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Patterns In Art: Best Ways To Showcase Your Pattern Delights

by Designhill Tweet - in Printshop Basics

Last updated on January 4th, 2023

Pattern delights are unique artworks that catch viewers’ attention immediately. There are many commercial applications of patterns commonly used by the textile and other industries. Therefore, pattern design artists can hope to earn their livelihood easily by showcasing their skills and artworks online as well as offline. In this post, we are discussing the pattern art, types of patterns and product categories where artists can beautifully showcase their love for patterns.


Patterns are everywhere around your environment, including nature. Anywhere there is some repetition of shapes, lines, or colors, there is a pattern. Most patterns are simple, which is their unique characteristic. But some pattern designs may look a bit complicated in the way they are repeated.

Designers create patterns when they repeat a particular design in the same frame. It is their way to organize and decorate design. Such designs have a sense of movement and rhythm.

What are the types of patterns?

With artists experimenting with the ways to create unique works, patterns now come in many types. These are the key types of patterns that artists explore.

i. Regular Patterns

Regular patterns are the type of patterns where the motifs are repeated. You can predict the repetition of patterns. The designer repeats the same motif again and again across the surface.

Many types of regular patterns are in circulation today. These are block repeat patterns, half drop patterns, mirrored patterns, rotational patterns,

ii. Irregular Patterns

To create irregular patterns, you need to use different motifs in a frame or unpredictably repeat the motif. Although such patterns are rare, they do exist in the art world.

While there is no set way to create irregular patterns, the elements of motifs are still scattered out. This gives the impression of the motif repetition.

iii. Complex Patterns

Complex patterns are a little complicated in design. This is because the designer may use more than one motif. So, there is the use of a combination of different types of patterns to create the design. But, it is difficult to identify the pattern at a glance.

iv. Radiating Pattern

Radiating patterns are arranged to keep in mind a central point. The pattern then appears to radiate from that point in all directions. Such pattern designs are well balanced due to the equal distribution of the motifs around.

v. Gradation

Patterns do not always remain the same. Sometimes a motif is put through several small gradual changes so that its shape, color, or size becomes increasingly different. This is called a gradation.

Where are such patterns used?

Patterns find use in a wide variety of digital and offline applications. Almost all the things that we see around can have a pattern design. When it comes to listing the major things where patterns are now being used, we can name many.

The apparel industry is perhaps the biggest user of pattern designs. They are sometimes part of fashion. The garment industry uses patterns as a basic blog or block pattern, and working patterns are also known as garment patterns.

But in art, patterns can be found in many forms. You will frequently see detailed geometric motifs from different cultural backgrounds. Artistic patterns are everywhere, including in industries such as textiles and architecture. Then, manuscripts, masks, and many other objects also come with pattern designs.

Fabric patterns are widely used in the fashion industry. These patterns include Basketweave, Polkadot, Floral, Geometric, Brocade, Checkered, Chevron, Damask, and flameStich.

What kind of products showcase the patterns in art?

Pattern delights artists have many products to showcase their talent and art. But apparel, accessories such as bags, home & living products, and custom phone cases are amongst the best products to print your patterns on for sale.

People use these products in their daily life. So, the chances are that you will sell your pattern designs frequently when printed on such products.

01. T-shirts

i. Typography Challenge Men’s 50/50 T-Shirt Designed by Nusroh Dinillah

You can see that a cloud and sun pattern gets beautifully repeated in this design. Such pattern delights attract viewers, even more, when printed on custom T-shirts. On top of the pattern is a nice inspirational message in the yellow text that makes this shirt attractive.

Men's T-shirt

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ii. Water-color Print Women’s Ultra Cotton T-shirt Designed by Ayasha Khanam

You can also print your pattern delights on women’s t-shirts. There is a flying bird in green repeatedly depicted in this impressive design.

Water-color Print Women's Ultra Cotton T-shirt

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02. Kidswear

Fatima’s hand Kids Hoodie Designed by Maricarmen Herrejon

Kids love to wear hoodies. Just print your creative pattern delights on kids’ hoodies as a way to increase sales of your artworks printed on apparel.

Kids Hoodie

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03. Tote Bags

Soule of music EC8001 Organic Cotton Large Tote Designed by Maryam Kabirian

Tote bags are useful for women to carry them as fashion accessories. You can print your pattern delights on these bags to make them attractive to women customers. In this design, a certain pattern of shape is repeated in different colors.

Soul of Music Tote Bag

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04. Phone Cases

Jewel tone cats and flowers iPhone Case Designed by Anna Alekseeva

This phone case is an example of how pattern delights can make a surface liven up. While the cat pattern along with other elements is impressive, the colors add to the overall value of the design. Such phone cases become even more attractive to prospective buyers.

Cat & Flowers Pattern iPhone Case

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05. Wall Art

Pattern flower Framed Poster with Frame Mat (cm) Designed by Marychristina

If you are looking for a home and living products to display your pattern art, then wall frames are the best choice. Your custom wall art will be in demand for home if your patterns are as attractive as the one mentioned in this example.

Flower Pattern Wall Art

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How to promote your pattern delights?

If you are a pattern delight artist, you must efficiently promote your skills and artwork to earn money. Make sure that your artworks reach a larger audience. For that to happen, you should aggressively promote your pattern art on the various online and offline platforms.

Here Are Some Points To Consider

i. Use Your Portfolio

Your art portfolio is your best tool to enhance your reach amongst prospective customers. But the portfolio should be such that it enables you to develop your brand and package it strongly.

It should help you submit your artworks to competitions and develop marketing materials. You should be able also to post artworks directly to your website.

ii. Promote Your Art On Online Sites

There are online art platforms that help you create a strong presence for your artworks. Such sites include art galleries and art websites or art pages. But explore social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube to promote your art products relentlessly.

iii. Take Part In Art Competitions

Art competitions are a great way to display your works amongst your peers. They can then write about it, and you can also benefit from word of mouth publicity. Your works will get invaluable visibility.

iv. Build A Robust Network

Networking is a basic and surefire way to promote your artworks and business. You will benefit immensely just by building connections with artists outside of your close friends.

This is the way to create new opportunities that are otherwise harder to find. Join art organizations and community events to connect with the target audience and people who matter for networking.

Best Platforms To Showcase Your Pattern Art

New artists struggle to make a place in the art world. Many artists are competing to get the viewers’ and buyers’ attention. So, make sure that you choose the best platforms to display your pattern designs.

Here Are The Top Platforms You Should Explore

01. PrintShop by Designhill

PrintShop is a dedicated print-on-demand platform owned and run by Designhill, the leading creative marketplace. You can benefit in a lot many ways when using this PrintShop.

First, open your online art store at this site in a few easy steps. Then, displaying your best artworks in different categories is even easier.

But, make sure that you post your patter delights in all categories to appease buyers with many choices. You can post your patterns in categories like men’s and women’s apparel such as custom tank tops, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. kids apparel, accessories, phone cases, and home & living.

Just order the site to print your pattern design on these apparel and start selling them from the online store right away.

The biggest advantage of PrintShop for artists is that they can set the prices and earn higher profits. So, you will decide how much profit you deserve you selling your work at this site.

02. Dribbble

Dribbble is a great platform for designers and artists, such as pattern designers, photographers, and others. You can open your account for free at this site. But this site will actively help you in finding work through a job board so that your prospective customers and hirers can find your portfolio.

03. Carbonmade

Carbonmade allows you a free trial, but later you have to pay to open an account. Once you create your portfolio, you have complete control over its layout, etc. features. This platform has a community forum. People can browse your portfolio at this site.

04. Coroflot

Coroflot not only lets you showcase your pattern delights works but also helps in finding jobs. You can browse this site for new job opportunities, and those who are hiring can access your art and design portfolio.

05. DeviantART

DeviantART lets you create your art portfolio so that you can showcase your pattern delights. The site also allows people to download artworks from your portfolio. They use this site for free resources like Lightroom presets, Photoshop actions, Photoshop brushes, textures, and more.

06. ArtStation

ArtStation is another great platform to showcase and promote your pattern delights. You can create your art portfolio to gain exposure free. Then, use this platform to sell your artwork as well as look for new opportunities to work.

How to make money with pattern designs?

Pattern designs are the artworks that everyone likes to have in different sectors, such as textiles and fashion designs. This means that as an artist, you will have no difficulties in finding art buyers. However, you need to proceed in a systematic way to sell your art pieces to the buyers.

01. Open An Online Store

First, open your online store and art profile at PrintShop by Designhill or other sites. This is a print-on-demand or POD site. POD is one of the easiest ways to make money by selling art. You can sell your custom prints on shirts, picture frames, phone cases, custom mugs, and other items.

PrintShop lets you set your price of the artwork so that you have control over the profit margin. You will also access a lot of useful features at this site to gain exposure of your skill and artworks among potential customers.

Then, order the site to print your art on custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, accessories, and other products. This platform will also send your artwork to the buyers. You do not have to pay any upfront costs.

02. Create A Website

You should set up a website for your artworks to tell the world that you mean the business. People will take you seriously when they visit your website to find more about you. Such a business website helps in building robust visibility of your works online. But make sure that you link your online portfolio to the website.

03. Sell Digitized Copies Of Your Art

Another option to make money is to sell digitized copies of your pattern designs. You can also sell printed versions of the works. It will help you earn quick money when you are going through hard times.

04. Earn By Teaching Art Online

Now that you are an expert pattern delights artist, how about teaching your audience about the art and earning money? You can start offering online or offline classes to earn decent money. 

05. YouTube Tutorial Channel

Post tutorial videos very often to teach how to create impressive pattern designs. You will earn money by getting advertisements on the channel. In this way, you can also direct your visitors and subscribers of the channel to your online store and website for artworks.

These are the best ways you can explore to showcase your pattern delights works and earn money. You should pay attention to each of the ways and explore them fully.

Wrapping Up

Pattern delights are repeated patterns of motifs, which makes the art look impressive and attractive. There are various types of patterns, such as regular and irregular patterns. You can showcase your artworks on online stores and websites to promote and sell it to the buyers.

Sell Your Art Online

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