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Top 10 Reasons Why Brochures Are Still Important For Selling Products And Services

by Anne Carton Tweet - in Brochure Design

Products And Services

Last updated on January 16th, 2023

Believe it or not, but the fact is that the digitally-driven world of marketing has left the audience feeling drained. Brands are shouting, chasing and even stalking enough to be heard. And, that’s where we need a break! We want such brands to stop and shout out loud, “Give us a break!!!” with frowning faces. We literally want them to stop flashing their products and services in front of our eyes.

No one can deny the importance of digital marketing; but at the same time it has led to a fierce competition in the marketplace. It has even become tougher to grab the customers’ attention as either they’re turning away from their screens or choosing some other brands over yours. In such a case, marketing brochures turn out to be the best marketing tool.

Not convinced? Here are a few statistics from Bentley University that answer the question, “Are brochures still relevant?”

  • 7 out of 10 tourists, as well as visitors, tend to pick up brochures
  • 95% visitors that obtain brochures become aware of a business
  • 80% of people consider visiting the business they saw in brochures

These stats clearly show that brochures are nothing less than a novelty in today’s paperless- world. But here comes the question, “how effective are brochures in the marketing?”

Here Are Top 10 Reasons Why Brochures Are Still Important For Selling Products And Services

01. Budget-Friendly

Small startups and SMEs hardly have a budget dedicated for marketing their products and services. They need to circulate their branding efforts on a tight budget. As compared to online marketing tools, brochures are cost-effective marketing options.


You can work with a professional designer to create budget-friendly brochure designs. In case you buy these handy booklets in bulk, the price will decrease significantly. There are many businesses out there who participate in trade shows or use email promotions purchase brochures in bulk.

Moreover, these traditional marketing tools usually include your business details that make them valuable for many purposes. You can hand them to your loyal clients, prospects and other people.

02. Focused & Consistent Branding

If an ad is out of sight, it won’t take time to get out of mind. That’s true in the digital marketing sphere. But a brochure provides a longer duration of exposure to your brand.

Consistent Branding

Customers take it along with them that make your customer to recall your brand name easier and establishing brand identity. All the information included in it is for advertising your business, products or services. And, it does it diligently and with a focused approach.

03. Reach Target Audience

A marketing brochure ensures to reach your target customers, as long as you have their correct address. Well, you can specifically target your online prospects too. But there is a problem that your ads could go unnoticed or largely ignored. However, a brochure placed through the doors of your prospects hardly gets unnoticed.

Its potential is unrivaled as well. For example, think of the takeaway menus we all collect, especially the one within our vicinity. This tangible marketing material comes handy when we reach for the menu in case we don’t like to cook.

Target Audience

The possibility of reaching your prospects also increases during networking events. While most networking events include a general gathering and chit-chat, your brochures make sure your brand stays in the mind of attendees. The materiality of your marketing brochure helps them recall your brand as well.

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04. Descriptive

When it comes to digital ads, they come with length and character limitations. For example, a PPC ad has 30-30-80 character count limitation (2 headlines up to 30 characters, one description up to 80 characters).

A single Facebook image ad consists up to 25 characters headline and one description of up to 125 characters while an Instagram ad features 2200 characters with just two lines and maximum 30 hashtags.

Target Audience

However, a brochure gives more space to describe your company or products and services. Therefore, always choose the right brochure size. There is no length or character limitation if you choose a professional flyer design to market your products or services.

05. Multiple Distribution Channels

There is only one way to open a website or see an ad— going online. But there are various ways to get a brochure distributed. It can be distributed through multiple distribution channels such as newspaper, malls, exhibition stalls, through mail and so on.

Distribution Channels

Here Are 7 Best Ways To Distribute Leaflets:

i. Place It Inside The Packaged Order

In case you own an online shop or send your requests through courier companies, you can place your brochures into those packaged orders. This is also the best way to send catalogs and brochures that include coupons, vouchers, or any special offers.

Packaged Order

ii. Display It Into Your Reception Area

If you don’t know where to put brochures for distribution, then start it with your reception area. This way, you can encourage your customers to take them without asking for more information. This way, you entice your clients to receive these marketing materials without having them asking for more information.

iii. Distribute It At Trade Shows, Fairs & Exhibitions

These events are known to attract a lot of people. Showing your brochures over here means they will be picked up by your prospects. You may negotiate with the organizers of the trade shows, exhibitions and fairs to include your flyers and other marketing materials into the “welcome package” or allow you to distribute them, in exchange for a fee.

Trade Shows

iv. Hand Out Your Brochures During An Open Day

If it is feasible for you, organize an open day. It is the right opportunity to display your products or services to the potential customers and distribute the brochures. Any attendee could be your potential customers, because, since they’re there, it means they have already noticed your business.

v. Place It At Kiosks Or Bulletin Boards

There are many shopping centers and public spaces that have bulletin boards or self-serving kiosks. You can place your brochures in these places for free. However, you need to make sure that your prospects match to their target audience.

Bulletin Boards

vi. Distribute It Through Malls

Negotiate with a mall’s management to allow you to distribute your brochures. It’s a sure-fire way to target your customers better. You can distribute your brochures under an independent marketing plan or make it a part of an integrated marketing campaign. Even, you can contact advertising companies to do this for a fee.

vii. Keep Your Brochures In Presentation Folders

In case you do not have a presentation folder, you should get one. Usually, most companies utilize presentation folders for keeping their data sheets and distribute among their potential customers. But you can place your marketing materials including your brochures to maximize your marketing efforts.

06. Tangible Reference Material For Later Use

Brochures, as stated earlier, are the tangible marketing materials. They contain the products or service information. A brochure designed according to the latest graphic design trends is the innovative way to grab attention. Customers don’t mind keeping them as reference material for later use.


07. Enduring

One can visit a website for a couple of minutes while an online ad appears only for a few seconds. This way an online advertisement lacks attention. On the contrary, brochures tend to be enduring as customers take them home and keep them for longer.


08. Perfect For Promotional Offers

Brochures work as a powerful promotional tool as they can contain tear-off offers or coupons. They can be used to advertise a limited-time only offer or promotional campaign effectively.

Promotional Offers

09. Emphasize Online Messages

Online ads do not stay longer and disappear in a jiffy. However, brochures, being a physical representation of the ad, not only emphasize it but stay longer. They don’t go out of sight easily until discarded.

Online Messages

10. Add Credibility

Professional and eye-catching brochure designs with quality printing add credibility, authenticity, and dignity to a brand.

Add Credibility

The above reasons clearly show the reasons brochures are still the best tool for marketing your products or services. However, the success of your brochure depends on a few components. Let’s find out what are they.

Components Of A Brochure

i. Headline

A professional graphic designer when designing a brochure should consider the headlines. Make sure to headline you’ve chosen supports consumer benefits. The headline given at a brochure’s top third of the front panel is of great importance. In case it fails to catch the reader’s attention, the entire brochure will fail to interest the reader.


A brochure maker should present the headlines as a question, statement, news alert or warning. It should also be used throughout the brochure for a balanced design.

ii. Subheadings

The use of subtitle provides the support to question or interest that the main headline stirs up. It draws the readers in and also acts as a break between the headline and the body copy. It makes it easier for the readers to read the brochure easily for pertinent information.

iii. Body Copy

The descriptive text added in the body copy should create a visual image of the product or service. It should also contain action words to generate excitement. The copy should be persuasive enough to encourage the reader for an action. Highlight key factors, features and benefits.

Body Copy

Also, keep the paragraphs short and simple. If possible limit it to only two or three lines. Personalize your body copy and talk to your audience by addressing them as “you” and “your”. Exclude the words that generalize the audiences such as “we” and “they”.

When writing body copy, make sure to keep your message positive. Steer clear of using negative comments or connotations about your competitors.

iv. Disclosures, Terms & Conditions

When you create brochures with special offers or sales using brochure templates; include all disclosures, terms & conditions. Include them as fine prints. You can also include additional information such as incentives, warranties or financing terms and more in this section.

v. Signature

The signature is where you display your company’s logo, name, website address, and contact details. Make sure to create a logo that matches other elements in the brochure. When it comes to the placement, then the signature is most often created in the back panel of a brochure.


vi. Illustrations

Though you can keep your brochure text-based only, adding visual elements will help draw attention to it. There are different types of visual elements that you can use right from hand-drawn illustrations to graphically designed ones.

Take help of graphic design services if you are unable to create quality graphics for your brochure. The design strategy becomes more effective when it utilizes people’s imagination. Additionally, providing caption along with images help convey the message even more effectively.

Quality is essential when using photographs in your brochure. Make sure each image is of higher resolution and correct size. Designhill helps you create a professional brochure to help you win your customers’ hearts and minds.

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Brochures are budget-friendly tools for marketing that can reach the audience in many ways. It works as a real marketing ad imparting credibility regarding the company and highlighting its various aspects. A well-made brochure design conveys the values and message of a business impeccably while emphasizing its offerings.

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Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce. Facebook | Twitter

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