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When to Opt for Symbol or Wordmark Logo Design

by Designhill Tweet - in Logo Design - 2 min read

Logo Design

Last updated on September 8th, 2017

As a business owner, when you plan for a logo that is an adequate representation of your company and business, you need to choose a logo type adequately. Symbol and wordmark logos are the two most sought-after types that clients wish to create for brand identity of their business. Consider some ground to establish which of the two types of logo your business will benefit from.

First, understand what these logos stand for. A wordmark logo is text-only representation and is created by modification and arrangement of words in order to ensure a visual identity for a brand. A symbol logo instead of depending on the text, relies on an object or anything as a symbol to represent a brand. Coca Cola, Ebay, Disney etc are examples of wordmark logos while Nike’s swoosh, apple of computer company Apple are famous symbol logo.

To decide which one of these types of logos will suit more to your business, consider some basics. First, take the symbol logo. If your company name is too generic or too long and it cannot be translated well globally and lacks in personality, then it would be good to opt for symbol logo. Consider a symbol logo also when you need to put an emblem on the product such as car hood or a sneaker.

If your company has subsidiaries and so it is not easy to use the name, then also you can use a symbol logo design to represent all such companies. Another point to note is that you have to explain the symbol to the public through media and for this you need huge fund for publicity. If you have the fund, then you can opt for symbol logo.

A wordmark logo may be your preference when your company name is distinctive but it is not well know yet. Since the logo spells the company name, the viewers can quickly know about your company and what it does. This is the way to make the name a household word. If you wish to associate your products or subsidiaries with your parent company, then a symbol logo is right option. In case your communication funds are smaller, then you do not have to spend much due to your wordmark logo doing the publicity.

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