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Top 10 Professional Website Design Trends For 2023

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Website Design

Website Design Trends

Last updated on February 2nd, 2023

Are there any web designers who aren’t obsessed with the latest website design trends? This is the passion that is the driving factor for our designing process, and it assures that we are developing a high-quality website with the incorporation of the required technologies. We all want our clients to get greatest and latest when it comes to their sites and we all are so crazy that we think of next year’s trends in design and development so early.

2023 seems like it will bring some fantastic moments. With the new technologies like machine learning, virtual reality, and voice user interference that are now available in the mainstream. We can surely expect to see simple, clean designs to make an entry in this era of tech.

Here Are The 10 Professional Website Design Trends For 2023

01. Clean Layouts

This year, we saw developers and designer building clean and straightforward websites for better user experience, both for mobile as well as for desktop users. The sites which have massive images are quite slow and usually frustrate mobile users. Besides the number of mobile searches is increasing year by year, and it is expected that this trend will continue in the coming year.

Clean Layouts

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

It won’t be wrong to say that in 2023 you can see the interactive animation, augmented reality, chatbots and so much more in a professional website design! It isn’t essential that websites should be flashy, or having distracting graphics when we will have a new fancy interface to engage the audience.

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02. Typography

Although the website design are expected to be clean and simple, you can expect that designers may be using their creative brains in unleashing new typographies. The websites that have text-based contents are capable of quickly communicating the critical points to our audience, and this also works great for the mobile user.


[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

In the coming year, it is expected that you are going to see a lot of bold headers and text links replacing the buttons.


03. Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things also known as IoT is quite in trend these days, and it surely isn’t going to vanish any time soon. Internet of Things uses the web technology to connect various devices to the internet.

For example, the use of IoT in smart light bulbs. Many companies already started using these things like Philips Hue and then there are apps that track your lost keys.

Internet Things

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Many websites will be using IoT in 2023. One of the expected IoT interfaces is that they will allow you to interact with their smart devices. When we talk about smarter websites, it means the backend will be more complex.

However, if a professional web developer or web developing company is working on that website, it will get you connected and try to create a user-friendly interface.

04. Virtual Reality Video

This year there is tremendous rise in the video content on the internet. Almost every website has a video intro, and its purpose was to see the faces behind the services and product that we use in everyday work. Then there is also an exponential growth in the apps and services that are used to create videos easily.

Virtual Reality Video

It can be predicted that websites in 2023 will eventually take videos to a new level, to something like science fictions we used to see a few years ago. It is expected that you will see websites having 360 modelling, 360 video (which already is here), interactive videos, and video mapping.

Although it might seem to you that these videos are time-intensive and costly, but there are apps that are there to create virtual reality videos and make it more accessible.

05. Subtle Animations

Technology has come quite far now and browsers now handle animations better than ever. Animations earlier used to be quite flashy and distracting, but 2023 seems the year of simplicity, it will bring an era of subtle and interestingly useful animation. You can expect to see scroll-triggered kind of animated logos and animations.

Subtle Animations

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Subtle animation let websites display more content, it is one of the best examples of typography-driven work.

06. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, And Chatbots

As the years pass by our communication with bots is increasing. It’s quite probable that you have already spoken to one when you called your phone service provider. In the beginning, these bots were having difficulties in solving the problems, but with time they’ve gotten quite smarter, thanks to the continuous improvement in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

This is one of the reasons that Facebook knows us this well. Facebook knows what we look like and asks users if they want to get tagged. It also is capable of using location data and knows what we like to read. It also knows which ads, information and events we like to know and see.

Artificial Intelligence

In the coming years, we can expect technology to make a number of wonderful improvements that will make our lives easier. It is getting perfect day by day. It is not long that web interaction will be seamless. Isn’t it fascinating that there can be a website which knows exactly what the consumer wants by just analyzing their past interaction with the company?

Even customer service is going to be faster with this development, as it would make it much more efficient. You should keep an eye on it.

07. Voice User Interface

Voice User Interface is also known as Natural Language Processing, in simple words, it refers to the interaction of the human with the computer in the form of speech. Some of the popular examples of the voice user interface are Siri, Alexa, Cortana and Google Assistant. This was developed way back in the 1950s when the system for Audrey was developed.

This system can recognize digits from voice, so well…we really have come quite far. It is possible for Voice User Interface to act and understand even complex voice commands. When it is combined with the machine learning, these interfaces work brilliantly as they predict what you need before you even complete your command.

User Interface

It is expected that many websites will have their own voice user interface or maybe they will integrate with the ones already in the market. As it seems even voice search are on the rise, one important thing to keep in mind is that your website content should be conversational, this because people generally interact differently when they use these voice commands.

For example, a person who is searching for nearest fruit store might type like “fruit shop Raleigh” in the Google search, but might ask the voice search bots like Siri, “where is the nearest fruit shop?”

08. Seamless Interactions

Seamless Interactions are one of the most predictable website design trends for 2023. This is because when companies implement voice user interface and chatbots, they allow their potential customers to interact with the website without having to wait for the page to reload.

Seamless Interactions

Now, Micro-interactions can be another element in website design which you can add to your website so as to improve the communication. For example, you can allow the user to leave a review by scrolling over starts instead of asking them to write about it or fill a form.

09. Security

It is quite common these days that whenever we read the news, there is a story of a serious data breach, malicious hacking, or a malware attack.

Cybersecurity is one of the critical things that we need to keep in mind, and it’s taking our center stage when it comes to the development of web design company. Google already took several steps to notify the users of potential threats by these harmful websites.

web Security

When you come up with a list of great website design ideas, think of the security of your client’s information. You should make sure that your security is certified and updated on all the pages. People will only interact with your website, share their information, and download your content when they trust you.

10. No Risk No Reward

If you want to create an awesome website or contact someone for website designing, it means that you will have to use new technologies and experiment with things. You will have to present a website that your clients will love.

It surely feels kind of risky , but when you build a right design team and use the right tools, you will get amazing surprises. The future is here, right now, and it’s awesome opportunity to astonish your customers.

No Risk

[Source: Designhill’s Gallery]

Make 2023 the year you always wanted to live and throw the caution to the wind. Work with new tools and create wonderful product, embrace the latest website design trends and make yourself better. Give your clients the experience they never had before and you will gain a customer for life.

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We hope that this web development article helped you to understand what you should do in coming year. If you have any doubts feel free to ask our team. They are always there to help you.

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