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How To Present Your Logo Design Concepts To The Clients

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How To Present Your Logo Design Concepts To The Clients

Last updated on February 19th, 2018

Logo design clients are not easy to convince. They know that logo is so crucial to their business, company, products and services that any wrong choice of logo will result in jeopardizing of their market share. Wrong logo design may also allow competitors to lead the market which will be detrimental. Therefore, clients take lots of time and discuss elaborately before approving a logo design concepts submitted by a logo designer.

Tips for how to present your logo design concepts to the clients

A unique and creative logo design itself demands some explaining from the designer. This is because people are used to seeing routing designs that have fixed meanings of colors, fonts, space and hence they can be easily understood. Some designs are so obvious that they do not at all need any explaining of meaning. Still, the clients may ask about the reasons behind designing the logo in that particular way and not the other way.

You have created a logo design with a great concept but that is not enough. What still remains to be done is to explain the concept to the client to erase any doubts. Your client is not a design expert and may not be knowing much about how designers create a logo.

The client is simply a businessmen who needs a product called logo to represent his business in the market. Clearly, you have to make him understand the concept rather if there is a doubt in his mind.

Logo Design Concepts

Therefore, while submitting your logo design concepts to the client, it is prudent that you personally meet your client to explain the rational behind creating the logo.

If personal meeting is not possible, write your explanation about the concept and send via email to the client.

But what should be your explanation of the concept behind the logo design you created for the client? When you present the work to the client, be prepared for all sorts of questions ranging from the reason behind selection of colors, fonts etc. to the very core of the concept.

You should be writing a brief with each concept. The brief should include creative rational about the design elements such as typefaces and colors.

This is to ensure that the client understands the concept and your thinking. The brief also should let the client know about why the logo has been designed that way.

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