Purpose Behind Creating Amazing Brand Logos

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Purpose Behind Creating Amazing Brand Logos

Last updated on February 24th, 2018

When we say that a particular logo has a professionally created design, it implies that there has been is a lot of planning and thought process that has gone behind the making of the logo. In fact, it is a very lengthy process that is involved and it includes an extensive research of the client’s business, their customer base, products, services and their competitors.

All such research is aimed at creating a meaning behind the the logo design. We can also say that a professional designer will always ensure that a logo sends the intended business message to the consumers.

Here we discuss the reasons behind some of the great brand logos of our generation.


Fedex Logo

We chose Federal Express brand logo as it is one of the most well known as well as unique logos, especially famous for its hidden message. The purpose behind the logo was to send a message that the courier company was wasis reliable and progressive. The company believed in delivering the things with great pace and that it is equipped with new technologies.

To convey the above message, the designer created a hidden arrow in white space between the letters E and X. The arrow underscores precision and speed to show the company’s business values.

The Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems

This organization is in the business of selling computers, computer software, computer components and information technology services besides creating Java programming language and Network File System. It wanted to create a logo that says that its products and services are everywhere and fulfill everyone’s related needs.

To send this message, the logo was created in a symmetry and order. The letters u and n were brilliantly arranged by the designer in such way that you can read the brand name Sun horizontally and vertically.


Amazon Logo

Another well known example of logo is Amazon.com, the online eCommerce company. The company wished to create a logo that said that the organization sells everything and that the people can depend on it for their all the requirements of products. The company also wished to indicate through the logo that shopping with it is a pleasant experience for the customers.

To create a logo with this purpose, the designer wonderfully connects the letters ‘a’ to ‘z’ in the company name with an arrow. This clearly signaled that the customers can get everything online from the organization. Plus, the arrow is in a smiling shape, indicating a joyful experience of shopping for the targeted customers.

Apple Curry

Apple Curry Logo

Apple Curry is an editing studio. The studio needed a logo that could create a message of editing skillfully.

The logo design is an example of beautifully crafted logo. There are all the letters scattered randomly by the side of the logo design in the shape of an apple. So, the design gives the impression that all the letters have been edited beautifully and arranged into the shape of an apple. This indicates the efficiency of the studio’s editing job.

Families and Marriage

Families Marriage Logo

These are the two magazines from the Readers Digest stable. Both of them are dedicated to the family and its values.

To convey the message of family and value of togetherness and dedication of its members, the typeface based logo uses the letters i, l and i in the word Families. These letters are created to make them look as husband, wife and a child.

Similarly, the Marriage logo uses letters R and R to send a message of togetherness of the couple. The second r is created by altering its shape to attach it with the first r to make them look inseparable.


Cluenatic Logo

A logo for the puzzle game called Cluenatic also is a fine example of a design with a purpose. Note that the game is about unraveling four clues. The message was to create something that gives you an impression of seeing a puzzle.

So, the logo has C, L, U and E all arranged beautifully to form a maze, a tour puzzle. If you look the logo from a distance, it looks like a key, which again throws a challenge to solve the puzzle.

Eighty -20

Eighty 20 Logo

Eighty-20 is a consulting company in the business of financial modeling and solid database work. Their work involves serious computational power, and this is the message that the company wished to convey by its logo design.

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The logo has several squares as you can count them easily. But the trick is that there are dark squares which represent 1’s of the computing language and the light squares which represent as OS. If you read the top line, it gives us 1010000 and the bottom line of the squares gives 0010100, representing 80 and 20 in binary language of computing.

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