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The Most Popular 10 Graphic Design Tools and Their Usages

by John Kash Tweet - in Graphic Design

Last updated on September 27th, 2021

Graphic designers are the professionals who like to utilize their time for creativity and hence they seek the design tools that are helpful in performing a design task quickly and without complications. While hundreds of online graphic design tools are available, some of them are the most popular with the designers.

Here Is The List Of Graphic Design Tools That Majority Of The Designers Have Been Using And Find The Tools Handy And Useful.

01. Keynote

With Keynote, you can make an impressive presentation of a project. You can add charts, tables, photos, videos and much more to your presentation slides.  If you wish so, you can give an effect of cinematic animation to the presentation. Some useful features help you animate your data with bubble charts, bar and interactive column. The Theme Chooser helps you in selecting one of the updated Apple-designed themes.

Keynote - Graphic Design Tools

Keynote – Graphic Design Tools

Your friends or colleagues can edit your data directly with Keynote as you keep the presentation updated on all your devices. The tool can ensure excellent presentation when you want to convince the clients about a design.

02. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the multipurpose graphic design tools that most of the professionals love to explore. You can reach to this tool from anywhere including phones, tablets, and computers. The tool helps you in performing several works such as editing of docs, automatically adding photos and seeing videos from anyplace.

Dropbox - Graphic Design Tools

Dropbox – Graphic Design Tools

You can use the tool to share your photos with friends with confidence. You will control who will see your photos. The tool is entirely safe and secure, and you can restore them instantly.

03. Photoshop CC

The new Photoshop CC has many additional features for the designers. They can showcase their works and share with others to get feedback. Now the process of exporting and slicing of images is automated with this tool. Your design details can stand out by use of Photoshop Sharpen. With this tool, you have now access to image analysis and 3D editing.

Photoshop CC - Graphic Design Tools

Photoshop CC – Graphic Design Tools

There are a lot more features to be explored. If you need to use blurred images, Photoshop CC camera shake reduction tool can restore sharpness of image. Since this tool is part of Creative Cloud, you are now more connected.

04. Illustrator CC

Illustrator CC is the new Touch Type tool that gives you more control in rotating, moving and scaling individual characters. You can also change the font any time. With this tool, you access many new features. You can create designs much easier for the web due to the quick copy and paste features added to this tool.

Illustrator CC - Graphic Design Tools

Illustrator CC – Graphic Design Tools

05. In Design CC

InDesign CC has many new features that help in creativity and give boost to your performance. You can find perfect font in quick time. Just type a portion of any font and you have the font displayed instantly with your criteria. Also, the tool enables you in having a preview of different fonts for their right selection for your design. Get a list of your favorite fonts to access them later.

InDesign_CC - Graphic Design Tools

InDesign_CC – Graphic Design Tools

You can stay current with Retina display support. The tool is of great help also in QR code creation and EPUB files management becomes much easier. The tool has a sleeker UI and Abode Exchange panel.

06. Coda 2

Coda 2 is one of the best graphic design tool for the web designers who prefer hand-code to create a site. A great text editor, this tool helps in syntax highlighting for tons of languages and can ensure code folding, automatic tag closing, and fast commenting and shifting of code.

Coda 2 - Graphic Design Tools Coda 2 – Graphic Design Tools

The tool comes with a lot of features including Visual Tabs to find files quickly, Customizable Sidebar to put your favorite, powerful Coda tools in the sidebar dock, Streamlined Workflow and Smart Complete that helps Autocomplete your custom variables. Coda 2 is popular for better file management, better clips and helps create better sites and designs.

07. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is a great help when you need expertise for code, markup and prose. It has a slick user interface and many useful features for web designers.

Sublime_Text - Graphic Design Tools

Sublime_Text – Graphic Design Tools

For example, you can open files with a few keystrokes. Easy and instant access to symbols, words or lines is another key advantage for the designers. Features that make this tool special for the designers include Split Editing, Instant Project Switch, Plugin API, Customize Anything and Cross Platform.

08. Image Optimum

Graphic designers usually face the challenge of reproducing an image keeping its originality. Image Optimum helps them in optimizing images even in less disk space with the assurance of fast loading. This tool can handle JPEG, GIF and PNG animation also.

ImageOptim - Graphic Design Tools

Image Optimum – Graphic Design Tools

You can integrate optimization tools such as ImaPNGOUT, Zopfli, Pngcrush, AdvPNG, extended OptiPNG, JpegOptim, jpegrescan, jpegtran, and Gifsicle.  For web designers, Image Optimum is desirable tool to publish images on the web as they can quickly shrink images that are saved for web in Photoshop. The tool also is useful to make iPhone/iPad applications smaller. 

09. ColorSnapper

The graphic designers can easily find out the color and its pixel on the screen with the help of ColorSnapper. So, you can quickly pickup the pixel of your choice and you can copy the resultant color to clipboard. The tool comes in 14 different color formats including RGBa, HSLa, NSColor and UIColor (RGB/HSB). You can also change the magnification level using some shortcuts. 

Color snapper - Graphic Design Tools

Color Snapper – Graphic Design Tools

There is also optional overlay with the color codes in different formats. ColorSnapper can display selected color its Menulet icon. You can also paste the color format directly into your CSS file.

10. Sketch

Sketch is a powerful design tool for the digital world. It has an elegant interface. This award-winning package can do some amazing things for you. This is one of the design tools that can support shadows per layer, borders and multiple files. It has small pixel alignment with automatic slicing and multiple resolution exports.

Sketch - Graphic Design Tools

Sketch – Graphic Design Tools

You can make complex shapes without non-destructive Boolean operations and allow you to edit them later. The tool also helps in applying advanced layer style options such as fills, gradients, multiple shadows, blending, background blurring and much more.

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