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PrintShop By Designhill – Upload Your Designs & Start Earning!

by Henna Ray Tweet - in Printshop Basics


Last updated on August 31st, 2019

Graphic designing is a vast field which includes both traditional and modern design works. When designers want to sell their artwork, they get hundreds of websites available out there. But they show displeasure to waste their precious time and money, creating an online store. At present, they can upload their work and start selling. PrintShop by Designhill allows them to harness the potential of global exposure with a massive customer database. They can sell their artwork right from the comfort of their couch and earn big bucks!

In this era of stiff competition, every artist looks ways forward to build and establish their own business. There are many options out there to start their own business (selling artwork) without spending a single penny. But exploring these options consumes a considerable amount of time, and you may not have spare time to do that.

So, to save your time, money, and effort, Designhill has the perfect solution – PrintShop! Whether you are an illustrator, art director, 3D artist, or someone active in different fields of graphic designing, PrintShop helps you sell your artworks and earn big without any hassles.

PrintShop helps create your artist shop with ease. We know that you might be having many questions right now.

Here Is A List Of Questions And Their Answers To Help You Get Started With PrintShop

01. How Many Customers Will Be Waiting To Purchase Our Products On Day 1 Of Our PrintShop?

Answer – With Designhill’s massive database of dedicated customers, we reckon that thousands of them may be waiting to purchase our products on the very 1st day of our PrintShop launch. Our stunningly favorable terms will then take over, driving our traffic and sales even further off the charts.

02. What Is Unique About Us?

Answer – Our USP or Unique Selling Proposition lies in Designhill’s massive dedicated customer database, distinctively favorable terms for our customers, the unlimited independence and empowerment for artists, and our decision to offer unlimited exposure to not every artist but the selected ones only.

We are unique in the massive intensity of passion that we use towards the purpose of empowering them while providing our selected few artists maximum exposure and unique independence to set their sales terms.

03. How We’ve Been Reassuring Artists To Try Our New Risk-Free Marketplace?

Answer – While the market drill is usually waiting until launch, we, however, stand out like always. Apart from the apparent fact that Designhill’s massive database of loyal and dedicated consumers will be waiting to purchase our products as soon as we launch, our decision to give access to only a limited number of artists to get their products and designs maximum coverage and exposure in front of potential customers while uniquely empowering them beyond usual market drills, will be taking PrintShop victories way more notches further.

Approaching and encouraging artists to join us without a single fear will be a cakewalk as we grant them the much-searched for reassurance that our new marketplace is nothing but absolutely risk-free while being extremely favorable and profitable.

04. How We’ve Been Encouraging Top Artists To Sell Their Art On PrintShop By Designhill?

Answer – With our ground-breaking analysis of the creative market space, nailing the art of standing out and attracting top sellers has been rather rewarding. We are not the first design marketplace, but we genuinely resonate with both buyers and sellers by doing things differently. While ridding the creators of common issues like lack of control and unfair compensation, we’ve been prioritizing their convenience, handing them maximum exposure, while truly empowering them every step of the way.

With us, the artists have complete freedom to set their own prices. Our motto, “Power to the Creators!” along with our uniquely favorable terms always manages to attract top artists to choose us. But we choose only a selected few and take their talents to new pinnacles of exposure and success.

05. How We Turned Our Small Size Into A Strength?

Answer – While small size is a fearsome element to others, to us, it has always been an element of strength. Turning this fear on its head, we have been using our small size as an advantage to attract new sellers.

At PrintShop, we do not plan to allow an unlimited number of artists to sell. Instead, we give access to only a limited number of artists so that their products and designs get maximum coverage and exposure in front of potential customers.

06. How Do We Empower Our Creators?

Answer – What we did differently is empowering our creators and prioritizing their convenience over everything else. And this unique factor has gotten us a long way already. Lack of control and unfair compensation often disrupts the creativity and loyalty of creators.

This was the first thing we set out to eliminate with our unlimited passion towards empowering them truly unlike other marketplaces. At Designhill, we always encourage more “Power to the Creators!”

If you want to be your own boss and work directly with customers, PrintShop is the best platform to be at.


PrintShop by Designhill is the platform that allows you to sell your artwork on your own terms. You earn a fixed commission for every sale you make. If you think you have what it takes to get your designs listed on PrintShop, go ahead! A golden opportunity awaits you.

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