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Top 20 Poster Ideas To Promote Your Business

by Henny Kel Tweet - in Poster Design

Poster Ideas

Last updated on September 13th, 2022

Posters are the most preferred means of advertisement to spread the word about an event or a social issue. But marketers have now turned posters into a potent weapon of brand promotion. They look for unique poster ideas to grab people’s attention and also to win target customers’ faith and loyalty. No upcoming and established business can ignore the importance of a poster campaign for brand awareness.

Posters as a way to generate awareness about an issue started their journey in the 1880s. At that time, this means of advertisements were restricted to propagate political and social events. Now, posters have been turned into a form of guerilla marketing or a way to aggressively project a brand amid target customers.

Why You Need Posters?

One of the major reasons for your small business adopting a poster campaign is that it is cost-effective. Right from the designing stage to printing, your overall cost is manageable.

Posters help you engage an audience with your business. People stop by the roadside or any other place to have a good look at a poster. They are thus engaged with the brand for that period. This is a great way to put something positive about your brand in their minds.

Your poster can be easily visible to people. If you stick a poster at a place where there is a heavy footfall, it becomes visible to people quickly. People are attracted to these attractive and big advertisements which in turn giving your brand good visibility.

You also get the best value for your investment. This means that your audience reach increases manyfold in a quick time and it is the value you get from your investment. A poster is seen by thousands of people on a daily basis, driving an uncountable number of people’s attention to your brand or event.

Design It On Your Own

When it comes to designing your posters, you can even do it yourself. These days, you have access to design software. One of the best such a poster maker comes from Designhill, the leading creative marketplace.

This DIY poster making software is equipped with thousands of readymade images and other elements. You can use pick images, colors, typefaces, etc to suit your brand personality.

When it comes to designing a poster on your own, there is no dearth of poster design ideas these days, thanks to the Internet.

You can even use the design software to create a poster on your own with the inspiration of some unique designs that you have been watching on the web. So, you do not have to spend a lot of money to hire a designer. Moreover, the printing cost of your poster is also affordable.

Poster Maker

Posters have proved their worth for driving customers. According to a survey, in the U.K, nearly 40.7 percent of the surveyed people from 35 to 54 years of age said that they took buying decisions based on posters. So, no doubt that posters help enhance your reach amid target audience.

While designing posters on your own, first you need some inspirational ideas and you can also take the help of poster templates to create an eye-catching poster.

For that, you can also visit great works of master designers. You will learn about the correct use of the elements of colors, typeface, image etc. from those works. We also have assembled a list of poster designs.

Here Is Our Collection Of Inspirational Poster Ideas

01. PrideStaff

PrideStaff is a staffing franchise in the United States with more than 85 offices across the nation. In the year 2020, the franchise intends to run a rocket-themed campaign to incentivize its offices.

Its target is to grow operations by 20%. Therefore, the campaign name is 20IN2020. The franchise wanted a poster design that could present a resource for tracking metrics throughout the year.

Poster Design

This is one of the brilliant poster ideas which is a rocket ship docked in its launching pad. You can notice that the franchise’s earning goals for 2020 is broken into 4 parts of quarter 1, 2, 3, and 4. Each part has a different color for quick visibility.

02. XG Capital

XG Capital is an accounting & financial company dealing in investment. The client wanted a poster with motivational quotes to be hanged on an office wall.


XG Capital

The designer created the poster with the axioms with the elements of a chart that shows growth. The axioms are in bold letters for easy reading. Black is the single color used in the poster and it stands for the authority and firm belief behind the axioms.

03. The League Of Explordinaires

This poster is for a production company Life’s Tough Media in the TV industry. The League of Extraordinaire is a documentary about the greatest explorers of our time. The movie poster has a superhuman / hero and has the earth in front of him to explore.

Movie Poster

The superhuman image stands for giving protection to the species. The designer successfully captured the determination and spirit of the explorer. Note the use of serif letters, which gives personality to the explorer figure in the poster.

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04. Viva la Mission

The poster with the slogan Viva la Mission is meant for the internal employees of the company PrideStaff. Since the company’s offices are across the U.S, the poster is to be hung on their office walls.

The purpose of the poster is to continuously remind the employees of the conference. It also encourages them to live up to the company’s mission.

Poster Ideas

This is one of the good examples of poster ideas that are unique and eye-catching. The design successfully creates the wow factor with its yellow hand lettering that dominates the background.

The Texas city in the background stands for the target market where the conference is to be held. as the company provides staffing solutions to various industries and businesses. So, the slogan and the background match perfectly.

05. Amsterdam Cafe nyc

This poster design is one of the examples of the excellent use of colors. The background color is orange as the poster is for the promotion of a smoothie business of the company. You can notice big pictures of smoothies which also include the ingredients.

Amsterdam Cafe nyc

The nice green / orange, white color scheme entices viewers into buying the smoothies. Notice also the call-to-action at the bottom of the poster in black to make it look distinctive from the rest of the elements.

06. Perficient

Perficient, an IT consulting services across North America. The company wanted a valued poster. So, it launched a design contest and received dozens of poster design ideas.

Poster Design Ideas

It picked this poster for its design that conveys the company’s values with a variety of text. The white letters are designed in a mix of font sizes for visual clarity against the black background.

07. International Woodworking Fair, LLC

International Woodworking Fair, LLC is organized to promote furniture design and the woodworking industry. The poster is about encouraging college students in the wood products and interior design.

Interior Design

Since the target audience is the students, the designer used multiple colors to evoke the feeling of happiness and curiosity. The poster mainly depend on the text to inform about the fair schedule.


FGA LED is in the field of outdoor lighting design and its target customers are building, factories, hotels, and stadium owners. This technology company needed a poster to promote its outdoor lightening business.


The poster design describes various features of the lightening products the company creates. Viewers can see the lighting products instantly in the poster against the dark background.

09. KAYTA Junior Open

KAYTA: Korean American Youth Tennis Association organized the Big Annual Tennis Tournament for Juniors. This is surely one of the unique poster ideas for its use of the element from the same sport to make the picture of the player.

KAYTA Junior Open

The designer used tennis balls to create the image of the player in action. Viewers are attracted to this image because of the creative use of the tennis balls.

10. Extreme VR

Extreme VR operates in VR games Arcade with a motion platform and it is a technology-driven company. The company wanted a poster design with its games and prices shown.

Extreme VR

This poster is about futuristic / spaces style with the lower half of the poster presenting the games and the prices on the top. The honeycomb shape to display the pictures of the games is attractive.

11. Save The Date

This is a poster for dating services for the elders. The dress that the elderly person is wearing in the poster is the fashion trend from the 70s and the person is shown as a confident man who is rearing to go on a date.

Poster Ideas

12. Safari Wild

This poster is for Safari Wild which provides authentic drive-through safari parks. Visitors can drive for miles through road and can see animals roaming free while being in their cars.

Safari Wild

The company targets local residents and tourists. The rustic African themed poster reflects the safari experience of the continent. It surely is an enticing poster for people who want to visit wild animals. The design has animals showcased in a frame in an attractive way.

13. Horn Photo

Horn Photo is a camera store and Kodak Pro Photo Lab and it has been in this business for over 80 years. The store wanted this poster for its event Memorial Weekend related to Cash-4-Cameras. The store buys used cameras.

Horn Photo

To promote the event, the store wanted to create a cool event poster, which is edgy and eye-catching as well. Considering that, the designer kept the camera as the main element in the poster. There is not much information so that the focus is on the camera and the ‘cash 4 cameras.’ slogan.

14. Casiola

Casiola is a home rental management company in Orlando providing travel and hotel solutions to its customers. The company manages and rents privately owned vacation homes. It wanted a fun poster that can convey its values of serving the guests, homeowners, and vendors to their satisfaction.


Keeping the client’s brief in mind, the designer came out with this one of the beautiful poster ideas in pink color. The values that the company stands for – are highlighted in white.

15. Les Miserables

Les Miserables is a musical drama film that was released in 2012. This poster is for high school musical production of the drama. It promotes the school product effectively in pat black & white and part colors.

Les Miserables

The title finds place prominently at the top to announce the school version of the drama while the image of the child also overpowers the viewers. The poster successfully entices viewers to join the drama as the audience.

16. The Amity Group Foundation

The Amity Group Foundation is a non-profit organisation that provides co-pay and deductible assistance to people living with or at risk for HIV disease. The foundation provides medication for PrEP to cure them from HIV.

Amity Group Foundation

This poster primerily aims at gay make audience. Its poster is in green which is a color for growth and prosperity. There is a lot of text used in the design as it is basically a poster to give the details of what the foundation does.

17. Colson Group USA

Colson Group USA, the leading global manufacturer of casters and wheels wanted some exciting poster ideas for their mission statement. They wanted to place the poster through their offices and warehouse facilities.

Colson Group USA

When you think of how to make a poster, this one can be an example to follow when the design is exclusively text-based. You can notice that some big and bold white letters against the red background are put in between of the text to break the monotony.

18. Phil Up

Phil Up wanted to hang posters that depict its water filters. The poster was to be strategically placed at water fill up stations. A main purpose of the poster was to get people’s emails.

Poster Design

Therefore, the email address is mentioned two times at the top of the poster design. Blue color stands for water and therefore it dominates the design elements. It is a clever mix of the right color and a lot of text for information.

19. GOGO Jeans

This is one of the best poster ideas that you can follow when creating one such poster for your brand promotion. GOGO Jeans wanted to promote its jeans using the power of posters.

GOGO Jeans

The designer placed a model wearing the trendy modern jeans in a street setting to convey the brand message. But the poster is shown placed as an advertisement board, which makes this design unique.

20. Bar & Lounge Startup

This colorful poster design is for a bar & lounge startup which targets youth and party lovers. The startup wanted the poster as a teaser for its upcoming event.

Poster Design Ideas

A purpose of the teaser poster was to build some curiosity for the event and startup. The poster heading Turn Up The Night appears in white with some shades along with the girl image, which creates the party environment.

These are the inspirational poster ideas that you can have in mind while launching your poster campaign for brand promotion. The point here is to come out with something unique and attractive for viewers.

Taking inspirations from these designs, just start the Designhill poster maker software tool and explore its amazing features. You can soon have a poster on your own to send it to print.

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Wrapping Up

Posters are cost-effective means of advertising an event or a business to increase awareness of an issue or products and services amid masses. But a poster must be an unique design with strategic use of colors, typefaces, images, etc. Only unique poster ideas can help catch people’s attention in today’s busy world. These attractive posters are inspirational designs that you can consider when launching your poster campaign.

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