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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Logo Type for Your Brand

by Alice Jackson Tweet - in Logo Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Logo Type for Your Brand

A logo represents a brand in its target market. However, choosing the perfect logo is essential to drive customers’ attention. It is required not only to boost the brand identity but also communicate with the audience. 

Many types of logos exist, but not all are equally meant for every business out there. So, when determining a logo design for your new business, compare several logo variations, compare their features, and browse different logo examples to find the one that suits your brand’s personality and message. 

How to choose the perfect logo type for your brand? 

When picking the right type of logo, you should first compare them minutely. Here are the main logo variations and how to choose them:

Brandmark or pictorial logo 

A brandmark logo is a separate icon, symbol, or unique image. The image could be an abstract shape that cannot be defined in a particular way or a real-life entity, such as the Pinterest logo, Twitter logo, or Apple logo. 

Brandmark or pictorial logo

When you can use the brandmark logo:

  • Brandmark logos should be a good option for companies that are already well-known in the market. These logos are also the only option when designing it for an app. 
  • So, consider a brandmark or pictorial mark if your business is well established in the market. People also prefer these when adopting a global marketing strategy since people understand images across all cultures.

Wordmark or logotype logo

A wordmark logo is amongst the cleanest and classic forms of logo designs. It is also known as a logotype. When we talk about the logo style, then it usually incorporates a business name. This logo variation is usually adopted by businesses with short names, for example, Coco-Cola, FedEx, Pepsi, and Facebook are among excellent wordmark logo examples

Wordmark or logotype logo

When you can use a wordmark logo:

  • If your company name is unique and short, a wordmark logo should be your choice. With such a name, your logo will stand out as a visual. 

  • A wordmark is a good choice if your marketing strategy revolves around your company name and its recognition. 
  • Choose this type of logo to build strong brand recognition through your company name. A wordmark is also an option when your design goals are simple and easy. A wordmark is an easy logo design that can be reproduced across different media.  

Monogram logo or letter mark logo

Monogram logos are mostly in the form of a company’s initials or first letters. Some company names are lengthy and are not good enough to go in a logo design. They can shorten their names in a monogram or letter mark logo. 

Famous monogram logo examples include logos of brands such as HP, LG, GUCCI, Channel, and more. You can also take inspiration from our monogram logo templates to create your own brandmark.  

Monogram logo or letter mark logo

When you can use a monogram logo?

If your company name is long, a monogram logo is ideal. Shorten the name into a simple and memorable initial to use in the brandmark.  

Besides fashion brands, businesses such as financial services, law firms, and government agencies like to use monograms as their logos, too.   

Abstract logo 

An abstract logo uses icons, colors, fonts, and other elements to convey brand message. Thus, the logo aims to represent a company without clearly stating its purpose. That means viewers can have different impressions about the company when they see its abstract logo. 

Abstract logo examples from famous brands include Xbox, VAIO, and BP. If you need same ideas or inspiration for your brand, you can explore several abstract logo templates and decide on its style. 

Abstract logo 

When you can use an abstract logo:

  • An abstract logo is preferred when conveying business values or emotions without using a particular image. Consider such a logo if your brand needs to represent itself uniquely in the market. 
  • An abstract logo is also perfect for building a strong brand identity in its target market. The creative flexibility makes abstract logos distinct among others.  
  • Choose this logo variation when your brand wants to give a sense of adaptability. 
  • Also, an abstract logo is ideal for businesses with unusual or lengthy names. Apple’s logo is a perfect example of how abstract logos retain the literal meaning but not in a usual way. 

Combination logo 

As the name suggests, a combination logo combines two different types of logos. For instance, it could be a combination of a lettermark and an icon, which is a common way to design a brandmark. Most famous companies have their logos designed as a combination of a wordmark and symbol. For example, Expedia, Reddit, Lay’s, Burger King, Disney’s, and many others. 

Combination logo 

When you can use a combination logo:

  • Companies that want to build a strong brand image in their target markets can opt for combination logos. Such logo designs are also known for helping brands in build their recognition. 

  • The best communication method for a brand’s values and services is usually to combine text and images. You can use a combination mark across all marketing channels with only text, mark, or both. 
  • A combination mark is generally an ideal choice for brand names that are too simple. This is because text and image visual elements stand out for your brand.  

Emblem logo 

An emblem logo uses a symbol that conveys a sense of longevity and traditional authority. For instance, an emblem logo can be a classic-style text inside a circle, triangle, or any other shape. Badges, crests, and seals are also the elements of emblem logos. 

Great emblem logo examples include Porsche, Paramount Pictures, NFL, and Waren Brothers Pictures. 

Emblem logo 

When you can use the emblem logo:

  • An emblem logo should be a preference when you want to incorporate the brand name in your logo. Traditional and formal industries usually use these types of logos. 
  • An emblem logo is often a great option for telling your brand story. The Starbucks logo uses the Siren image to tell the story of its coffee brand. Likewise, the Porsche logo uses a crest and a horse to tell its brand story taking back to the Stuttgart city.  

Mascot logo 

Mascot logos typically feature a character, working as a brand ambassador on the behalf of the brand. These logos are often the perfect choice to incorporate fun elements into a brand story. Since mascot logos easily evoke emotions, people can easily associate themselves with the brand. 

Mascot logo 

When you can use mascot logos:

Brands should have a mascot as their logo when they want to appear lively or tell their brand stories. Mascots are among the best options for projecting an approachable brand image through a logo. Mascots can surely make a brand look more personal and human. 

Depending on the choice of mascot, the logo will also help build a strong brand personality. Mascots are unique in that they reflect values and individualities. 

So, you must compare these major types of logos well before settling for one that can express your brand message and personality. Remember, 93% of audiences make their buying decisions based on the visuals, so choose a logo that can easily connect with them. 

Wrapping Up 

A perfect logotype showcases a brand and highlights its personality. But choose carefully from wordmarks, monograms, mascots, emblems, combinations, and other types of logos. Consider your brand message and personality when choosing a perfect logo type. 

Alice Jackson is a business consultant, blogger, social media enthusiast, online market analyst, amateur designer and an avid author at Designhill. She has written on several topics including social media marketing, SEO, content marketing, startup strategies and e-commerce. When she’s not writing, she loves spending her time reading romantic novels, Connect with her on Twitter: @jackson_alice1



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