you do it the edges get a little bit of a blur effect.

So, it helps me get into this light effect that I’m trying to reach to give it more let’s call it round effect

That was because I duplicated the layer. And the application is an elemental bridge for the color. I just duplicate the layer and just by doing that it creates a more or thick effect. Now everything is done. The way we’re going to do now is to create a shared effect on the back so it looks a little bit more realistic or more real. I now enter a new layer with this nice paintbrush.

Back Color

Now we need to take into account what the color is going to be on the back? When you need to have on the back of the color of our letter and the shadow that we were going to give because the colors should match. I mean that’s a day so bear in mind. Here I make the same color and they select a little bit darker color here.

Creating The Shadow Effect

The shadow effect is only on this bar which is the support department. For example, we place it in this section but not in the part in the upper part only.

This is because if we see a frame, this one is elevated, this bar shouldn’t be touching the surface. That is why we give him this with this effect. This shadow will only go on the part that is touching the surface. So my tip is to imagine that you will have a real a like this on your table and try to picture where the shadows go and having that big image in your head, you would go to create the shadows on your face here.

So we’re now given the effects that we were given the first one, we’re going to go for the blur effect First, click on the arrow then on effects on the upper side of the screen. The layer has a bit more realistic effect with the blurred effect.

Working with Pinkish Colors

Now what we’re going to do is we’re going to select different types of this pinkish color. We are going to work with the vessel effect.

I am going to take the colors I previously worked on because I was a little bit higher to find them all the whole palette. So to save this time, I’m going to select this one but, of course, you can create your color palette.

It is going to give you the effect of the light that will hit different parts of the letter. I did my private research on color and color effects to help me create this bezels effect.

We have the same color or tone of color but with four different layers of colors of lighter and brighter organized it so you can take a look and you can see this effect. We are going to take a lot into account the different levels of the deepness of the colors in this letter. We are somewhere in a shadow color like this.

What we are going to do first is to draw these two divisions that you see here. Remember that it took the first this color and then I want to take for this uh this is lines a little bit of lighter a lighter color.

I’ll probably the middle of my letter and I trace this line and complete a little bit of like, tangle here. As usual, I Polish everything that is not in the places I should be.

We are going to create these two sections which are the lightest one because this part is word light with heat the most.

We double line here with a tag diagonal trace in again here and they make this form and I gave it the color. Then, I joined this to coordinate corners or access to gather and keep it the corner. Here you see the finished one. You see that is divided and there is a darker part we are going to do in a second.

Now let’s select the darkest color. I’m going to create a new layer. I create different layers for everything that gives me the possibility that if I make a mistake, I can correct it on the layer now the whole layer boils it out.

I will create here two triangles of the same height and then they are unified here. You can create or activate the guidance here. Then you create this guidance here with these little squares so you can help yourself too much the height of your drawings.

Why are these parts of the letter so dark because I mean remember that I told you to try to imagine that as if you were real? If we gave this a visual effects office he was cut this part wouldn’t get much light so that’s why they are darker

We are gonna do the same for this section. And, that’s looking good. We can give the free shutter effects on all the BS visual effects on the site under sites so you select one the one that you want here and you add the shadow effect on this catwalk or the vcl effect is no terminal

Now, we will create a shadow on the floor because if we give shadow to every visit we would impede it like forever here so let’s do it a little bit faster here.

So now I’m going to shadow in a new layer with the same procedure done before we create a texture paintbrush. I select the color and just give it the effects of a shadow here I’m gonna give shadow in all of the borders here. You will come up with a massive darker border to give it a volume perspective.

Remember that we used Motion Blur and Gaussian Blur, the two effects to give you that good blur effects as a whole in the letter. So, those are the four different versions of letter A.

Designhill: What is the difference between Mask and Clipping Mask?


Jenn Arregoces: Look at my hand, for example, which is your object. And, there is my other hand covering it which looks like a mask here, which is gripping the object. That is the mask. You can take parts of that mask out. So, when you want to look at the original object, just take off the mask.

The Clipping Mask is to select the object you are having. You can paint on the outskirts of that layer. This mask is not for coloring of the outside

Designhill: Can you tell me what application are you using? Is it free to download Qualcare because you understand Sandow procreate

Jenn Arregoces: I am using Procreate and it is not for free to download. you will pay for it once but it is not expensive.

Designhill: I couldn’t find the clipping mask option. I have fewer options on my list. How can I get this option?

Jenn Arregoces: If you join the whole layer in one group, the options become available for you.

So, these are the tips you got from 3D lettering expert Jenn Arregoces. Follow them and practice hard to achieve perfection.

How about selling your lettering art at a great profit to earn nicely? After you have perfected your art, open your online art store at PrintShop by Designhill.

You can display your lettering art pieces and promote the store on social media. In this way, you can sell your art at a profit and earn regularly.

Wrapping Up

3D lettering is an attractive way to create lettering art when you want to give a unique appearance with depth. But, you need to master the art of doing this lettering. You have to consider a lot of layers and other technical aspects of the lettering. Jenn, the 3D lettering expert makes doing this type of lettering much easier.

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