Perfect Combination Of Elements Essential To Ideal Logo Design

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Last updated on September 12th, 2018

What distinguishes a perfect logo design from an ordinary one? The answer is that the perfect one has an ideal combination of the design elements while an ordinary logo is lacking in the thought that goes behind making the company emblems.

There was a time when industries never bothered about creating a logo specifically for their businesses. But as competition increased and markets expanded, the need for unique logo design was felt and it resulted in specialization in creating the emblems. The new emphasis was now on creating a corporate identity so that a company and its business can stand out in the market with the help of a unique logo.

For a logo to build a corporate identity and convey an intended business message, its design must incorporate various design elements in perfect way. Color, fonts, space, shape, size, white space etc. are some of the major elements that make a logo. A professional graphic designer has gone through a training regarding use of these elements with a purpose of conveying the message to the targeted audience.

Different colors have different meanings to the people and the logo designer must keep this fact in mind. In fact the science and art of colors is now so advance that colors have their association with certain industries such as food is generally represented by green, women’s cloths by pink, social media by blue and so on. The designer must keep a client’s business in mind in selecting the colors for logo design.

A corporate identity is also built with the help of fonts which carry a personality of their own in conveying a business message. So, selection of Serifs or Sans-Serifs should be carefully made depending on the personality of the company and its business. A perfect use of fonts is when the designer avoids the ones that can create clutter for the viewers.

Similarly, space and size in logo design matters a lot. There should be enough space left in a logo to create a pleasing design and use of white space is very creative. Size of a logo may be circular, square or rectangular and it is up to the designers to select a right size that can accommodate fonts and colors very well.

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